ButterflyChaser hospitalized... trades pending?

Bay, AR(Zone 7a)

NancyAnn is in the hospital with a severe case of kidney stones. She will be scheduled for surgical removal in a few days. She has fought with this for the past year, passing the smaller ones (OUCH) but has 3 stones too large for passing or laser treatment. They have cause such inflamation and infection that she had a "stint" placed yesterday to open blockage and is on I.V. antibiotics pending surgery. I don't know how long she will be out of commission (I need to find her a laptop with internet!! LOL) but.....

If you have a trade pending with her, please consider holding it up. Her brother will be checking her mail and he does NOT know what to do with mailed plants!! As soon as feasible, I am sure she will be checking her Dmail and will contact you about your trade.

If you'd like to send Get Well wishes, you may send an email (ATTN: Nancy Rm. 1112) that will be printed and delivered to her at this address:
or you may Dmail me.
Thank you for your patience,

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Thanks for letting us know, Gail. I sent an email.
:) Donna

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

She doesn't owe me anything. I just want to say "GET WELL NANCY ANN!!!!"

Moon Twp, PA(Zone 6a)

Tell her to get well quick so she can zoom back and play in the garden again!! That is always great therapy! ~ Suzi :)

Bay, AR(Zone 7a)

Now that she got the stint in and has gotten some pain relief, they are considering sending her home for a few days on oral antibiotics, but said the surgery would need to be done by week's end, so I don't know. If any of you know her very well, you can imagine that now that she's up and around her room a bit, she's like a caged animal! She's so used to being out in the garden! On top of that she has no computer! lol

Will keep you posted......

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Thanks Gail, for keeping us up to date.

Augusta, AR(Zone 8a)

Gail please let Nancy know that I am rooting for a full recovery asap. I hate that she has to be in all that pain. She is such a great person. Nancy offered me some cacti and asst succulents if I would come and get them. I came up there yesterday, and was planning on taking her out to eat at her favorite pizza place. Her brother told me she was in the hospital, but she had the plants already loaded in the wheelbarrel for me to get. What a woman! She was getting my plants together while she was in all that pain. I wished I could make it better for her. I did leave some $ with her brother, and asked him to let her know that I had intended on taking her out to eat. I would have went and visited her, but I had my kids with me. Didn't want to torchure(sp) her, lol. Gail give her a big hug for me ok. Thanks, Sheila

Graham, NC(Zone 8a)

Thanks Gail for keeping us informed :) Email sent


Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Gail, for updating us! I'm imagining that NancyAnn will be out in that garden ASAP! Hope she follows doctor's orders and gets this over with soon! "What a woman!" is right!

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

may she get relief form the pain and get them removed and speedy recovery.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

The doc released me today. And I think I'm going to sleep the day away. I'm so tired and still in some pain. You know you can't rest in the hospital.

The doc said I have three large stones in my kidney, the largest being about the size of a nickel. It's actually the smallest stone that is blocking my kidney. So my urine wasn't escaping. My kidney was highly inflamed and "gassy", which is not a good thing,according the doc. He was seriously concerned. I also have a bad bladder infection. And the odd thing is, I frequently get infections because of these stones, but I have always known they were coming on. I'd get so tired and sleepy and just feel rundown, having fever and chills. I didn't have any of that with these infections and they're severe. The doc hasn't gotten the results of the culture back yet to know which bacteria caused it all.

In fact, I had no discomfort or pain at all to clue me in that I had a problem. Maybe I was too busy to notice? Then at 2:30 a.m., I suddenly woke up in severe pain. Having passed stones before, I figured it would just pass and I'd be all right. By about 6 a.m., I knew it was serious because the pain was so intense and not relenting.

The biggest concern was that my kidney would burst since it wasn't draining. The doc acted immediately. Within about an hour of my arrival, they had me knocked out and put the stint in. The stint is kinda painful, but it's getting better. It's hard to sit and my kidney hurts where they inserted the stint to drain my kidney.

He sent me home today with a heavy dose of antibiotics for the next week. I go to see him next monday to see how the infection is doing. And then we'll decide on a date for surgery to remove the stones. He knows I have the garden party coming up, so I think he plans to schedule the surgery for AFTER the party. I hope! I kept telling him I had to feel good enough for the party. And today, he
said, "I know you've got things that are important to you, so I'm letting you go home today."

I'm still in some pain, nothing major. But I'm so tired, I think I'll sleep the day away. Sam's already asleep at my feet. OMG he was so excited to see me! Terry said while I was in the hospital he got out of the pen and went looking for me. He assumed I was at my mom's and sat on her porch waiting for me. Terry brought him back home and he ran thru the house straight to my bedroom looking for
me. The poor guy was beside himself because he'd "lost" me. LOL

Sheila, you should not have left money. Girl, I had planned to be here when you arrived and dig up more plants for you if I had others you wanted. I had only gone thru the cacti and succulents, but I'm sure there were other things you would have wanted. I guess that will have to wait til another time. I am currently not supposed to overexert myself, no digging, etc.

Ok, off to bed now. I'll talk to you guys later. I can't sit in this hard chair for too long.


Abbottstown, PA(Zone 6a)

Hope you feel better soon Nancy, Never had kidney stones , but I would like you to read my post in the Prayer section , Please. You take care and you will be up and around in no time. Get better.

Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

Nancy, so glad you are home and resting. You are so right about no rest for the weary in the hospital! Now don't go and overdo it! Even as I've never met you in person, I know an 'overdoer' when I see one! (takes one to know one). How about getting some help with that party? You've got a good doctor who listens to your own concerns and doesn't just treat the body. So don't let your body and doctor down by failing to listen to your body and paying attention only to your own concerns about the party. I know what I'm talking about, girl! Get some help with that party!

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I second Pixy's motherly advice. take it easy!

in Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

We have never traded , but I have seen you allot on DG. I am sending prayers your way. Get well soon.

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

We haven't traded either, but wanted to send you major hugs.() (), would often check your posts-love your name.
Please take it easy!

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Thank you all for your well wishes. I won't be overdoing it. Shoot, I just don't feel like it. I've spent the last 5 hrs catching up on some much needed sleep and am so looking forward to dark-thirty, so I can crawl back in the bed. LOL

By tomorrow, I hope I feel great again. The party will be a snap. We're meeting here and doing our trading and I've already dug everything I have to trade. It's all potted up and waiting. Then we're eating out at my favorite pizza joint. Then we're off to tour a couple of other gardens (Gardenergail's is one of them.). So this party is deliberately easy and lacks much responsibility. So y'all don't worry. It's already all under control.

Marcia, if I'm not mistaken, about four years ago, you sent me a gift of plants for my mom's yard after her stroke. We had to move her out here next to us and her yard was bare. You sent an azalea, an african violet and I don't remember what else. Wasn't that you?

Thank you all again. Y'all are great friends. I appreciate your sending happy thoughts my way.


(Zone 5b)

Glad to see you posting Nancy Ann. It sounds like you're resting like you're supposed to, but I'm still concerned. Sending prayers for that infection to clear up quick.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Nancy - hope you're feeling better all the time. Let us know in the morning if the pain is less intense and if you're feeling chipper. It was so great to talk to you! - Pirl

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

My friends and family often say I have two speeds--fast and stop. But I do believe I have found the slow speed. LOL I walk about as fast as a turtle because any bouncing or sudden moves hurt. But I'm much better today than I was yesterday or Sat. I'm very sore, but the swelling and fever are diminishing. And I think after a good night's sleep in my OWN bed, I'll feel much better tomorrow.

Cheryl, don't worry too much. I'm a tough ole gal. I've been dealing with kidney stones for years, and the pain I'm in now is nothing compared to passing a stone. One of my favorite quotes is: Cowboy up or go sit in the truck. So I've had a unique experience in "cowboying up." LOL In a few weeks, the doc will have me all patched up, and I'll get back to my fast speed.

Pirl, it was so great to talk with you on the phone last night. You made my day! I love your NY accent. I'd love to sit at the kitchen table and listen to you chatter all day. It's like music! Thank you for calling me. And Mitch, thank you for sending your best wishes thru Pirl.


Milwaukee, WI(Zone 5a)

Hi I hope you get better soon and feel great you deserve it!! Your in my thoughts and prays ............Sharon

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Don't buy what Nancy said. I was born 5 miles outside of Brooklyn but I don't say earl for oil or terlet for toilet. Maybe I will when I'm old and gray or maybe I'll just bleach my hair.

Be well Nancy.

Augusta, AR(Zone 8a)

Welcome home Nancy! Think nothing of the money honey. I was so proud that finally I'd be able to do something nice for you, but you just had to go and pass stones on me, lol. Really it was so miniscule (sp) to all you have done for me. I truly value your friendship. Sending tons of get well wishes to ya ;). Take care cause I care. Sheila

Graham, NC(Zone 8a)

Hi Nancy :)

Hope you're feeling better. I sent you an email to the hosp. but didn't know if you got it or not. I know kinda what you're going thru. Several years ago, I had a kidney stone that was the size of a .32 cal. bullet. On top of that, I had a secondary lining on my bladder. At the time, my hosp. contracted out to a private company to supply the surgery laser. When I showed up for my surgery, I was informed that the guy bringing the laser had gotten his times messed up and couldn't wait on mine. He had to be at another hosp. 30 mins before my procedure was scheduled. So they had to go the "old fashioned way" :( I've small stones since, but nothing like the first one. I wound up being out of work for about 2 1/2 weeks. So, I know the "slow speed"...lol Just take it EASY. Take care and get well soon!!


Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Nancy Ann!!! You rest and take care of yourself. Do what the Doc says and I'm praying for a quick and complete recovery.

Chapin, SC(Zone 7b)


I just found out about this! Please stick to that new speed and take care of yourself. I'll be praying for you.j


Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

Glad to see you posting, NancyAnn! You know, when I can hardly move at the end of a day of hard work out in the yard, I realize God's just telling me that I need to take it easier on my body. Since your pain is much worse than mine, I can only assume that you generally move much faster and with more intensity than I do, therefore, God just screams at you louder! LOL I hope you are chipper enough to really enjoy the party, but have enough 'reminders' that you don't overdo it! Don't take that the wrong way - I just want you to continue to get well! That way you can go back to overdoing it more quickly! :)
Seriously, rest, rest rest! And let others move those pots around!

Pirl, I am filled with regret that I have not been reading your posts with a 'New York' accent all along! Thanks, Nancy, for filling us in! I always read Nancy's posts with an Arkansas accent!

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)


Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

NancyAnn, I am so sorry that you are not well. I do pray for a speedy recovery. I know I still owe you some daylilies from our trade. Let me know when you will be up to gardening again and I will send them. Once again, praying for you to get through this.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

You guys are so sweet! But STOP worrying! The worst pain was Sat morning when the kidney was blocked and ready to burst. What I endure now is nothing. Tylenol knocks it out. And I guess it helps that I have a high tolerance to pain.

I actually slept 5 hours yesterday after getting home from the hospital and another 5 hours last night. I've been up since 5 a.m. I'm a bit tired and still a bit sore, but it's much better today. I won't do much more than water a few desperate plants I think. And I may nap after while. But I really am feeling more human. I even showered, put on makeup and did my hair. I look normal again! Not sick and washed out. LOL

As for your emails to the hospital, I guess I left before the email staff came in on Monday. I didn't get any of your emails. Bummer! I wonder if I can access them now online from home? There's an idea!

Thanks, all of you, for thinking of me. I'm taking it easy and going slowly. I had actually done most of the heavy stuff before I got this attack. So mostly what's left now is watering and weeding--nothing strenuous or even a must-do currently. So I'll behave! Honest! Ummmm, at least for today. LOL


Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Welcome back Nancy Ann! I think you better take it easy and behave yourself because I am willing to bet a couple of these people would come attach you to your bed and make you be good! LOL

Ashland, NE(Zone 5a)

Good morning! I am so glad you are feeling much better! Have a nice relaxing day :)

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

My Cannas are blooming and as I pass them I thank you again and say another prayer for you.

Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

Good girl, NancyAnn! Glad you are getting rest. Isn't it nice to feel human again?

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)


I'm so glad she has you there for her to help her through this, I remember all the trouble in the past she's had with the kidney stones, and am so happy that she can finally get some relief. I hope she'll be a brand new person after this surgery, I know she'll feel so much better.

I haven't been on here very much at all, and didn't notice this until today, we've had louisiana evacuees here with us, and it's been a great effort of work for all involved. WE also have other family in Mississippi who have lost their homes. I've been so concentrating on them, that I haven't had any time on here. Bless you for being so much of a good friend to her, tell her I said keep her chin up, Life is good! and she will be up and around in no time.


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeese, I needed to read all the posts first, I just posted when I saw the first post. Glad to see yo posting Nancy, are you still going to have the surgery? You've had this problem for such a long time. I do hope you feel better soon.

Got to get off here now.


(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

BC - give us an update please!

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hey everybody! I'm actually feeling pretty spry this afternoon. I still have some cramping that I don't much care for, but the doc says I will have to live with it for now. But it's nothing compared to the pain I was in on Sat. So I'm very thankfull about that.

I've been pretty energetic but slow as a turtle today. Any sudden movements trigger bladder spasms so I walk like an old lady. LOL I did get my critical plants all watered today. And yes, I rested when I needed to, but it hurts to sit. I do much better either standing or lying. And I was in no mood to lie around today. I did that all weekend. I hope to be thoroughly worn out by bedtime and sleep like a baby tonight.

Yes, KathyAnn, I will have surgery. I'm looking forward to it actually. I'm so ready to be rid of these stones. They've been a thorn in my side for about 12 years now. I've passed quite a few and enough is enough! Surgery will probably be later this month if I do it here or next month if I have to go to Little Rock. The financial situation will determine where I'll be doing the surgery. But I'll discuss that next week with the doc.

It's a serious surgery, kinda risky, which is why I think the doc prefers lithotripsy (shockwave treatment to break the stones into small pieces that can pass). I am not interested in breaking the stones up into lots of smaller stones and passing each one. I've had enough of that. I just want them gone and I'm willing to risk a kidney or my life to do it. Personally, I know I'm too ornery to let a little kidney surgery kill me. I just gotta convince this serious old little doctor. LOL

Oh by the way, you guys, the hospital mailed me all the emails you sent to the hospital for me. So thank you:

Eric (NCffp163)

I appreciate your get well wishes. If anyone else sent me an email, the hospital hasn't mailed it yet. I left the hospital too early to receive my mail. LOL

Anyway, I'm on the mend. Feeling pretty good this afternoon. Not too much pain and a little more energy. I'm just so glad to be HOME!!! Y'all may be tired of hearing me say that, but there really is no place like HOME! I just love it here! You can bet I'll try to heal up extra fast after the surgery so the doc will let me come home. LOL


Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

:-) Glad to hear you are out and crossing fingers and saying a prayer everything goes good with the Dr and you will be back on your feet soon. Mitch

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Glad you're feeling better and feeling more chipper! You remind me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's . . . .

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