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Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Bashofia- Not sure of the spelling but get my drift. I need seedlings for my Everglades project- Please help!

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Carol, I'm not sure what that word means, but name it, whatever you need.


So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

When I was twelve I helped my father plant a bashofia tree on his property in Florida. Fifteen years later when the tree had to be taken down, I spent a week milling it into slabs with a chain saw. Now I use the wood from that tree to create wonderful instruments.

That's the only reference I could find... no botanical ref.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Carol, do you mean Bischofia Tree? That's a very invasive tree that's listed as a Cat 1 in the invasive list. It should not be planted in FL. They also are huge trees that easily come down during storms.
If it is not that, then pardon my butting in LOL


Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks, everyone!

Yes, I guess its Bischofia Tree.

And yes, I know it grows like crazy and that's why I want it. Alot of the trees out here (mostly cypress) blew away. We have no protection from the hunters for the wildlife. I had 4 of those trees years ago in Parkland, FL and loved that they can "get their feet wet" and still live. Also, the seeds are great bird food.

I thought it out and I think I can keep it under control just because we are 2/3 water (swamp). The seeds can't take hold- at least that's what happened in Parkland. Now I did get a few seedlings in a dry soil hedge area- I assume from the birds taking the seeds there. It isn't like Malaluca that spreads with runners or seeds and the seeds are "furry" so the wind takes them every where.

I know ya can't buy a Bischofia Tree at the store. I sure am concerned for the wildlife here. Right now, the bobcats are coming in and eating the smaller critters. I guess that's nature but the bobcats are breeding like crazy and food is easy to find for them- the water has driven all small critters to the small dry land areas and now with less trees, they don't have a chance. I now even have a boar that sleeps in the grass down my dirt road where we seldom go. My nephew told one of those hunter neighbors I have so it'll be a gonner too.

Happy Halloween BTW!

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Hi Carol, I don't presume to tell you what you should plant or not, but I have compiled a small list of alternatives. I'm very concerned about planting Bischofias that close to the Everglades. As you say the birds eat the seeds and then they spread it everywhere. Invasives have been displacing the native flora of the Everglades for almost a century and at the rate it's going many natives have been lost forever.
Here is a list of fast and moderate growing trees; Water Oak, Sweet Bay, Swamp Bay, Bald Cypress, Pond Cypress, Sugarberry, Sweetgum, Florida Elm, Red Maple, and Laurel Oak. All this can stand flooding. Some actually thrive under wet feet conditions. All these trees are natives that provide shelter, food and shade to our wildlife. They are all beautiful trees that can withstand the conditions you have in your property.
I urge to please reconsider and take a look a the many alternatives that are available. I'm including a link where you can find some extra information.

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks, Jnana! I would check with the ag. dept here just to make sure I was doing the right thing. I agree, a blunder makes me no better that the hunters if I were to plant a bad thing. Not that you said it like that but that is how I would feel.

I also startd checking on the web for FL invasive plants and trees but I love that you gave me a list of what I CAN plant!

I am IN the Everglades, smack dab in the middle so it is a big responsibility to do the right thing.

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

My neighbor has a huge water oak and it is the biggest pain there is.
I finally had to put a double wide driveway in all the way to the lot line due to the uncontrollable seedlings. They get so thick they can't even grow grass. They just mow them down and to walk on it, it's like walking on a bed of nails if you can imagine.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Hi Carol. I'm glad that you may reconsider. Your comments show that you really care about our fragile ecosystem. I commend you on that and I'm sure that you will choose the right trees.

Us master gardeners have been for years suggesting to people what are the alternatives. Here in Florida we have some beautiful native plants and trees that are suitable to our climate. These plants encourage the survival and success of our native wildlife. I'm not a purist for I have many plants that are not natives, but I avoid all those plants that can pose a threat to other species.

Water Oaks are not the only alternative. There are many more that can adapt to the wet conditions of Carol's property.

I have added a link to those invasive species that should be avoided. If you have interest in this subject the University of Florida has many good articles online.

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks! I need to get my fruit trees "fixed" after the and hopefully get them in the ground thru the winter.
I finally took the time to get Hurricane Wilma aftermath pics up.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Oh Carol, your pictures are impressive. How terrible it must be to come back to such destruction. The only good thing is that you are safe and so are your furry babies. It must be such a daunting task to have to rebuild everything from scratch. I wish you the very best.
I hope to get to meet you at the SFL RU on the 12th. I'm trying to make cuttings of the few surviving plants I have. If there is anything I can provide you please let me know.


Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Hey Val! That will be nice to get to meet you! I'm still not sure what to bring to the RU. I have alot of bamboo that lost their tags from the storm so I am not sure if I can't find them if they are clumping or running. I'll keep looking.

I haven't talked to Molly yet- if she's ready for her property plants yet.

I don't mind the cleanup- we did better than alot of people.

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