Asparagus Beans (Yard Long)

Burlington, MA(Zone 6a)

Has anyone grown these. I wondered if there is any special care in growing them and what do they taste like. I'm adding an oriental vegetable garden into my plans next spring. {Dow Gauk} Asparagus Beans (Yard Long).

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

I have only grown the traditional "Yard Long". It is actually a form of southern pea,(Vigna sesquipedalis) very easy to grow. Flavor is different from snap (green) beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) but are particularly good in stir fries.

Southern Peas
Southern peas are not actually beans or peas, but are used in the same ways. There are three commonly grown types - blackeye pea, cream pea, and crowder pea. They are available in both pole and bush forms. Southern peas may be harvested in the green shell or in the dried "pea" stage.
The yard-long or asparagus bean is related to blackeyed peas and has similar flavor, but the entire pod may be eaten. On trellised vines, pods may be produced which are 1-1/2 to 2 feet long ("yard-long" is stretching it a bit). Asparagus beans need warm temperatures and a long growing season to do well. Look for the seeds in novelty, gourmet, Oriental, or children's sections of seed catalogs.

Burlington, MA(Zone 6a)

Thank you FD, They sound delicious. I bought just one packet to try. I wonder how they'll do next spring. Sounds like for my area I'll have to start them indoors in plugs. I got the variety called "Earth Gems". They'll need a trellis but I don't think they are pole type. The germination period is long about 15 -21 days. These mature in 67 days so I'm probably looking at a three or four month window from start to harvest depending upon growth rate and what mother nature throws our way next year.

We had a very long winter last year and things did't warm up enough to grow long seasoned crops. In fact most farms here last year had to replant there long season crops a second time as the first plantings never took. Even pole beans were late and not as productive as previous years. There saying we are going to get almost the same type of season for 2006.

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Franklin, NC(Zone 6b)

As far north as you are, you may want to try a variety called 'Liana'. It's day neutral and doesn't stop producing when the days get long in the middle of summer. I got mine from the Martha Stewart seed rack at Kmart.

Fruitport, MI(Zone 5a)

I planted "Earth Gems" variety by Ferry Morse this year. It was my first time with the asparagus beans. They produced very well. 67 days to harvest. I harvested beans into October. There is one thing I should let you know. Don't allow the beans to mature too much. They become fibery and loose their flavor. I let some go to seed so I have some for next year. I have lots extra to share. If you would be interested I can send you some.

Orange, CA(Zone 10b)

They're good when about 16 inches long.

Burlington, MA(Zone 6a)

Just an update on the earth gems, I now know chipmunks love the entire plant...third planting after sulphur bombing the chips burrows. Plants have now had a chance to grow and are about a foot tall.

Carmel, NY(Zone 6b)

I tried several varieties this year, but c'monks aren't the only things that like them!!! Sheesh - there isn't a bug in my 3/4 acre yard that hasn't munched out on those babies. Not to mention Hidey Ho - my small kitty with the VERY large butt who though their bed was a fab place for napping. I finally have some growing (on round 3!).

I look forward to sharing reports!

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