"Life in the Glades" hurricane pics

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

I took these pics 2 days ago and plan to take more as we fix things better than new.

(Zone 9a)

Wow, cyber. It's good no one was hurt. I know what you mean about the dogs being clingy after that. Your property is still beautiful. All the years I've been in Florida, I've never been to the Everglades. I like the quote of rivers of grass--it is a good description of the landscape.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Carol, saw your photos earlier on a different thread. Sure have your work cut out, don't you?

As you know, I love the Everglades, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas sure wrote some great descriptions of it. Of course, with Alligator Alley interrupting the water flow, it's not the same.

Fountain, FL(Zone 8a)

What a mess!! What breed are the girls?...the pic of the 3 helping with laundry...one reminds me very much of our female Ridgeback.

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Fireant- things, no matter what a storm can do the beauty out here is magical. It can be harsh but with a huge reward. I don't know where Mascotte is but if ya ever want to visit, I'm here. I try to be a good host- like dogs?:-)

Ginger, the dogs are all pits. They party out here and are strong enough to enjoy the wood & grass lands.

Darius, don't take it wrong- I saved you for last because you have been my mentor (and my Teddy Boy's namesake ) since day 1 at DG. You were always there for me and plus you know the area.
AND you are amazing with your knowledge! I sure hope we can have a few girl days out here at the farm. I think, altho primitive (gotta warn you) it's great.

Alligatotr Alley isn't the only destructive factor here and I plan to describe it on this site and spread it to blogs. Thereb is alot of self-serving Naples events that are ruining us.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Carol, I DO plan to spend some time with you, Jan or Feb probably. Will I need to get sulphur for chiggers that time of the year? I have forgotten.

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I saw your pics both here and in your email. Taking off for my property tomorrow. Will be back sometime Friday I think.

So sorry about your hoop house. I know you and Mike worked really hard and long to get that up.

Still thinking about that pup dear.


Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

I didn't know about sulfur for chiggers, Darius! I recently had a bad case of hives and I attributed it to an allergic reaction to chiggers. Not that I know too much about them but once I took in a stray pup and got scabies and the same thing happened.

I haven't been to Chokoluskee yet- I hope it's still there but I would love to show you the area history. There is a trading post there, 'Ted Underwood's', that is amazing. It is beaming out the seams with history.

So Molly, have you thought of what you want to grow? Keep in mind I have avocado and mangoes growing that you can pick from. I don't know if you are too far north tho. Sea Almond maybe? Do you plan to ever have livestock? I even started growing sugarcane for future critters.

I had to spend, and I mean I had to spend 4 hours at a good neighbor's house today helping her with her computer. People out her are trying to learn to use the internet and there are no classes out here. They are trying to keep up with technology to market whatever but are way behind the times. Altho the internet gave them a glimpz? of the outside world, they want to try and create online businesses which is way out of their realm. I spend alot of time trying to teach them but call me a jerk, I really need to stay home and get my work done.I can't say no tho- it's too important to them. This is bad timing to be out and about. This is a revision- I thought "homophobic" meant fear of leaving your house. My dogs are sooooooo bad! I am not ditching the hubby- I love him dearly. Sorry about the wording.
Excuse my spelling. When I leave, I am petrified at what the dogs are doing to punish me for leaving them behind. If I had a "tourist" here- my dogs will break out the window to go after them and what hot item did I leave turned on?

Today, the dogs got into my home canned, very rich chicken soup. They know how to remove tops. Boy are they sick tonite. That is why I am up. Cleaning up after them-my bad babies.

Back to the hoop house- the shade house is too stuffed now with noni- I really need to replace the hoop house, altho this time with another shade house (I learned my lesson). The noni is my future hope for keeping my cancer at bay

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Kannapolis, NC(Zone 7b)

Bout time you started your own thread woman!!!! The pit bull one was taking forever to load!!


I'm sure magoobu will be over here shortly!!

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

If anybody tried to go to http://www.lifeinthe glades.com this morning, I had a power failure and wiped out my server. It's back now. Please excuse the hastiness of it's content. It's a start. I'm glad you guys care! Thank you!

Phoenix, MD(Zone 7a)

Yes I am here and keepong up on all the goings on!!!

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Darius , as usual has saved me! I can't find the thread so I will just add on here. I said I was becoming homophobic- I thought it meant "fear of leaving the house". I am always worried to death that something bad will happen to my pets or property if I am not here. I am not changing my husband for anything! I love him dearly.

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Cyberageous, what can I say? Your pictures are awesome and awe-inspiring. My congratulations to you for the energy you display in the face of such tremendous hardship. On top of that, you still find time to help your fellow neighbours with their computer when there is so much to do at your place. I applaud you.

When dealing with hurricanes, I guess there is a little agoraphobic in all of us.

I loved the pictures of the girls helping you fold laundry. One could hug them to bits.

You're a shining example for all of us. Keep up your spirits.


(Zone 9a)

Cyberageous, Mascotte is central Florida. Thanks for the invitation. I always wanted to go there when my daughter was young, and I hope one day we can get some time to see the region.

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Cool, Sylvain, it's 'agoraphobic' that I was looking for.

Thses poochies are great helpers. I can't do anything without at least one fat head in my way or a tongue in my eye.

Most of my neighbors are wonderful, of course the mean one is closest to me. He told me he shot a dog last week that was jumping at his rabbit cage. I asked him why he didn't tie it up and find the owner- he said that wasn't his responsibility. I was horrified. He said it was a beautiful red nosed pit with markings like my Effie. Someone will miss that dog. Shoot, he could have given him to me- I would have found his home. He could have even called the dog pound! But no, he had to kill it and I bet he thru him in the pond for the gators. Lovely- now the gators will know the smell and taste of dog.

Anyway, my neighbors will do anything for ya. I am very lucky. Even the mean one- I was arguing with him one day while I was cutting potatoes on the front porch and really cut myself good. I grabbed my hand and started crying. He gave me a hug and cleaned it up for me. Then stayed for dinner.

Hey, I got my new phonebook today, with ads and all, it's 48 pages! I love this small town!

Once we build a home here, we can fix this trailer up for company. So far, everyone that comes, camps out. It's nice when it gets cooler like this. We used to have a fire pit but the walls became so damaged we had to break it down. We need fire bricks. It's really nice it the evening to sit out by a camp fire and chew the fat. We used it every day. That and we have alot of dead or scrap wood to get rid of so it was pretty but useful. We sure have alot of scrap wood now, huh?!

(Zone 9a)

It's sad that someone would shoot a dog, especially if he was lost as a result of the hurricane. In Sumter County people are more likely to steal a dog like the one your neighbor shot because he would probably make a good hunting dog. (I have a hard time coaxing some my students to write essays, but they will write passionately about their dogs and horses when I recommend their animals as topics.) I guess your neighbor does have some heart to have helped you when you were injured and upset.

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

My neighbor doesn't have a heart that I know of. He's a grouchy old coot.

(Zone 9a)


Lakeland, FL

you hang in there girl. xoxoxoxo,Smack from Lucy to. She is doing so good with her training-- so smart. She is heeling and sitting on command. Yup I know about the eyeball wash and the nightly ritual here is; She has to flea me and dad and then give Spike a bath, then we go nite note. xoxoxo us

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

That is too cute!!!

I broke down and got Darius a collar yesterday. I don't like collars on the dogs because they run thru the woods but he was askin' for it. First of all, he never told me what he changed his name to-- I call him and only get a blank stare. "Here chick chick" and "Food" work the best.

Yesterday I was running late to get to the market. I called the dogs in so I could leave. That big ol' stinker sat down and would not come in. I had to do the 'dead man carry'- where you reach across their back and put your arms around their chest and drag. What a brat. That was the last straw so that's why he now has a collar. I hope togive him a few days to get used to it then it's leash time.

I see Lucy shed her harness. Is that for training? Her new collar looks like jewelry! Very posh!

Today, I worked on a ramp to make the platform (pits love to climb) in the doggie playground accessible to Sierra- the granny dog with arthritus. My neighbors think I have lost my mind but who cares! At least the dogs will be safe in there and have lots to do. Especially during home construction with trucks and heavy equipment coming in and out.
Next I am building an A-frame swing for them to hang on. Pits love that. I guess it's embedded in their brain but they jump up and grab the tire or whatever then swing their butts to get going in a huge circle. It's a blast to watch.

I plan to start going to Fort Lauderdale on weekends to start packing up the house and I hate trusting the hubby out here with the dogs. He doesn't pay attention.
The pen will be nice and it's huge- 50' X 50'.

OK, here's the jaw dropper that I have kept to myself out of embarrassment: Ruby, Lucy's mom, is having pups around Nov 16. It's the same combo- the dog up front. I asked Mike to keep her in Fort Lauderdale when she was in standing heat but noooooo he had to bring her here. I kept a diaper on her, and tied a rope to her collar then to my leg while I worked during the day.
BUT this place is decrepid- if you hit the door hard enough it will open. About 3am, there was scratching at the door. I got up to look and it was Ruby! At first we called the vet to get her instantly spayed but she said it was really a huge deal so here I go again. This is it- I don't care how mad Mike gets- he'll get over it- I'm spaying her. The planned breeding has been pushed so far ahead it isn't worth it any more. Ruby's health is my first concern. The father is Lucy's father again, BTW. I'm so upset. I told my nice neighbor and she said "Well Carol, time to put the gas pipe to your mouth".

I can't blame it all on Mike- I should have stood up to him before. It's his "girlfriend" as her calls her, and I believe it's the pain of the spaying he doesn't want her to deal with. OOOOKKKK.....I'l l get the vet to give me pain pills for her and keep her in La-La land for a few days. He also refuses to use anyone other than our Ft Laud vet for ANYTHING for her. That will be such an imposition for me to go there but I can't trust him to do it.

Just shoot me!

Phoenix, MD(Zone 7a)

Cyber you always manage to get the pups homes! Not to say she should not be spayed but just saying I know you have the best interest when the pups - mom - and so on are concerned!
be safe that is the main concern right now and worry about pups when they get there.
You are used to them and will do very well

Lakeland, FL

Aw Lucy's gonna be an Aunt. xoxoxo me

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Yes, First the dogs (puppies) are [this time sold] to police officiers and dog trainers as a personal pet. Then, thru the vet's office. Usually if I can, I call their (prospective parents) vet and ask about past care of animals.

Out here tho, as I have said, these men treat their dogs better than their wives.

It doesn't make a difference tho- there are too many hurricane displaced pets out there right now that could use my time and energy to find them homes. I am embarrassed to be in this situation. My husband is only here on weekends so he has no idea the work involved at raising a healthy and well socialized litter. AND I might be replacing lost dogs they maybe the owner would have kept looking for.

My guys are a handful as it is. Effie knows how to take lids of mason jars and when I got back from the neighbors the other day, each dog was in the bunk bed with it's own jar of homemade chicken soup, lapping away. It was from a free range fat chicken so it was thick enough to eat like ice cream. These monsters. Then of course they had diarreah all night. Ewwwwwwwww!

Phoenix, MD(Zone 7a)

Oh yuck!!!!
Well I guees they had it coming to them for getting into the jars-- but ewwww you had to deal with it too.
Poor thing!!!

Lakeland, FL

Well, Lucy is a girly girl-- But Stubborn streak. Could that be from being spoiled? So far she just prefers eating the tv remote that is so red neck looking now becasuse it is held together with red duct tape. She got my c/phone last nite and I bopped her on the head w/ it then aplogies all over the place from the dog. Me

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

Yep, Lucy's sister, Effie ate my cell phone. Today it was my underwear.

Phoenix, MD(Zone 7a)


Kannapolis, NC(Zone 7b)

You always have the best stories!! I am glad to hear you sounding so upbeat. Sounds as if things are progressing down thar in them glades!!

I 'rescued' a dog yesterday. It wasn't a REAL rescue because he came up to me in my own yard and had a phone# on his collar. All I had to do was make a phone call! Those are the best types of rescues!

It was a black lab or lab mix named Dawson and boy was he sweet!! When his owner got there he showed me all his tricks. Smart dog! Smart enough to escape too!

Keep us up to date as you can!! I feel like I'm down there with you when I am reading your stories..

Everglades, FL(Zone 10a)

It's still early and I am exhausted! My hubby cut away the rubble so I can do laundry and we put our chicken run back outside so I had to make shady areas in it so they will be comfy until we build the big pen and coup. Out here with the bobcats and snakes, wire is very expensive. You have to use a very heavy gauge small holed wire to protect your chickens. A hot wire helps but doesn't keep out the coons (intelligent) or snakes. Anyway, we can't afford to build the yard yet- too many things came up with the storm that can't wait. See pics at http://www.lifeintheglades.com

Today I had a brainstorm! I had to put all my baby chicks in the rabbit cages for safety. We are having, (actually everyone around here except me) a bad bobcat problem that is eating all the chickens. I have too many dogs for them to mess around here. I still am afraid to "free range" tho. The chickies are growing too fast! My brainstrom is to build a chicken tractor. I can do it myself- don't need the hubby for this project. Well, kinda- I'm stealing his wood. I have a roll of chicken wire so I am good to go. Not strong enoung to keep out the varmits but good enough to let the chickies out and about. With the dogs guarding of course!

Another thing is they like to eat my ferns- they are definitely staying in cages.
We are in a clearing right now also so they don't even have natural roost areas.

Had to edit this for way too many type-o's!

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