SOLVED: Plant 5228, suggestions?

Plant 5228, any ideas?

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second photo

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Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

looks like some kind of thistle but i'm probably wrong what's happening at the top getting flowers or seeds yet?

Mirpur (A.K), Pakistan(Zone 9b)

This is very common in Pakistan and growing widly every where. But donn't know the name.

Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)


Braselton, GA(Zone 8a)


Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

:) Donna

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

chickory has flowers blooming here this time of year but only in the morning or is it late afternoon? and on cloudy days,it doesn't bloom much in the sunshine,i hope i'm right,i hate to waist the gas to drive down to where a bunch is

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Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)


no, not that kind ...

Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

Lol - I KNOW that!!!

I'm rather confused by this influx of oddly numbered plants. Don't know what Equilibrium means by "Suggestions". LIke what? Whether or not it's a weed? Whether or not to pull it?

If the latter is the case, my "suggestion" is pull it - it's a weed.

Fair Lawn, NJ(Zone 6b)

Looking at the leaves two plants come to mind : Canada lettuce/ Lactuca canadensis and Milk thistle /Silybum marianum. If that is so, flowers should nail the id.

Lutz, FL(Zone 9b)

Sonchus asper aka Sow thistle or maybe another Sonchus species?

Yes, whatever this plant is it is invasive as I've ripped out about 200 of them and I've got at least that many first year rosettes to come out of the ground yet. I suspect this is a biennial or a short lived perennial. Just a guess.

Hi Kaleem, thank you. The plant is smooth to the touch on both sides of the leaves. The spines are around the edge of the plant. The stem is not hairy at all. I have exhausted my resources here. I have a fellow wetlands friend who found this same species frowing in Minnesota and he does not have a positive identification either. If you are in a position to do so, would you please see if you can get the botanical name for this plant. I would be most appreciative. Thank you so much if you are in a position to do so.

No, it's not Sonchus asper. S. asper is thicker leaved and glossier. The leaf to asper clasps/grasps the stem and then curls under like a human ear for lack of a better way to describe it. The plant could be a Sonchus though.

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

it looks like some type of thistle.

I really don't think this is a thistle. The flower to this plant is very different than that which I have traditionally associated with a thistle. You never know though.

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Sorry RUK, I somehow missed your suggestions. The flowers do look similar to L. canadensis but... they are 3x the size of that species.
Silybum marianum is purple flowering and the mystery plant is yellow flowering.

Hi Jody, I am relatively sure this is not Lactuca serriola or Lactuca ssp. The plant I photographed does not have the telltale prickles on the underside of the leaf as photographed by kennedyh in your last link. To the best of my knowledge, all Lactuca ssp. have those prickles along the underside of the leaf forming that nice little row down the central vein that can stick you when you are hand pulling them.

Plant identification can be maddening at times.

Say Jody, here's a photo of the underside of a leaf of a Lactuca that I just took a few days ago-

Thumbnail by Equilibrium
Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

So if it turns out to be an endangered weed, does that mean you'll stop pulling it out - lol!!!

Tee he- no way! Out they come. I'm relatively sure this is an introduced species though based on the sheer numbers present. I've already ripped out a couple hundred with a couple hundred more to go and that many more rosettes still hanging out on my property just begging me to rip them out of the ground with no mercy. An infestation is an infestation regardless of whether the plant is indigenous to my area or not. Wanna come and save some of these little buggers? Speak now or forever hold your peace as they'll all be bagged and on the curb by next Monday morning. Just teasaing with you... friends don't let friends garden with weeds! Seriously, these really took off from last year so I've got to get to them before they set any seed. Who knows how long the seed bank lasts and the last thing I need is more garbage plants over here.

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Your going to make me wander around outside in this heat to try to find these weeds aren't you.:-)

Unless they are going to seed you shouldn't have to go out there in this heat to pull them. One thing is that some of mine were going to seed so I had to take a big garbage bag out there and then what I did was I sort of bent the plant top over and into the bag to trap those fuzzies from flying all over the place and creating even more mystery plants for me to rip out of the ground next year. Seriously Jody, if they're not going to seed you can wait to get them. Tomorrow I'm going to get the ones that haven't flowered yet. I should have all of mine by the end of the weekend. So many weeds! So little time!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

I have 43 acres and you think you have

Jody- I er uh... I take that back. With 43 acres maybe you better take a nap in the afternoon then get a flashlight and go out there at night when the winds have died down and get anything that even remotely looks white and fuzzy so you don't end up with thrice as many next year. I've only got five acres here and it's tough with working full time to keep up with what is going to seed. I feel for you honey I really do.

Now where is Kaleem? Yoo hoo... Kaleem. Come out and help both me and Jody figure out what we have!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

I thought I might buy a shop vac with about 1000 ft. of extension

Better go cordless dear! 1000' will barely cover 5 acres.

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Yep this is 1/4 mile x 1/4 mile in a square,plus it has 3 acres added on to it from a bet lost to the Dad of the guy who sold it to

Oh my! This sounds juicy- "a bet lost to the Dad of the guy who sold it to Mom". Paleeease tell me more!

Braselton, GA(Zone 8a)

This plant looks a lot like what the old-timers around here call 'chicory'. We have it everywhere- LOL! I should have been clearer in my earlier post. It's not a true chicory [in the same family though] but is pyrrhopappas carolinianus (sp?) Also known as leafy false dandelion and Carolina Desert chicory.

Oh my gosh, I definitely have to spend some time checking that plant out. I am not familiar with it at all. Holy moly great balls of fire because when I looked it up, it looked like something else I have around here. The spelling is Pyrrhopappus carolinianus and it looks as if it would be hardy here in my area. I don't think your Carolina Desert Chickory is the plant I photographed above but I think I have some here or something very similar. I will do lots of checking. Thanks for all the common names to the plant. I found it!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)


Ha! Not so fast Jody! The plant she suggested is not a match for the one I photographed above at the beginning of the thread. It does appear to be a match for some other ickies I have growing around here though!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

LOL.I'm still here!!!
I just went out to water my iris,cleaned out the horse tank and fed watered them.Now I'm taking a break.Or course I'm back on the comp.heehee

I was just outside pulling Jerusalem Artichoke and landed on my rear a few times. I've got a real nice sized pile going right now. I'll take a photo of it later on today or early tomorrow morning just for yucks. I can't believe I have so much here at this house. I'm sweating like a 700lb person who just walked up six flights of stairs. My husband asked me if I just took a shower and then he saw all the burrs stuck to me and the stickers in my hair and said, "Guess not". A couple more posts and then back out to whack more weeds for me!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Have fun weed whacking,I'm heading back out to feed horses and water my daylilies and roses.I wish we would get some rain no rain here again for 3 week it was 3 weeks before since the last rain,no grass alive anymore,weeds seem to be doing pretty good though.most of them even look alittle droppy.:-(

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

Cynara Cardunculus also known as Cardoon?

Almost too cool of a plant to be a weed. I found a neat little site that shows the Cynara Cardunculus.

Chicago, IL

It's a bit like this, no?

I've seen this plant (yours, not sure about the link) a zillion times. It loves to grow in cracks in asphalt, and it's a to pull out even if you don't have a bad back.

Chicago, IL

Nothing to do with yours, but I swear someone starts a "what is this" thread for this one every couple of days:

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