20 Homemade clay recipies

Tellico Plains, TN(Zone 7b)

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Think about using clay to make a silicone mold from for small cement items ;-)

A little Winter diversion that's a little off topic but fun to do on the kitchen table with your kids while hunkered down for the winter.



1 part salt
2 parts flour
1 part water

NOTE: For a smooth clay use white flour and table salt. If you want a rougher texture as for; rocks, then use whole grain flour and kosher salt.


Mix and knead all the ingredients for about 2 minutes.
Shape the clay into desired shape.
Place formed clay on a foil-covered cookie sheet. (Prick larger areas with a tooth pick where it won't show.)
Bake at 275 Farenheit (or 140 Celcius) for about 1 hour or until golden and hard.
Cool and paint.
Preserve by spraying with clear varnish or acrylic sealer.

NOTE: You must seal item's made from flour based clays, or they will attract bugs and rodents.

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