Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear, Chinese Taro (Alocasia cucullata)

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear, Chinese Taro
Alocasia cucullata

cucullata ( infloureccence )

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Orlando, FL

Good Evening-

I have been growing indoor plants in my apartment for about a year. My elephant ear is growing well since last Mothers Day '07. I have re-potted my Alocasia twice once because, the new leaves have grown as big as 14 inches which was much longer than those arrow heads on the plant when purchased. Then with a total of 14 arrow heads I thought it would eventually tip the pot over so I replanted it in September. About 3 weeks ago because I noticed spider mites -- after treatment I decided re-plant it once again.

In the last two weeks I have noticed the plant has been sprouting 3 thick green stems with a ball and a white flower [as pictured] that last about 1 week. I am not sure what it is, how to take care of it, or if I should remove them when they wilt.

Pictured is the newest bud. I have two other on the plant that are not wilted or dead. What should I do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Don't worry, those are the bloms, don't remove them as they are part of
the plant's life.

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