Looking for a couple February Trades

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Or march,

I am looking for the following brugmansia cuttings or rooted already. the list below that is what I can trade for them, and My list for wanted brugmansias, is always growing, so if you have something special and mine aren't special I will be glad to trade several of mine to one of your special ones.

american pride
Sam Alas mine have bit the dust, I might have a pending spring trade on these two doubles, but would welcome any offers of them just in case
Canary bird
Delta Dawn

Most are rooted or will be in the spring, the ones that have a C by them are ones I have to take cuttings of and root .

This is my list of plants I can trade for the above brugs

Frosty pink
white suave
insignus coral
jean pasco
sauveolens pink
mrs. chambers
cupid's blush
audrey O
shredded white
amber rose
tequila sunrise
herrenhauser garten
temple goddess
dr. d
peaches and cream
cotton candy
versi peach
equador pink
little moon
miss anna
first day
Grandchild 1 or 2 rooted cuttings
rosabelle 2
chrissy 1 received several in a trade , all rooted, so I'd like to trade one off.
mountain treasure
Halo peach, same here, several of these brugs are from trades that I received a couple cuttings off and all rooted.
madeira 1 left over from a trade, had both root, so I'm trading off one
milk & honey
golden lady
uconn treasure
sunray 1 left over from a trade, both rooted, so I'm trading off one
creamsickle C
Forevermorr C I can root for you same with all the other C 's
audrey Hepburn C
strawberry cream
island girl
ember glow
tequila sunrise
golden lady
cotton candy
coral glow
giant white Elegance
southern belle
valley misty pink
cupid's blush
equador pink
Sorry if someof these are on here twice.

wine red, 1 or 2
plum 1
royal blue
sky king

Begonias: rooted cuttings
white chandelier
persian brocade

Bleeding heart vine rooted cuttings
mexican flame vine rooted cuttings
thunbergia battiscombii rooted cuttings
Foti in the spring
Gota kola spring time
Rooted Hoya Obovata
princess flower
string of hearts
string of bananas
string of pearls all the string of plants are rooted complete plants
scarlet blood flower left over seedlings that will probably bloom this next spring, their in the greenhouse this winter. Milkweed plants
and mini burros tail


Juicy fruit
spanish lavender
lilac rose
candy dancer
scarlet unique
french vanilla
variegated nutmeg
robers lemon rose
frensham lemon
sweet miriam
pretty polly
old spice
coconut (trailing)

Long list of mint varieties, ask for a list.

There are other things out there as well , that i've stored over in the greenhouse that I could seperate
LA iris's , diff named varieties,
blue/white walking iris's lg pots
variegated pink shell ginger
hidden ginger
bulb from blood lily, this is the huge 9 in ball flower, very special, will trade for a special brugmansia.
rooted cuttings variegated hydrangia
cranberry plant
dragon fruit epi,
living stones succulents unnamed varieties
platinum fancy leaf geranium 6 or 7 rooted cuttings in one pot
Vancouver centenial Fancy Leaf Geranium same here.

These are just a list I of things I have easy access to in the greenhouse or will be up early in the spring, I have lots of other things in the ground outside as well.
Let me know if your interested, send me a private message.


Edited to add more plants

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Tellico Plains, TN(Zone 7b)

I have Rhapsody, Peanut and L'Amour but will not have more cuttings until they start growing again next Spring.

So keep me in mind if you don't get any of these.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

we'll do, I might have a pending trade for rhapsody, still waiting on them to get back to me.



Long Beach, CA

Are you still trading or selling? You list is just overwhelming!!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

LOL no, I couldn't figure out when I posted this, 2005 my greenhouse burnt down soemtime after this post and I don't have most of these brugs any more. i do have some others but the list is no where near this any more.

Long Beach, CA

I think I would have just broken down into tears if my plant burnt down!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Well, nobody says I didn't. but I moved on. it wasn't family, that's what's important. I did loose thousands of dollars , no insurance on that thing. but it was becoming overwhelming at the time too. God must have had other plans for me. I'm ok, and I 'm pretty sure i'm going to finally get another greenhouse next spring, since I took over the hub's mancave this winter with all my plants and we now have mold on the walls ha . he will have to build me another greenhouse. :)

Long Beach, CA

Good for you. I have no family so my plant and cats are family to me. Tell you what. I do not have many brugs BUT when your new greenhouse is built I will be happy to send you a few cuttings to start your plant family over if you are willing to pay the postage! I have a few named and a few NOIDS. Just keep me in mind in the spring when you are ready to start root'n. God may have had another plan for you but goddess says Root me!!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I do appreciate your offer, but I really don't need anything else. I have a huge (plant room) that is FULL of tropicals. thanks though, that's mighty kind of you. I need to curb my appetite for tropicals lol

Long Beach, CA

I do understand. I am a bit of a plant slut myself!!

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