Tall Morning Glory 'Red Star' (Ipomoea purpurea)

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Tall Morning Glory 'Red Star'
Ipomoea purpurea

Thumbnail by EmmaGrace
Netcong, NJ(Zone 5b)

Emma - Nice photo,but this is not an Ipomoea purpurea as can be clearly seen by the very Ipomoea nil shaped sepals at the base of the sideview flower...You may want to move this to the yojiro section...

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Ok, Ron will do. Thanks.

On the same subject,
I was thinking that I had posted the Yojiro Blue, but haven't - and so glad, because I am still a little confused as to which one I have...

More so now after this comment:
"Nicholejean - The blueiish-purple yojiro you have looks nice(!)...I'm wondering if you might have the Chiaki as the picture you posted seems to resemble the Chiaki colored yojiro more than the darker colored Mai Sugata that both Gerris2 and Emma have posted...I still remeber your accurate call on that 'Cairo' which was absolutely unbelieveable(!)...nice going(!)..."

I was trying to figure out the first Yojiro that I grew by your information:

"bluespiral - I don't find the need to prune,but don't let that stop you(!) from experimenting with pruning techniques...
I am tending to think that trading with some of the good folks here would be a good source for 'unusual' seed...The Ipomoea nil x Ipomoea purpurea yojiro types are interesting...thenames are Chiaki(medium blue),Mai Sugata(darker blue), Yagaruma aka Yaguruma(reddish),and Sayaka(pink)...
Hope that helps..."

So, when you get the chance if you could let me know, before I post it to the database:
This one I have been calling "Mai Sugata [Darker Blue].
Is this correct or is it Chiaki ?
Thanks Ron,


edited to ask if the proper name of my 'Red Star' is
Yojiro 'Yagaruma' aka: Yaguruma'

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Thumbnail by EmmaGrace
Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

This bloom is from seeds From Japan 'Mai Sugata',
and it looks so totally different from my 'Blue' posted above.
The markings and coloring in the throat area are so totally different. To me this one is a 'Brilliant' JMG. Just love it!

Thanks again,

Thumbnail by EmmaGrace
Calvert County, MD(Zone 7a)

I wonder what this x ChaChaMaru would yield :)


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