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Homer, NY

hello everyone thought I'd share my home decor with ya! the first week in may my DH and I took down the old wall mural (it was the water wheel and fall tree's) and put up a new! blue sky's and GREEN trees and the blueist water you've ever seen!!!! it looks like it was made just for my wall. well for anyone out there that has ever thought about covering a large wall I swear by these they are great. I purchased mine at sherwin williams and it covered my 8x12'wall and I had one panel left that I put on my closet door it looks OK

Sounds great no1thumb! Quick and easy huh?
Well let me tell you, one day I plan on painting a
mural myself on my bathroom, kinda an enchanted garden
with pond mural, and yep, I said paint it myself!
I'm leary myself about doing it, but what the heck, you
can always paint over it, right? LOL

Homer, NY

that sounds wonderful and with these wall murals they would probably peel with the steam, so painting the wall would be the way to treat your bathroom wall, NO it was not so easy my DH got out the exacto knife and (it was brand new it's the kind that does not retract) he bent down to where I was on the floor to measure the first piece of mural paper well somehow my hand was under the knife and when I went to raise my hand YIKES sliced the middle finger and went to the hospital, had seven stitches and a splint on the middle finger........should have seen me driving down the road!!!!!!! lmk how the bathroom turns out GOOD LUCK

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Go for it Lizzy, I painted a southwest scene on the living room wall years ago and we do all our own artwork in wood, some for sale some not, it makes for a very cozy home!

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

haighr, what kind of paint did you use on your mural?

Iola, WI

I LOVE those wallpaper murals! I got one cheap at a garage sale and have it in storage until we get our own home someday.
One other thought that I had at one time was to use them to decorate verticle blinds by cutting them into strips and glueing them on. That would take some VERY caareful measuring!!

Sykesville, MD(Zone 7b)

I'm not an artist, but I've found I did alright painting a mural on my bathroom wall. Used acrylics mixed lightly with semi-gloss light base. You can paint over if you make a mistake... I'm planning on getting one of those wallpaper murals too for the side of my staircase... thinking ... a waterfall =)

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