The most fun I have ever had with a garden tool.

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

Beyond cool. I highly reccomend this to all.

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

Renwings, I received one of these for XMAS. They really are wonderful since they can be used for many different things. I have been frying fire ants. Makes them a little unhappy. Definitely a super little gadget.

So. Puget Sound, WA(Zone 8b)

I got one for Christmas too, but without the cart! So now, find a cart. renwings, what happens when you zap a weed growing in mulch? I'm sure it's not too big a problem now with all the rain we've had, but I don't want to set the yard on fire either! I have several areas though with bare dirt beneath that this would be a real benefit to me. Getting a little rickety for stoop weeding these days. LOL

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

Since you're living in WA too, I wouldn't worry too much about the mulch unless it hasn't rained all week. The direction say not to crispify it. You're actually supposed to just burn it till the leaves look wet. It will then dry up and die on its own, so you don't run the risk of things nearby catching fire. When it is quite dry out though, me and my hubby take turns holding the hose in reserve. My favorite place to use this tool is the gravel areas at my house.

So. Puget Sound, WA(Zone 8b)

Oh yes, the gravel area. When I moved here the large gravel area along the street was beautiful! Then, the weeds showed up. I won't use pesticide there, too many dog walkers, (wonder if it burns up poop?) so I had to mow it. Needless to say, didn't look so good last year. This will be perfect!

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

renwings, read your info on the Weed Dragon Propane torch, and think it would be a great idea. Only here where i live is such a dry area during gardening time that I would surely have to be careful where I used itl

Right now sure isn't dry. We have had some rain almost every day or night so far thsi year. Right now quite windy and rainy. Haven't even gone out to feed my birds. DonnaS

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Ohhh I want one...Looks like a fun and very useful tool.heehee

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

I love how it sounds like a jet engine. It really satisfies the pyro in me!

Citra, FL(Zone 9a)

Hey, hey - mine came and I used it yesterday. The cart is not easy to use with the flimsy strap provided, but with my own bungies I'll get the tank to stay on. Any suggestions on how to get the hose to unkink?

I got the kit with the squeeze trigger, but the valve doesn't shut off. Gas comes out as soon as I turn on the propane tank. I need to email them.

But, it's been raining again, so I tried it out on bad grass in the gravel (bad=grass with seeds that hurt my dogs or get into my socks). Flaming a couple of thistle and blackberries sure was a kick!

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

I would send it back for a new one, the hose shouldn't be kinked and the valve should shut off tightly (for safety sake!).

I'm glad your having fun too!

Tallahassee, FL(Zone 8b)

Wow I think this is one tool I can get my fiance excited about, I just sent him the link and I'm sure he has added it to his christmas list if he hasn't bought it already!

How does it work on sawbriars? that is my big problem and do things like that w/ runners come back? (inc. posion ivy) I hate spraying posion everywhere and this looks like the perfect alternative.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I wouldn't burn stuff like poison ivy--the itchy oils are volatile and if you breathe it in or get it in your eyes, it'll be so much more horrible than just the rash on your skin. I'm not sure if flaming it with one of these would cause less of a problem than burning it in a brush pile, but I don't know if I'd take chances!

Greensboro, AL

A word of caution folks: I have used a propane torch for years to clean up weeds--and there are a lot of them on 2.5 acres that has not been cared for since the 1950s. I have had two incidents. On one occasion I was flaming ivy which had climbed a 150 yr old osage orange tree. The whole tree suddenly flared. Fortunately, the fire went out when I backed off. The second incident was more serious. I apparently had a defective tank from Walmart. The propane was apparently leaking and suddenly my whole arm was in flames and the torch was throwing spirts of flame in 30 ft bursts. I finally threw the torch down. I was seriously burned but I have since recovered. But I nearly burned down my 100 year old house. Someone said if the propane tank had a "regulator" this would not have happened. I don't know if the "red dragon" is engineered to deal with the possibility of a defective tank. But please check when you turn on the gas. If it is not functioning properly--don't use it. And make sure you tell somebody about it.

Citra, FL(Zone 9a)

Always have to be careful with propane. And with fire. Good reminders, gloria!

Vancouver, WA

Sounds like a great tool. Any opinions on whether to buy the one with the trigger or not? I noticed that one person had trouble with it leaking. So you have to relight every time you sqeeze the trigger. ?? if yes, seems light a lot of relighting. any thoughts?? thanks

Citra, FL(Zone 9a)

You don't have to relight with the trigger, and I would recommend the trigger, just for ease of handling, but it depends on how much you're going to burn and how long you'll have it on at one time. I got the trigger so I can spot burn and not waste fuel in between "executions"

Whenever you hook propane up, you need to do the soap bubble test at the connections to make sure there are no leaks. There is a special tape made just for that, as well.

I wouldn't buy the caddy again. I find it to be cumbersome - my regular dolly would do just as well or better, in my opinion.

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

I don't need the trigger because I burn huge swaths of area at a time. The driveway, the woodpile . . .
It is easier to buy the dragon its own propane tank. I was switching out the BBQ's tank for a while and it was a pain. Plus I never had any fuel when I wanted to BBQ!

Citra, FL(Zone 9a)

Yep, I had a smaller tank for the flamethrower. Good thing, cause in the middle of doing a roast on the BBQ, I ran out of propane. lol

I will have huge swaths this year, but I'm hoping to get to the point of not....
Do you use the cart they sell?

I'm not ready for the rain of winter (though we need rain, big time. The smoke around from fires has been going on for months - and no, it wasn't I'm looking forward to sizzling some weeds!

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks to sjms, I was able to find this thread.
I've been asking about it on another forum.

Honestly, I'm not yet too old to stoop, but I
may as well get prepared. I spend a lot of time
on my hands and knees digging up weeds and
was looking for alternatives to moving rocks,
pulling weeds and putting the rocks back.

I'm not so concerned with the garden weeds as
I am the nasty grass that grows between my daylilies
and on the rocks out front. Basically, there are landscape
timbers on the ground with daylilies in rows, separated
by, quite frankly, a foot or more of empty space. This
space is quickly filled with grass and weeds, and I can't
possibly hand dig the entire mass of timbers.

The rocks are another thing. Over the years I've dug up
TONS of rocks, each time tossing them next to the chain
link fence. To help make the distance along the fence a little
more attractive, I've planted Iris all along the front, which will
look fabulous when it fills in, but the grass on the rocks, ugh!
I'm not sure what kind of grass it is, but the roots look like bamboo
and it has a pink tinge to it. Johnson grass? It's big, and the roots
are tough and deep underground. Nasty crap!

This tool indeed looks like a good one. Certainly I'll take
precautions and be careful. After an incident with a weed
eater years ago, I'm a pansy, so I have all the protection one
could need. Before I even light the burn pile, I have a hose handy.
Old Smokie's quote still rings true. Always be prepared. Always be safe.

:-) Karen Marie

Greensboro, AL

Wuvie: When my propane tank exploded, I finally put the fire out with baking soda. Wouldn't hurt to keep a box in your tool box when you are working away from water. Not sure if water will work on a propane fire. Also when something like this starts shooting 30 ft bursts of flame, one tends to get a little disoriented. Be prepared.

West Central, WI(Zone 4a)

I think that I need one of these. I would just bet you that it would also work well for getting ice off of the sidewalk and driveway. Has anyone tried it for that purpose?

Iowa City, IA(Zone 5a)

Would this be appropriate for me to use? My yard borders a gravel alleyway, I have a perennial bed along that property line. Because people don't drive immediately next to that bed, there is about a 12" area on the verge of the alleyway that gets very weedy. Or would I be better off just spraying with vinegar?

Palmer, AK(Zone 2a)

I have one of these. It works beautifully. Weeds just shrivel up and disappear.

A word of warning, though--I caught my house on fire using mine...

I was burning weeds in the walkway beside the house. Unbeknownst to me, a spark flew up into some nicely split and dried firewood which I was storing under the over-hang of the house. It smoldered there for about six hours before catching fire at 11 o'clock at night. Luckily, I happened to go downstairs to let the dogs out and saw the flames. (And yes, I HAD smelled smoke, but I thought it was my neighbor, Smokey-the-Bear, burning brush).

The moral of this story is, the weed burner works great. Just be careful! :)

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Resurrecting the thread!
I got a Benzomatic flame weeder years ago, it is much smaller than the WeedDragon. You just screw on a little propane tank-the kind you would use for a lantern while camping, about 6 or 8 inches tall. the handle is shaped like a cane. Then away you go! Weeding while standing up! Drink a beer while weeding! It is extremely light. I love weeding with it, but you do have to be careful. (I live in rainy Washington but did manage to set a planter on fire). It seems safest when it has been raining. I don't think I would use it in arid places. After I had such success with my little Benzomatic, I got a WeedDragon for my sister and her husband, who have 5 acres with gravel paths. It is much more powerful, much more like a flamethrower! We got the wheely thing to tow the big propane tank along behind. My comparison evaluation:GET THE BENZOMATIC (and a handheld flint sparker). It is so easy and light YOU WILL USE IT. The Weed Dragon is good for the pro with a display garden with gravel paths in the rain, who does not want to use poisons, and has a huge shed to store all the toys. It is heavy and cumbersome and the flame shoots out a long way,explosion and fire risk much bigger, so it is not so good for the home gardener.

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