Please pardon this urgent interruption...

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

This is a link to the emergency preparation thread in the weather forum. Please review it :-)

And now "back to your regularly scheduled gardening" in the middle of hurricane watches LOL


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

please also see the thread with shelter and phone ocntact and ohter info:


South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Thank you so much TF. You have been a pillar of strength and information throughout this blasted hurricane season. I'm one person that appreciates enormously all you have done.
Thanks again!!!

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

you're welcome. i am so glad this info comes in handy. sometimes it looks like just too much to read through...

hang on Val!

Mirpur (A.K), Pakistan(Zone 9b)

Please tell me the latest situation of the Hurrican, I sa in news Wilma damaged lots of property. How is your sister's home?
My prayers are with all of you.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i am positng updates at the thread in the weather forum, will get link in a second...

the adjusotr today said no way will they total anything but the roof! she should report them!

here is link to wilma updates: a new thread will soon be started also, watch for it!

prayers to you and yours Kaleem!


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Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)


The American Red Cross ( / 800-435-7669)
United way of Broward County ( / 954-462-
Salvation Army of Broward County ( / 800-725-

Daybook, from Episcopal News Service

October 28, 2005 -- Friday Forum

ERD assists Florida communities impacted by Hurricane Wilma

[ENS, Source: ERD] Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is
emergency assistance to Florida communities affected by Hurricane
The Category 3 hurricane, which made landfall in south Florida on
24, took 14 lives and caused an estimated $6-10 billion in damages.
million residents remain without power. Heavy winds up to 100 mph
homes, businesses, and other structures.

Hurricane Wilma was the 21st storm in the worst Atlantic hurricane
on record.

In partnership with the Dioceses of Southeast and Southwest Florida,
is providing emergency relief to people affected by Hurricane Wilma.
the Diocese of Southeast Florida, ERD's assistance will help parishes
in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties to supply
shelter, and other needs to vulnerable populations in areas impacted
by the hurricane. The storm surge generated in Martin County damaged
destroyed several hundred homes and businesses in the Florida Keys.
Marco Island in the Diocese of Southwest Florida, ERD's partnership
will provide food, clothes, emergency supplies, and counseling to the
working poor.

"ERD is focused on rebuilding lives and communities in the areas
by Wilma," said Robert W. Radtke, ERD President. "We pray for a swift
recovery and are grateful that ERD can be of assistance."

ERD staff is in communication with the Diocese of Southeast Mexico
Hurricane Wilma hit the Yucatan Peninsula, killing at least seven
The storm slammed Cancun, Cozumel, and other communities on the
coastline. ERD will provide emergency assistance as needs are

To help people affected by Hurricane Wilma, make a donation to the
Hurricane Fund at, or call 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129.
can be mailed to Episcopal Relief and Development, 2005 Hurricane
PO Box 12043, Newark, NJ 07101.
MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 2005--Great Florida Bank has
announced The
Great Recovery Program providing assistance to those impacted by
Wilma. The program provides Great Florida Bank customers in the
impacted areas
with special loans, flexible payments, and other services.
Great Florida Bank ATM Card- No fees any ATM, any ATM, anywhere in
the world.
(We pay the fees) Ask a Relationship Banker for details.
Great Florida Bank Home Equity Line/Loan customers may apply to skip
a payment
with no extension fees by calling 305-514-6900 or their Relationship
Home Equity Line of Credit - Consumers may apply for a home equity
line of
credit with a variable interest rate of 4.99% for the first six
months and as
low as Prime thereafter current Prime 6.75% APR. All closing costs
up to $1,300
will be paid by the bank with an initial advance at closing.
Great Business Loan Program - Discounted loan rates are available
for customers
directly impacted by Hurricane Wilma for working capital,
construction or
Mortgages - Consumers may apply for an array of competitive mortgage
including affordable housing programs featuring low down payment and
no mortgage insurance.
Great Florida Bank understands that during situations such as the
aftermath of
Hurricane Wilma, we need to continue to focus in providing ideas and
to our clients and associates.

Mehdi Ghomeshi, President and CEO said, "We are using every
available resource
to assist our clients and associates during these trying times."

Great Florida Bank opened its Weston Lakes Solution Center, in
Weston Florida
on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 serving thousands of residents of the
community with their fully operational ATM.

Great Florida Bank announced today that business operations will
resume in
Miami-Dade & Broward Counties on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 in
three Solution
Centers in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Great Florida clients can also use for
their online

For additional information customers may call 1-866-514-6900.

About Great Florida Bank:

In June 2004, Great Florida Bank launched in the South Florida
market with the
establishment of its corporate headquarters located in Miami Lakes,
Great Florida Bank is currently the fastest growing community bank
in the
United States with unprecedented growth in the past year from $60
million in
initial capital to over $600 million in total assets as of June 30,
2005. Great
Florida Bank is committed to providing ideas and solutions to its
financial needs by offering convenient, personalized and state-of-
banking services, products, operations and delivery in a relaxed
Great Florida Bank's services and products are designed to meet the
and life stages of today's consumer. Visit us at

Trailers available for Wilma victims
Despite the spike in demand after hurricanes Katrina and Rita,
supplies are

Harry Wessel | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted October 29, 2005
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How you can help hurricane victims
Oct 28, 2005

Sluggish recovery continues across South Florida
Oct 29, 2005
Broward County: City-by-city damage reports
Oct 29, 2005
Palm Beach County: City-by-city damage reports
Oct 29, 2005

With 15,000 poles down, power restoration 'is a daunting task'
Oct 29, 2005
Hunt for gas stations reveals frustrations
Oct 29, 2005
Vortexes blamed for downing so many trees during storm
Oct 29, 2005
As power returns, so does nightlife
Oct 29, 2005

IN HIGH DEMAND: South Florida glass repair shops impacted by Wilma
Oct 28, 2005

CHALLENGING TIMES: Senior citizens hit hard by Wilma (NewsChannel 5)
Oct 28, 2005
In less than two months, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has
125,000 travel trailers, mobile homes and other varieties of housing
on wheels
for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

FEMA already has put nearly 15,000 of these units into use, with an
500 to 1,000 being delivered daily to victims in Louisiana,
Mississippi and

Which raises the question: What about victims of Hurricane Wilma?
Will there be
any trailers left for them?

The short answer: No problem, according to spokesmen for the
vehicle industry and Florida RV dealers. They say inventories remain
and any new demand arising from the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma
will be easily

"If there were a need, we could fill it," said Marco Martinez, vice
for operations at The Turning Wheel RV Center in Ocala. Turning
Wheel filled
hundreds of orders from FEMA in September, but since then "the
pipeline of
orders stopped," Martinez said, and inventory has been replenished.

Those shopping for the kind of small, basic trailers that FEMA tends
to buy for
disaster victims may have to wait a week or so for delivery, but
downplayed any problems. This is normally a slow season for Florida
RV dealers,
he said. The market doesn't really heat up until January, when 2006
models will
become available and snowbirds arrive from up North.

Jeff Crum, general manager of Dusty's Camper World in Bartow, said
he had
contracted with FEMA to sell them 443 travel trailers. Still, "I
have available
663 sitting on the ground right now," he said.

FEMA seeks trailers that cost less than $20,000 and are no more than
30 feet
long, Crum said. "We have 20 other models available on our lots."

While noting that the profit margins are slim because FEMA "sets the
he said many dealers welcomed the post-Katrina sales as a way
to "clean house"
and prepare for the coming season, which roughly runs from
Thanksgiving through

Crum added that Florida, with more than 300 RV dealers, has ample
capacity to
supply however many trailers FEMA needs.

That need remains uncertain. Damage assessments from Wilma are
ongoing in the
hurricane-affected areas of southwest, southeast and east Central
Florida. And
housing assistance can come in a number of forms, said FEMA
spokesman Jim
Homstad, including putting up hurricane victims in apartments.

The rash of hurricanes in 2004 spawned the need for nearly 17,000
trailers and mobile homes, Homstad said, but it will be another week
or two
before FEMA will have an idea of how many, if any, trailers will be
needed in
Florida for Wilma victims.

If FEMA does find it necessary to buy trailers for Florida, it will
start with
RV dealers in the affected regions and branch out from there as
needed. Dealers
in southeast and southwest Florida emerged in good shape from the
said David Kelly, marketing director for the Florida RV Trade

"I don't think we'll have a problem down here like they did [after
Katrina] in
Alabama and Mississippi, which don't have as many dealers as we do,"

As for RV manufacturers, they're almost all located in the hurricane-
state of Indiana. They have brought in additional workers and have
production hours to meet the demand, said Ken Sommer of the
Vehicle Industry Association in Reston, Va.

"The RV industry is well-positioned to produce RVs quickly and in
high volume,"
Sommer said. "There might be spot shortages at some dealerships, but
industry is ramping up production."

Harry Wessel can be reached at [email protected] or 407-
Special-care patients go unattended for days

By Bob Lamendola
Health Writer
Posted October 29 2005

Home health-care workers and relief officials said Friday they have
found a
small number of homebound sick people and frail seniors have been on
their own
for days since Hurricane Wilma struck Monday, some with little or no
water or support network.

Most homebound people, including those recently discharged from the
normally would get regular help from visiting aides or meal
programs, but those
services have been disrupted lack of staff, no gas and no power in
offices, health and relief officials in Broward and Palm Beach
counties said

Visiting nurses from Comprehensive Home Care in Fort Lauderdale
found six
patients hungry and thirsty in their beds Friday, prompting the
agency to buy
them groceries and hire a box-lunch company to deliver food daily,
director Mary Ryan said.

"We had to do something because things were so desperate," Ryan
said. "They
have fallen through the cracks. They're very frail. They may not
have family to
watch out for them. If they're in a neighborhood, they're not people
neighbors would see out and about, so no one may know they are in

Officials at other home-care and relief agencies said they think
there are more
homebound people in similar straits scattered across South Florida.
No one
could say how many.

Alliance Care home-medical agency in Boynton Beach visited or called
all 3,000
of its southern Florida patients within a day or two of the storm,
Executive Greg Bellomy said. But other agencies appear to have been
hit harder
and unable to call.

"The gas situation is making things pretty rough," Bellomy
said. "The [doctors,
nurses and aides] have been spending two or three hours in line for
gas instead
of helping patients. It's been a real struggle."

Some of the more serious homebound patients need visiting medical
care and
living assistance daily and likely have been cared for in a timely
home-care officials said. Those who are visited every few days or
once a week
may go longer without attention and can run into trouble, the
officials said.

When Comprehensive's staff found the hungry patients, company
finance chief Bob
Wynn said he called Broward County, the American Red Cross and
Salvation Army
looking for someone to deliver food. Initially none took action, he
although later in the day, the county began making inquiries to help.

The Red Cross cannot deliver to individuals stranded in their homes,
but has
gotten dozens or hundreds of calls from homebound persons and
referred them to
other agencies, Red Cross nurse Dianna Tonkin said.

To contact agencies that deliver food and emergency supplies to shut-
ins, call
561-712-6400 or 211 in Palm Beach County, 954-831-3900 in Broward.

Hospitals were nearly recovered from Wilma on Friday, with FPL power
to all 31 hospitals in the two counties. Emergency rooms were still
busy, but
without the throngs from earlier in the week.

Several dozen people requiring medical assistance, such as special
and oxygen for breathing remained in a special-needs shelter at a
middle school
in Hollywood. Some patients remain at the shelter because their
homes were
badly damaged, or because they have no electricity to operate their
machines, she said.

Some kidney dialysis centers were still closed for lack of power or
water, but
many of those had made arrangements for their patients at other
centers closer
to patients' homes.

Officials are concerned that continuing power outages may present
problems for people with chronic conditions requiring drug
prescriptions that
can't be filled immediately. Those with allergies and asthma may
also face
increased risks of attacks because of air conditioning shortages and
dust and debris from cleanup efforts.

Health Writer Nancy McVicar contributed to this report. Bob
LaMendola can be
reached at [email protected] or 954-356-4526.

Hurricane information, cancellations



Miami-Dade Emergency Operations Answer Center hot line open for
calls: 311.
Outside Miami-Dade County, dial: 305-468-5900. TDD Line: 305-468-
5402. For more
disaster-related information:

Broward County Emergency Operations Hurricane Hotline opens for
calls at 7
a.m.: 954-831-4000. Information:

Monroe County Emergency Hotline: 800-955-5504.

DISTRIBUTION CENTERS (for ice, water and other supplies)


Amelia Earhart Park, 401 E. 65th St., Hialeah

MDC North, 11380 NW 27th Ave.

AD Barnes Park, 3401 SW 72nd Ave.

Landmark Property, 20600 NW 47th Ave.

Hadley Park, 1300 NW 50th St.


Miami-Dade Public Schools: Closed through Tuesday.

Broward County Schools: Closed through Monday.

Monroe County Schools: Repopen Monday.

Archdiocese of Miami: Decision pending, expect most schools to be
Monday. Information:

Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe: Will reopen Monday.

The opening of Aventura City of Excellence School will be closed

Lincoln-Marti: Early childhood care centers open at 931 SW First
St., 880 SW
Eighth St., 640 SW 22nd Ave., 1523 SW Third St. Information: 305-643-
5355 or

ACT college admission and placement exams: Postponed at ACT
centers across
South Florida. Registered students to be notified of make-up date.

Barry University: Closed through Tuesday.

Florida International University: Reopening Monday. Information:

Miami Dade College: Closed until Monday. Information: 305-237-7500
or 305-237-7505 (employees) or

University of Miami: Closed until Monday; MBA, nursing and
education classes resume Saturday. Homecoming events canceled.
Football game

St. Thomas University: Opening Monday.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale: Classes canceled until

Broward Community College: Closed through Sunday.

Carlos Albizu University: Closed until Monday. Information: 305-

Florida Atlantic University: Opens Monday. Information: 954-236-
1800 or

Lynn University: Closed until Monday, or until power is restored.
Information: 561-994-0771 or

MedVance Institute: Open Monday, except for Fort Lauderdale
Campus, which
will open Tuesday and West Palm Beach, which will open on Wednesday.
Information: 877-863-3826.

Nova Southeastern University: Classes resume Monday at some
Information: or 954-262-7300

DeVry University: Closed in Broward and Miami Dade until Mon. Nov.
7, pending
electricity. Information: 954-499-9800


Miami-Dade Transit: MetroMover closed. Free bus runs parallel to
Call 3-1-1 for schedule. Buses are on Sunday schedule.

Aventura city shuttle bus is running motified schedule until
curfew lifted.
Schedule is 8:45 a.m. to 5:20 p.m.

Miami Beach ''Local'': Resumes regular service along Sunday

NoMi Express community bus service is postponed until further

North Miami Beach: Shuttle bus not running until further notice.

Sunny Isles Beach Shuttle Bus is running on a limited schedule day-
One bus is running from 1-4 p.m. from Coastal Towers, Arlen House,
Towers, City Hall, Publix, Ocean View, Golden Shores, Publix, City
Winston Towers, Milam Market, CVS.

Monroe County JGT Bus: Homestead to Key West route resumes.

Amtrak: Stations south of Orlando remain closed, except for:
Lakeland, Tampa,
St. Petersburg-Pinellas Park and West Palm Beach. Auto Train
operates between
Lorton, Va., and Sanford, Fla.. New York-Miami Silver Star and
Silver Meteor
operate north- and southbound to Orlando, Friday and Saturday.

Tri-Rail closed through Monday.


Miami Dade:

Miami Dade County: recycling, bulk, as normal, except in areas not
to crews.

City of Miami: Regularly scheduled garbage collection has resumed.

Coral Gables: Debris pickup has begun.

North Miami: Regular garbage pickup. Bulk service is not operating
schedule. Debris should be placed on swales.

Miami Beach: Residential curbside collection resumes regular
pickup schedule.
No bulk trash. Hurricane debris collection has begun.

North Miami Beach: Regular schedule.


Monroe County: Pickup has resumed.


Dry Tortugas National Park: Closed.

Everglades National Park: Closed. Information: 305-242-7700.

Biscayne National Park: Closed.

Aventura: Closed until further notice.

North Miami Parks: Closed until further notice.

Miami Beach: Beaches and Golf Club open for regular play.

Miami: Closed.

Miami Beach: The Scott Rakow, North Shore and P.A.L. Youth Centers
staffed to
provide free childcare between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for Miami Beach

North Miami Beach: All parks closed except for McDonald Center.

Broward County Parks: Closed.


Price Gouging Hotline: Call 866-9-NO-SCAM.


Family Reggae Festival: Sunday event postponed until Dec. 4 at the
Grove Exposition Center. Information: 305-436-9084.

Festival Miami: Sunday Chopin canceled. Sunday Hamlisch postponed
until Nov.
6. Josefowicz postponed until Nov. 4. Happy Birthday Dizzy postponed
indefinitely. Information: 305-284-4940 or

Flagami Fiesta & Halloween Party: Weekend event at Coral Gate Park
indefinitely postponed.

Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds: Canceled.

Ghosts of Miami, City Cemetery Night Walking Tour: Postponed, new
date TBA.
Information: 305-375-1621.

Halloween Family Fun Nights: Weekend events at Homestead's Camp
Owaissa Bauer
canceled. Information: 305-247-6016.

Howl-o-ween brunch: Sunday's brunch at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Halloween on the Mile: Trick-or-Treating and scavenger hunts along
Mile Monday, 4-6 p.m.. Additional activities for kids at War
Memorial Youth
Center in Coral Gables, 4--7 p.m. Information: 305-460-5600.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Fall Harvest Festival: Canceled.

Kitetoberfest: Postponed until noon-5 p.m. Oct. 30Sunday, in
Haulover Beach
Park. Information: 786-897-3370.

La Paloma Restaurant, Halloween Murder Mystery Event A Shot in the
Sunday event postponed until Nov. 5th. Previous reservations will be
Information: 305-672-4357.

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Halloween Party: Costume contest and trick-
held Monday, 6-8 p.m. at Town Hall, 4501 Ocean Dr.. Information: 954-

Lincoln Road Halloween for Kids: Will take place 5-7 p.m.
Monday31. Call

MetroBoo! at Metrozoo: Canceled this weekend. Information: 305-251-

Merrick Park Halloween Party: Costume contest, trick-or-treating
and concert
held Monday, 3-6 p.m. at 358 San Lorenzo Ave.. Information: 305-529-

Miami Children's Hospital: Saturday Ecmo Patient Reunion and
Sunday Fall
Harvest Costume Party canceled. Information:

Miami Children's Museum: Haunted House open Sunday noon to 4 p.m.
Kids can
come in costume and bring trick or treat bag. Call 305-573-5437.

Miramar: Masquerade Dance postponed until November, date TBA.

Schenley Park: Halloween event canceled.

Sunny Isles Beach: Halloween celebration, Boogie by the Beach, for
weekend is cancelled.

Trunk-or-Treat: Will take place 2-5 p.m. Sunday30 at the Harris
Field parking
lot, 1034 NE Eighth St., Homestead.

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