CLOSED: White Praying Mantis

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Does anyone know what type of praying mantis this is? This is the first year that I've had white ones. He is very different than the tan ones that are also in my garden. Some of the smaller ones of this type has a hint of green to them, but it seems to disappear as they age. I see them on my brugs often at night, but they are also out during the daytime.


Thumbnail by lincolnitess
mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i googled it and couldn't find a white one, but it sure is beautiful. i love mantis'. you might try in the garden foes forum. even tho it's not a foe, they have great insect identifiers over there! debi

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Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

Wow what a neat bug! We have bright green ones here. I wonder what the difference is! It's probably not kosher to trade an egg sac between states but that would be fun. On the other hand it's a helpful bug not a bad one. Cool pic!


Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

A wonderful & rare example of insect albinism or semi-albinism. Take lots of pics whenever you can. I bet a lot of hard-core insect enthusiasts as well as serious biologists would find them extremely interesting.

Keeping an eye out next spring for egg cases would be a good idea as well.

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