Anyone grow Hops?

Hanover, PA(Zone 6a)

I would like to grow hops in my herb garden so I'm looking for advice. I can't seem to find much on their propagation. Do you grow them from seed or tubers? Where did you get the seeds/tubers? I'd like to grow golden hops because I saw them once in the beautiful herb garden at a country house in England, Hardwick Hall. They were gorgeous.

Moorestown, NJ(Zone 7b)

I wish I knew how they got in my front garden! Thought I'd ripped them all out last year, but noooooo, back again they came! From what I hear, they're really easy to grow, and if I'm not mistaken, they grow easily from seed. I think I saw them advertised in one of the bazillion seed catalogs I get.....sorry I can't remember which one. You might want to do a search for them unless anyone else knows how to get them. (Wish you could come get these out of my garden!) Good luck to you.

Try this link and see if it helps any:

PS: If you intend to grow the hops to make beer, Nichol's Nursery has all the supplies (including dried hops) you'll need.

Hanover, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks, mom!

Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

Try Richters Herbs, in their 2001 catalogue on page 29 they have 8 different Hops listed.

Great herb catalogue, is my herb bible, has wonderful explantation about what different herbs are used for 'culinary, beverage plant, industrial, medicinal, aromatic, poisionous - use with caution'.

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