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brug identification

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

ive spent hours lately looking at pics of brugs and making my wish lists.
ive noticed that quite a few of them have the same look but different names, i.e. versicolor pink, frosty pink, isabella, etc. i know my eyes are bad, but they sure look like the same plant.
also, what about serrated leaves? i have a yellow that has heavily serrated leaves. what category does this fall under?
thanks for the help


Frosty pink is a light pink suaveolens type flower, Isabella is a dark pink suaveolens type flower with a white eye-Isabella fades to almost red and is extremely florific. Isabella also flares at the bottom much more so than the Frosty pink. Not to mention Isabella has darker green and much narrow leaves than the Frosty pink. Versicolor pink, well thats like giving a species name and the color without a name really. But the Versicolors are long and cylindrical while the suaveolens are more of a v shape turned upside down.
Msjen, also, many of the cultivars being sold at one nursery under one name may be the same as those being sold at another nursery under a different name. Time of day or night when the picture was taken, feedings of the plants, etc all play a part in how the pictures look as Brugmansia flowers on a single hybrid can be extremely variable depending on weather, time of day, etc. This means that I personally have purchased many of the same hybrids over and over from different nurseries selling them as no name plants or under the wrong name. Best to find a nursery that deals with Brugmansia extensively when starting a collection of Brugmansia. Besides that, there are a few hybrids that are almost identical to other hybrids and only vary in minute ways such as growth habit, fragrance, etc. Isabella is one of my favorite suaveolens type Brugmansia by the way. Personally, I don't think a hybrid should be released for sale unless it is trully different and not just varying on one or two small points.
I will tell you that if you want a true aurea looking flower though it is best not to go after the pink ones as the pink ones have so much versicolor in them they look more like pink versicolors to me with an aurea calyx added to them. That is something I intend to hybridize with a bit more, trying to come up with some trully aurea looking pinks that are extremely floriferous and intensely fragrant.

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Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

MsJen, i share your pain. my first two were traded to me as versicolors, and with Brugmansia's help i have figured that one is frosty pink (i like this one a lot, roots easy, grows fast, flowers quite a bit). the other according to guru Brugmansia is either dr seuss or solid gold, and he told me you would have to have the plants side by side, flowering at different times to tell. one site said the solid gold is like dr seuss but not so large.
and the pics at every site differ! i have looked at pics and read descriptions for hours, and then asked Brugmansia!
the third brugs i received in trade were 2 charles grimaldi seedlings which turned out to be white, flowers very like frosty pink, and after a couple of days they turn milk chocolate colored around the edges!!!!! bet there aren't too many of those around!
if i haven't mixed up the labels i know what most of the rest i have are!

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