Best Place To Buy Sod?

Tampa, FL(Zone 9a)

Sorry this is a little off-topic but looking for some opinions specifically from other Floridians on the best place to buy St Augustine sod in south FL.
Do places like Home Depot and Lowes only sell it by the pallet / special order? I know they always have plugs but I don't recall ever seeing sod.
Any recommended sod retailers near Tampa otherwise?
I see you can even order sod online these days, any benefit to that?
I don't need much, at most 100 sq ft to patch up a dead zone.
Thanks all.

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Rick, for a 100 sq ft that would only be about 10 pieces or so and you can pick them up and carry that many in the trunk of your car. I'm not familiar with the Tampa area, but I'm sure there would be an independent nursery within a mile or so of your house.


Casselberry, FL(Zone 9b)

You may also try Garden Watchdog. I use it to find local nurseries. Just pop in your zip code and see what pops up!
Good luck!

Tampa, FL(Zone 9a)

Thanks all, I think I will indeed look up a local sod nursery. I was mostly wondering if getting sod from the big local shops like Home Depot and Lowes was any sort of deal and what kind of quality to expect but going with a nursery seems the best way to go.

Spring Hill, FL(Zone 9a)

The Home Depot will sell you one piece or multiple pallets. I once saw an elderly lady put about a dozen pieces in the back seat of her Caddy at the Spring Hill Home Depot. I always wondered what was in the trunk that made that car sag so much.

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