Freeport, Bahamas(Zone 10a)

I have been following this hurricane for sooooo long now, just waiting for the right time to bring in all my babies.....I just wanted to let everyone who may be in the path (that I seem to be in yet again!) all the best!

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

All the best to you too. This has been a tough year. I'm waiting until tomorrow to bring all my orchids (100+) and the 100 or so pots. Next year, I hope to have everything in the ground so I don't have to move so many pots. Famous last words that I told myself last year and here I am again LOL.


Fort Myers, FL(Zone 10a)

Hope everyone stays safe. My dad is in Coral Springs and also grows a ton of orchids and he just cleaned up all the mess from the last one. He said he cant get them all in this time. I just started my garden and looks like i will start over again.

Hope Wilma goes away.....

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

lpakosh, sorry to say, [i sure hope you already knew], you are also in the path of Alpha. It is officially a named TS, and expected to be H status by the time it reaches you. i can't recall the day, but a thread was started in the weather forum...

take care of you and your plants etc!


Freeport, Bahamas(Zone 10a)


Thanks for the update, I didn't know about Alpha...I will have to go check it out!

Freeport, Bahamas(Zone 10a)

I just checked out 25/Alpha and if it keeps going the way they think, then I should be too far away to get hit by that storm. It will hit the lower Bahamian islands but my island is Grand Bahama and it is right by West Palm/Ft. Lauderdale. I will watch it carefully though! Looks like we are totally surrounded!

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

oh, do be careful.. and check in at the weather threads, folks would jlove to hear/see your perspective on both these storms...

Freeport, Bahamas(Zone 10a)

Will do!


Lakeland, FL

Us Lakelanders will get clobbered to. Tropical storm swinds forecast. I manage a 55+ park so for those wishing to use it I will be busy today getting it ready. I do have residents that help tho. Cold weather coming to yeahhh. I jut put all my pots etc. under trees and they seem to survive > bIllie and Jack in Ft. Myers area and Carol, Molly you guys hang in there. Cork

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Mornin' all.
Who knew I had so many things in my addition to all the plants!! LOL I LOVE container gardening, but at times like this I wish everything was safely in the ground. I only own one orchid and it hangs in the Oak tree so, of course, it will come into the apartment. Everything else has grown so big this summer that they will have to take their chances stacked against the fence on the lee side of the house.

Everybody take a deep breath and start hauling.....the rains are going to start this afternoon. On a positive note.......when we are basking in the sun this winter and loving our flowers and vegtables, we will be reading about DG'ers in the ice and snow longing for the springtime. *smile*

Anyway............Hang on Sloopy!!

Russell, KY(Zone 6b)

We just finished bringing everything in- a million orchids and rhipsalis are hanging in my living room on old patio umbrella skeletons that we keep just for this. Potted plants by the score sitting everywhere (don't even ask about ants and lizards).

I have a blue billion bunnies/gators/fairies/ cutsey things and all are gathered up and inside. Shutters are up except for one door. Generator ready to go. We've almost done all we can and the beer is on ice waiting for noon o'clock!

Blah! Stupid storms!!

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Same here. Everything is ready. All orchids, potted plants etc. safely tucked away in the garage. Shutters are up except for the back slider and the front door. Now we just wait and wait.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

just to let you know, i have updated info in the weather forum, thread "Wilma evacutaitons and shetler, etc."

prayers are with you!


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

here you go, HANG ON!

love and prayers with you all!



Flood Warning (Expires: Monday October 24 6:00AM EDT)
Hurricane Warning (Expires: Monday October 24 6:00AM EDT)
Inland Hurricane Warning (Expires: Monday October 24 4:00PM EDT)
Flash Flood Watch (Expires: Monday October 24 4:00PM EDT)
Special Weather Statement (Expires: Monday October 24 11:00AM EDT)

National Weather Service Alert Details

Flood Warning
(Expires: Monday October 24 6:00AM EDT)

bulletin - eas activation requested
flood warning
national weather service melbourne fl
1155 pm edt sun oct 23 2005

the national weather service in melbourne has issued a flood warning
effective until 600 am edt monday morning for people in the following
in east central florida
central lake

including the following locations
mid florida lakes...clermont...emeralda...eustis...ferndale...
fruitland park...groveland...howey in the hills...lake
griffin...lake harris...leesburg...lisbon...mascotte and tavares

at 1145 pm...reports of flooding in the city of mascotte had been
received...including the city fire station.

a flood warning means that flooding is imminent or has been
reported. river rises will be slow and flash flooding is not
expected. but all interested parties should take necessary
precautions immediately.
[back to top]

Hurricane Warning
(Expires: Monday October 24 6:00AM EDT)

hurricane local statement
national weather service melbourne fl
1150 pm edt sun oct 23 2005

...hurricane wilma is now a major hurricane... information...
wilma is now a category three hurricane with maximum sustained
winds of 115 mph. wilma continues to accelerate toward the
lower southwest coast of florida with landfall expected around 5 to
6 am. this means that the onset of tropical storm and hurricane
force winds may arrive a few hours earlier than previously
forecast for east central florida...especially for okeechobee...
martin...and saint lucie counties. and warnings...
a hurricane warning remains in effect from jupiter inlet to
titusville...with a tropical storm warning in effect from north
of titusville to saint augustine.

an inland hurricane warning is in effect for okeechobee and
osceola counties. an inland tropical storm warning
is in effect for orange...lake...seminole and interior volusia

a hurricane warning is in effect for lake okeechobee.

...areas affected...
this statement recommends actions that should be taken in
brevard...volusia...saint lucie...martin...indian river... and lake counties.

...storm information...
the center of hurricane wilma was located near latitude 24.4
north...longitude 83.7 west or about 170 miles southwest of
naples florida...and about 290 miles southwest of fort pierce.

wilma is moving toward the northeast at 18 mph...with an additional
increase in forward speed expected.

...precautionary/preparedness actions...
residents should be bringing their hurricane preparations to an end
and be retreating to their designated safe place according to their
action plan...staying indoors for the overnight and morning periods.
importantly...residents should continue to listen for tornado
warnings and flood warnings for their area and be ready to
take cover overnight.

if warnings are issued...please take them seriously. during
sunday evening...a tornado moved through cocoa village in
brevard county causing damage. in the event of a tornado...or even
for destructive winds within the inner rainbands of wilma...the
safest place is in an interior room on the lowest floor of a
sturdy block home or building...and away from windows.

now that wilma has become stronger and moving faster...the threat
for destructive winds to penetrate farther inland...even crossing the
peninsula to the east very real concern!!!

...wind impacts...
the greatest threat from wilma across east central florida is for
destructive winds. the tropical storm force wind field is very large
and therefore will arrive well before the approach of the core winds.
tropical storm force winds are expected to begin across okeechobee...
osceola...martin...saint lucie and indian river counties overnight
and spread across volusia
counties starting before sunrise. hurricane force winds are
expected to begin impacting okeechobee...martin...southern osceola
and saint lucie counties by sunrise...and possibly spread north
into indian river and southern brevard counties by mid morning.

because the of the rapid movement of wilma...winds will be highest
immediately near the center and to the right. it is likely that a
band of destructive winds with gusts to around 100 mph will move
across the peninsula monday morning. these destructive winds will be
capable of causing damage to roofing well as exposed
doors and windows. considerable damage will occur to mobile
homes that happen to be in the path of the destructive winds.
scattered power outages will occur from downed trees and large signs.
a few roads may become blocked due to some large debris...especially
within the main wind swath of the core winds.

...tornado impacts...
a tornado watch is in effect for all of east central florida until
11 am edt monday morning. the threat for tornadoes is high. strong
and longer-lived tornadoes have already occurred in the keys...and
also between fort drum in okeechobee county to brevard county at
cocoa village.

the threat of strong and longer-lived tornadoes will be increasing
overnight and continue through mid morning. historically...late
season tropical cyclones moving in from the gulf of mexico have
produced killer tornadoes. therefore...take tornado warnings

...flood impacts...
a flood watch is in effect for all of east central florida through
monday. because wilma will be moving rapidly across the state...
widespread excessive rainfall is not expected. however...rainfall
amounts of several inches may occur in heavy showers and isolated
thunderstorms. additional heavy rain will be possible as outer
rainbands from wilma lift northward up the florida peninsula and
intersect this frontal boundary. the heaviest rains are expected to
occur overnight through monday morning...mainly from daytona to
orlando and southward as the core of hurricane wilma plows across
south florida.

...storm surge flood and storm tide impacts...
because of the anticipated rapid movement of wilma and the movement
offshore into the atlantic...high impact storm surge and coastal
flooding is not expected. however...a storm tide of perhaps 3 or 4
feet is possible before and around the time of high tide monday...
north of where the center of wilma moves offshore. extremely rough
surf...beach erosion...and dangerous rip currents can be expected
along all of east central florida beaches as wilma moves out into the

...marine impacts...
this is a dangerous hurricane for mariners due to its rapid
approach and acceleration from the southwest. marine conditions will
quickly become hazardous with building seas and then become extremely
dangerous. mariners should remain in port. update...
the next hurricane local statement will be issued by nws melbourne
around 3 am...or sooner if conditions warrant.

a graphical version of this hurricane local statement can be
viewed on the national weather service web page at... and clicking on wilma local info."

Wesley Chapel, FL(Zone 9a)

Pouring here. It's breezy, but there's not a terrible amount of wind. We're north of Wilma. The funny thing is, it's cold! 58 right now-I've never seen a hurricane bring cold air.

Good luck to all in the southern part of the state, and Lisa in the Bahamas.


Lutz, FL(Zone 9a)

Same here as in Zephyrhills. We're in the Tampa area. Got real cold overnight. It's rainy and we have some wind, but nothing bad. We lucked out on this one, with it coming ashore quite a bit south of us. Hopefully this'll be the last one of the season.....

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

funny, i think iti s the cold front that has pushed Wilma so directly east...

Lakeland, FL

Well I am froze solid/ 60 degrees here in Lakeland, windy cut my heat on. My birds were cold so I covered them up. So far all I think I got from the storm was torn elephant ears. xoxoxo me

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

please check in at the check-in thread. this being near a CAT 4, we want to be sure EVERYONE is accounted for:


Wesley Chapel, FL(Zone 9a)

Wilma is gone, Tampa is sunny.

How is everyone in S. Florida making out?


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

please check-in!

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Oh, this hurricane sutation is making sick with worry. That silence on this forum from our friends in South Florida does not bode well. We have been watching the live feed from CBS, Channel 4, WFOR via the internet all day since 7AM. They just said again that this was really a Broward county hurricane.

I'm so looking forward to hearing from all of you. I hope everyone is all right. All our prayers are still with you. Please, please, Precious Lord, help South Florida.

Anyone who reads this and is without telephone can d-mail me their loved ones' phone number and name. It would be our pleasure to relay your information free of charge. We have unlimited calling throughout North America.


Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Sylvan....I'm on the ship....DERN...............

Can you try and call Bob & Joanne Willard................954-472-0850. They live near us and can tell us of the house and puppy. I will check in here later. Thanks, Love


Wesley Chapel, FL(Zone 9a)

I imagine there are a lot of people without power right now.

I would also be glad to relay messages via telephone calls for anyone that might need it. I have unlimited long distance, too. Feel free to D-mail me.


Lakeland, FL

Me to Ditto Will relay. Marilynne

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi fellow FL Crackers......I checked in over on the check-in thread so I won't post it here also. This is the MOST beautiful day I ever saw.....and I'm wearing a sweater! Mother Nature always rewards us with beautiful weather after a 'cane to clean up her mess!

Pati....a surviving Sloopy (told ya' so) LOL

(Zone 9a)

I am glad to hear of people south of here who are doing well. I hope others down there are, too. Wilma was noisy and rainy here, but not as bad as Jeanne last year. At times, I was a little concerned over tornadoes. The cold front is feels almost artic after all the hot weather.

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

I agree......Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Casselberry, FL(Zone 9b)

Central Fl got away with a very windy day and lots of rain until about 1pm yesterday. Even later when the sun came out, it was still very breezy. Course, it is as cold as the dairy dept at your market now, but considering how much damage occured to our southern neighbors, we got off very easy this time. Schools closed in the counties around us but many still had to go to work.

We have family in Naples and we have yet to hear from them. It is a bit nerve wracking but we are praying for their safety.

Freeport, Bahamas(Zone 10a)

Well hello there from sunny, cool Freeport Bahamas. We are all okay over here. Got our water back early this morning and cable a few minutes ago. So far no power or phones yet. We are running on generators.

The wind ripped through again, stripping a lot of the trees yet again. Looks like I will be searching for shade again for my orchids!

Plants are out of the garage and finding their way back to their spots. I love the fact that this time I am wearing a sweatshirt and not worrying about when the AC can come on!

Hope everyone else is okay.....time to go move the extension cord to the TV so we can watch the news!

Talk to you all later!


Hope Town Abaco, Bahamas(Zone 11)


So glad you are OK...we'd heard Freeport was badly damaged! By the way the orchid I will get to you for the Nature Center, from Abaco, was in our laundry has a stem with buds!!

We were fortunate on Elbow Cay, Abaco. Highest wind about 80+ , no rain, power only out 26 hours. Still no telephone here, but many have theirs.

We lost a native Sea Grape and a large branch from a huge Fig Tree. 3 hibiscus uprooted, but alive. Some salt/wind burn but not widespread in our gardens.

My 40+ cuttings in the laundry room. Larger plants nestled into the arms of a low reaching Sea Grape which did just fine.

We feel soooo fortunate. I'm concerned about the South Florida folks!!

Best to all,

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

would you bahamas folks please check in on the check in thread in the weather forum, plllleeeeease? :-) everyone wants to know you are OK!


Waaaay Down South, GA

Hi y'all. Just received this from Hap and thought I'd share as she asked that I tell everyone hi and give her love to all.

going nuts on this ship.....HAVE to get home....Say HI to the family for me,


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

awwww, i thought she oculd enjoy herself after hearing Archie was fine. wish we could get a report on her house to ease her mind. she said it was a strong one...

Waaaay Down South, GA

Yeah, I'd be going nuts, too!

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Hi all,

I just found this thread. Was off line for almost a full week. Talk about withdrawals......

My plants took a big beating. My Frosty Pink Brug had just bloomed the first time in 3 months. Well the winds of Wilma stripped her bare. EE's leaves have been beaten down and shredded and the butterfly garden seemed a bit sparser after the winds, but I can't quite pinpoint why. All my gingers are bent over and tattered. 4:00's and sweet tater vines the same way.

The storm sent my cardinal climbers into an early grave, but they have been very generous is ripening seeds before their demise. We have been out gathering the seeds on as many plants as possible.

Many of you already know I will be moving up to the Gainesville area so I decided to start potting up all I can and ready them for their trek north.

Amazingly, the big mango tree in my yard split many old fat branches (trunk size) and the winds took them over to my neighbors yard. The debris in my own yard was minimal this time.

Not sure when regular power will be restored. The people across the street got theirs back on at 3am (their yard lights shining in my front window woke me up). Since I am in a grid with many downed power lines, we will be at the end of the list for restoration. But with the generator and cooler temps, I can't complain too much.

Although the property damage is minimal in my immediate area, not having electricity really makes you feel isolated. We had to drive to pick up points to get ice and bottled water every day. Ice melts pretty fast down here. Friday we hit 2 pick up points for ice, came home with 7 bags and shared some with my neighbor who is now hooked into my generator for fridge power.

So anyway, things look better daily.


Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

I can't read the thread- the elec is still off and on but Wow!!!', great to hear from the S. Floridians. I can't wait to read this thread!!!! This is home!!!!

Lots of damage here but still working towards the RU!

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