Amaryllis question

Centerville, UT(Zone 6a)

I sure hope there's someone out there experienced in forcing amaryllis. I got several amaryllis bulbs recently at HD for a very good price. I was hoping to have them in bloom in December. The package said they would take six to eight weeks to bloom so I potted them up last week. Yikes! Some are growing so fast, it seems like they'll be blooming before Thanksgiving!

Is it possible to slow the growing process by moving them to a cooler part of the house and, vice versa, is it possible to speed the growing process by moving them to a warmer part of the house?

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Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Jolene, I have'nt found a way to slow or speed them. It seems mine bloom when they're ready no matter what. I've even had them bloom unpotted. I'm curious if anyone has any tricks to share.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

The cooler the place the slower it goes....but it does grow on. Just go to HD and buy some more that are not that advanced in growth and thus enjoy some at Thanksgiving.

Wow. The way to prevent the ones that weren't sprouting when you bought them was not to water them until you wanted them to start growing, and to avoid buying bulbs that have started to sprout. Always open up the kit and look, because what also happens is that they are crooked when they sprout inside a box and the stems don't straighten out. It looks like you watered them all. Once started you can't stop them. The best bet it to buy more later, as suggested by others.

Centerville, UT(Zone 6a)

Thanks for much everyone for your insight. I'll know better next time.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I order a ton online every year. Sometimes a few will be sprouted, or I have left them out too long and they sprout. I quick put them into the refrigerator. In the veggie drawer. Stops them dead. Good luck!

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

Only problem might be that by keeping them too cold too long, the color of the flower may become a lot lighter and sometimes they do not open out completely.

Northwest, OH(Zone 5b)

How long does a papilio take once you've potted it up? I potted mine three weeks ago, and it's growing SO slowly! Is this one slower than some?

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

Is it a newly bought bulb from eBay or from a Garden Center? Is the sprout out of the bulb already? Where is the pot standing? Amaryllis require a warm temperature to make them grow fast. I've had them on a hot water radiator and it was growing 2 inches a day. If it stands in a draughty place, it will be really slow. Water with luke warm water will help.

Northwest, OH(Zone 5b)

I got it from Brent & Becky's. Yes, it's sprouted. The tallest shoot is 3". The other two are about 2". The pot is on a table by a window in a normal temp room (70). I'll try the lukewarm water thing.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

The room may be 70, but close to the window it may be up to 10 degrees cooler or is it on the South side?

Northwest, OH(Zone 5b)

No, it's on the north side. But it's sitting beside a 13" TV. LOL.

Grand Haven, MI(Zone 5a)

OK, I was going to ask how to get mine to grow faster because I need at least one with buds showing red by Black Friday. I think I'm going to try setting them in my little incubator.

It sounds like you already planted your bulb, but the future it seems to help to get things started to soak the roots (assuming the bulb arrives with viable roots) in water with a little Superthrive for a day before potting up.

Grand Haven, MI(Zone 5a)

Thank you! One had roots, the other didn't...the infamous Walmart cheapy bulbs. We'll see how they do.

Brunswick, GA(Zone 9a)

Don't worry about the bulbs with no roots. Some i buy have to have all the dead dry roots completely removed. I don't hesitate buying a big fat bulb with no roots. I've never lost any. I bought 63 "Vera" Amaryllis this year and more than half had no roots. Maybe it's the zone i live in but they always put down roots. My mother has had amaryllis since before i was born 53 yrs. ago. We moved when i was 7 and we dug the bulbs and brought them 29 miles to where she lives now. She is very generous to folks wanting some. I just thought i would drop in my 2 cents in. Happy growing to all of you and may you have a nice Christmas season.

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