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curly branches

Georgetown, TX(Zone 8b)

Help! Can anyone help identify a bush/shrub that has curly branches. It is not a curly willow, nor is it a "Twist Baby" Locust. The foliage is medium green, slightly velvety on the upper surface & smooth on the bottom. Leaves are 3" long X 2" wide (reminding me a little of a grape leaf). Small catkin type blooms - each catkin only 1" or less long, with 4 grouped together. It is growing in Georgetown, TX in a shady backyard. Ample moisture is available.

Any suggestions until I can post an image?

Illinois, IL(Zone 5b)

Google Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

Guy S.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

My first thought as well. I have a plant that's about 12 years old in my front garden and a 7 year old at my business. One thing I will advise: This plant is available grafted and on its own roots. The plant that is on own roots is well worth searching for. I've yet to look at a grafted plant whose tendency isn't to sucker profusely from the rootstock. They are most interesting in winter when defoliated.


Andrews, NC(Zone 6a)


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