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Begonia sources - have I missed any?

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

After researching some begonia cultivars today, I finally decided it was time to give begonias their own category in the Watchdog:

But it's highly likely I've missed some sources. If you know of any begonia mailorder vendors not shown here, please let me know by posting here, or using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance!

Valley Village, CA

Do you have Michael Kartuz. He grows plants very well, and probably is considered the best in the business. I'm sure some of your members have purchased from him before. He is slow getting them out but they are worth waiting for.
He works alone. I can certainly recommend him, he is an old time ethical grower, when ethics were important.
My 16 ft around Nolina and probably 16 ft high. Norma

Thumbnail by Crasulady2
Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Yes, Kartuz Greenhouses is on the list.

Lexington, VA(Zone 6a)

Thanks Terry - this is fantastic!

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

In my quest to satisfy my begonia addiction, I have also found the following sources for cane, shrub, rhizo, rex and the odd tuberous (as in b. boliviensis, not the standard tuberous grown);

This company is already listed in the Garden watchdog section, but they do sell a few lovely, unusual begonias (B. nelumbifolia! I have one, and it is lovely).

Also, try
They can be a slow to respond and ship, but persistant phone calls work.

Cloud Valley in Oregon no longer ships via mail order. No exceptions, and I practically begged. But they have great photos if you need to i.d. a begonia.

Avant Gardens sells a few harder to find begonias.

Baker's Acres has a great list of begonias, but it is walk in only.

Plant's Delight has about 8 different and harder to find begonias

And finally, Hortus Botanicus has four or five nice begonias. By far the best shipping/packing methods of any mail order I have used. Nice sized plants for the money. Prompt reply to phone calls and fast shipping too.

Laurie (begoniacrazii)

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

I'm bumping this so that the begonia nuts know where to go...

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