test thread for sticky, never mind me

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

Does anyone have an idea for the sticky thread title?

I'm thinking something like

African Violet Care and Other Related Links

any body want to help with the title?

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

African violets are Fun to Grow and Share

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

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Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

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Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

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Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

Okeedokee, looks like we had a little Dave's Technical Difficulty there.. LOL.

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Oh my and my computer froze up .... sorry how th hek did this happen ?

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

mine did the same. looks like maybe there were server issues. I couldnt get to the site at all.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

one thing i figured out is that once posted, i can't edit the title, only the content. (not the photo either)
anyone want to submit a photo to me to show up in the forum titles? (needs to be your own photo due to copyright issues)

DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)

I think the sticky title should say Gesneriads, not just AVs - maybe "African Violet and Gesneriad Care and Related Links"

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

That sounds good, I'll see if it will fit. I think there is a limit on the # of letters. Should be ok though.
C'mon Key, don't you have a sweet photo for us too!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I'm sorry I haven't chipped in yet with favorite links etc... I'll get to it soon! I do really like the culture pages and step by step lessons at Rob's Violet Barn.

Maybe we could put together a FAQ list, with short answers and/or links to related threads... if there hasn't been a good thread on a FAQ topic, we could just start one and link the sticky to it. I'm assuming I can go ahead and start a FAQ posting here, edit it and add to it when I have a little time, and then if we like it we can copy it to the official sticky thread...

Rob's Violet Barn has a good FAQ topic page, with lots of informative links, http://www.robsviolet.com/faq.htm


Q: Why do my AVs look wilted?
A: Underwatering or overwatering. AVs are a little tricky in that, when they're parched, they droop (like most plants). And when they're overwatered, they also droop! In exactly the same way! So it's important to check the soil of a drooping plant before deciding it needs a good watering. AVs like warm water, and they hate to have any water on their leaves, so watering from the bottom is often recommended.
links to thread about wick watering: http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/541027/
link to thread about self watering pots: http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/468389/
link to thread about top watering: http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/562551/

Q: Should I clean the leaves of my AVs?
A: Yes! Dirt on the leaves can block light and encourage mites. You can use a very soft brush to remove dirt & debris from the leaves. AVs also appreciate being rinsed with a gentle shower of warm water from time, but be certain to thoroughly dry the leaves afterwards, especially the crown. Water droplets on the leaves can produce lighter discolored spots, especially if there is a draft, and water on the crown can lead to crown rot.

Q: What's the best way to pack plants and leaves for shipping?
A: Allison wrote a good summary recently on another thread... perhaps this topic should have its own thread.

Q: Why aren't my AVs blooming?
A: Light, fertilizer, and repotting can all encourage blooming. links to threads:
"Bloom, Darn ya!" http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/561267/
Allison's favorite fertilizer: http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/563147/

Q: What's a chimera?
A: link to thread

Q: What's this about trailing African Violets??
A: Many of us first "met" trailing AVs on this forum and became fascinated with them. They are no harder to grown than standard AVs, but there are some useful tips about training and shaping them.
"Advice on trailers from The Violet Gallery" http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/554832/

Q: How can I identify my noid (= no ID) AV?
A: You can't. It is not possible to make a firm identification from photographs or descriptions. There are over 2000 registered varieties, the colors in photos can be inaccurate, and descriptions of colors (especially "blue" or "red") are pretty subjective. Many "supermarket" AVs are grown from seed rather than propagated vegetatively, so they won't have a name. While it can be fun to try to see which variety your AV "looks like," it's a good idea to use terms such as "lookalike" or "noid" on your plant labels when you didn't purchase a plant with a name tag.

Q: Can I really grow a new African violet from a leaf?
A: Yes! It's fun, and it's easy! Rob has a step by step lesson with photos here, http://www.robsviolet.com/violets_by_leaf.htm

Q: What are all these different types of AV foliage and blooms?

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Here's one of my favorite AV photos, of my "Big Blue" noid -- the biggest, toughest, bloomingest AV I've ever grown!

Thumbnail by critterologist
Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

And here's another of my favorite photos... This AV probably had a name, since my MIL bought the original plant at The Violet Carousel in Winston-Salem, NC... but the tag in the pot "didn't look nice," so she threw it out, LOL

Thumbnail by critterologist
Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

I like the second picture best. Their both beautiful !
How about having a little History in Sticky

DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)

I love the blue av photo!

most of my pics are of seedlings in various stages of growth or abnormality, but you're welcome to use anything from here. Let me know if you can't download a decent size version - I think they may be retricted by my flickr settings. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ki/sets/99057/

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

I'll be out of my playhouse ...er...uh.. office today, but when I get back, I'll put it all together and upload the sticky. Waiting to hear from Terry so I'll likely have an email when I get home.

Going to take all the photos and randomly draw one and use it. I can't decide because I like them all.
Title will by from Keyring because even though this is titled the AV forum, we really discuss gessies in general with an emphasis on AV's. So no fair to leave their kin out and AV's have a lot of kin! (list below) My personal fav kin is Petrocosmea! Drool!

Critter, I'm thinking what I'll do is in the first post, I'll put the links, second post the FAQ, even though there is a link for FAQ. I'll copy directly your post above.

I'm not at all trying to 'bogart' this sticky, just want to make sure we get one, and we will - so says admin. So everyone, on that note PLEASE submit ALL links and FAQ (not already mentioned above) to me today so I can finish up.

I'm Dmailing you each indiv. with my personal email so you can send me the photos. Keyring, couldnt copy from fliker I think there is some kind of restriction, so if you could email me the photo of the AV Neptune's Jewel (single blue shot) OR any other AV you like. I see you have begonias too! We're gonna have to have a talk... You have some real nice ones. And an amazing greenthumb that goes all the way up your arm!!! WOW, i'm green with envy!

Ali, for history, do you mean for av's like the quiz? Just point me to a link and I'll include it. Wikipedia has some good info.

Talk with you all later today,

* Achimenes (Cupid's Bower)
* Aeschynanthus
* Agalmyla
* Alloplectus
* Alsobia
* Ancylostemon
* Asteranthera
* Besleria
* Boea
* Briggsia
* Bucinellina
* Capanea
* Chirita
* Chrysothemis
* Codonanthe
* Columnea (Flying Goldfish Plant)
* Conandron
* Corallodiscus
* Cyrtandra
* Diastema
* Drymonia
* Episcia (Flame Violet)
* Eucodonia
* Gesneria
* Gloxinia
* Haberlea
* Isometrum

* Jankaea
* Koellikeria
* Kohleria
* Loxostigma
* Lysionotus
* Mitraria
* Monopyle
* Nautilocalyx
* Nematanthus (Goldfish Plant)
* Neomortonia
* Niphaea
* Opithandra
* Oreocharis
* Paliavana
* Paraboea
* Pentadenia
* Petrocosmea
* Phinaea
* Ramonda
* Saintpaulia (African Violet)
* Sinningia
* Smithiantha (Temple Bells)
* Stauranthera
* Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)
* Titanotrichum
* Trichantha

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Well I was thinking sense it's an African violet forum and people are scared to grow them to begin with Keep it short and simple. Yes soemthing like the History from your contest quiz. Most people don't know this. Most don't know how there are all these beautiful named African violets.
yes you can have some information about Gessies but I would keep it simple not to scare new people away . How do you feel.
I just mean I guess a short introductory paragraph how African violets are the queens of indoor gardening Kingdom. Their history. Fun and easy to grow making it possible to share and make friends all over the world.
Blah Blah

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Can there be a way to edit and expand the FAQ as we go along? I'm assuming that begonia could post the FAQ on the sticky thread and then go back and edit it. Maybe we should start an FAQ thread, and she can paste from it into the sticky post. I do think it's a good idea to have the FAQ as part of the sticky thread, since it's an easy way to put a bunch of links into context.

Should "other gesnariads" have a separate post on the thread with FAQs and links? The AV FAQ is going to get pretty long pretty quickly, even without including Q's about other gessies, and it would make it easier to find information on the others.

I'll try to add some to it, but I don't think I'll have the FAQ "finished" today, LOL, so that's why I was asking about editing.

Can anyone post to a thread once it is a "sticky?" I'm hoping begonia at least will be able to make changes and additions...... Even if anyone can post to it, it would probably be less confusing to post additions and links to a thread like this one or the previous one about the AV sticky and have begonia edit and add to the sticky thread.... otherwise, it's going to start really rambling (like this post, LOL).

DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)

when I was thinking about this earlier, I thought:

- good to tell folks to post comments etc at a different thread (like this one) and link to it - just like the hoya forum, I think it was.

- one sticky thread for links - all gessies - by category

- one sticky thread for AV culture tips/FAQ - definitely a need for new growers

- possibly another sticky for FAQ on other gessies, but links to other sites in the links sticky thread may be sufficient.

My thought was that because culture tips and info on the species have potential for constant updating, better to link to threads and other website for reference. For eg, the reclassification of various gesneriad genera - there are some being rolled out now. This kind of thing is best left to experts and the Gesneriad reference websites that already exist.

On my Neptune pic, I don't recommend using it unless it's going to be as an illustration of what happens when you propagate a fantasy from leaf (instead of a sucker)....

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Keyring which Neptune is it ? I was looking in FC ? Thanks, Allison

Sorry to go off topic

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

I think the idea of two stickys is best (taking guidance from Panamoncreel, who manages the Hoya sticky)
1st sticky is AV with the first post having FAQ (which will be a regular work in progress that I have volunteered to manage/edit as needed) and the second posting with the various links we've all come up with. (thanks to all who emailed them to me! not that I don't mind surfing and finding great sites!) The idea being like 'one stop shopping' you can skim the FAQ's (and culture) and then scroll down to view more detailed info and click the links to get there.

2nd thread is all other Gesneriads (categorized if needed) in general with a FAQ as the first post and links in the second 2nd post.

Panamon said if there are too many stickys folks get irritated having to scroll down. So two seem reasonable and if we need a third, well we'll just need a third LOL!

I'm trying to put together something that really works for everyone who uses this site, not just what I feel is my own passion (because it would be filled with begonia links LOL). So with that said, I am very appreciative of all the input, keep it coming. I just want to be the vehicle to get the job done. I'm enjoying it and certainly don't want anyone to feel left out -so if anyone wants to maintain the links, not a problem I can fwd all the info I have accumulated so far.
My fear is stepping on someones toes. So please be sure to give me a heads up (privately if needed) if I'm doing that!

I think within the FAQ, I'll need some more help gathering this info. Because we all know I'm a neophyte with regards to AV's and not the one who should be dispensing the info. LOL . I have several links pointing to sites like the AVS FAQ which may be easier than trying to reinvent the wheel. And then to that we can add our own 2 cents and experiences. We don't really need to rewrite the whole book on AV's just categorize links to send us to the right place when we do have a problem we need to look up -

One more VERY important thing. Sometimes we copy and paste info into our threads from other websites and I've been told not to do that. It is copyright violationand plagiarism and we should actually paste a link to the site/info we want to quote or if/when possible ASK permission from the author/owner before pasting any info or photos into our threads. It's a big no no - so I've been told. (I'm guilty, but won't do it again :-) )

of course if you have permission, just add that info to the thread - something like 'posted here with so and so's permission' from the web site http://www.putthewebsitenamehere or title of the book or magazine - or whatever.

I have a bit more time this afternoon before I have to go pick up my car from the shop so I'll be working on it for a few more hours. I think I'm going to go ahead and post them to get them started, and we'll just keep adding to them as needed. ALSO if after I post it, someone has a recommendation on a better way to organize the links, PLEASE shout out. It is hard to please everyone - as someone mentioned - but I do want to make the links cohesive and easy to use.

THANKS again AV/Gessie friends!!!

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thank you Begonia I really appreciate out you working on this. I understand it's a lot of hard work and you are giving your all ! I will be happy and know it will be wonderful and helpful to all ! I just like to say Thank You ! Allison

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

Okeedokee, the AV sticky is posted. Obviously it's a work in progress but we'll get there from here eventually.

I could really use some help with the Gessie sticky. I don't have nearly as many links or FAQ's to add.

So I'm putting out this plea. If everyone could do a bit of research on their favorite gessie and then pick one from the list above and send me some relevant care and photo links to add that would be SUPER. I love doing the research, but it takes time. If we split up the work load then perhaps I can focus on just doing the HTML and organizing.

If you do decide to do this, please post here which gessie you are researching so we don't double up. i.e. if everyone does episcia's we wont get very far. Once I've posted the links and FAQ's if you see something missing that you know is a great source, then shoot me an email so I can add it.

What does everyone think of this?

Here is what I have so far.

Other Gesneriad Links

Sources & Supplies

Plants (Please Refer to Garden Watchdog for vendor information)



Training and Episcia (Alsobia ‘Cygnet’)

Photo gallery for ID
Episcia A-M

Episcia M-Z

Gesneriad Culture Info (from our own Keyring)

DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)

I really really really think the first three links for gesneriads should be the following.

For basic information on the genera, consult:

The Genera of Gesneriaceae - classification and basic information on each genus

The Gesneriad Reference Web - reference materials, basic information on most genera, and photographs of species

The American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society, now called the Gesneriad Society - information, sources, photographs, seed fund for members, information on local chapters

I think the FAQ part should be limited to the most commonly grown genera - for the others, people can visit other websites. My best guess for the most common:

Streptocarpus - basic care tips
Chirita - basic care tips
Episcia - basic care tips (Rob's has good care info)
Florist's Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) - there's a thread here where I explain what it is, and there's another older thread with care tips
Lipstick plant - explaining that this common name is used to refer to Columnea, Aeschynanthus or Nematanthus....

I'll dig around for other links and post here.

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DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)


Another reference site:
Smithsonian Gesneriaceae Research (World Checklist and Annotated Bibliography)http://persoon.si.edu/Gesneriaceae/

Gesneriphiles mailing list - discussion list among (mostly experienced) growers

Mauro Peixoto's website - photos of plants in Brazil, including gesneriads:
(btw, he has a section on begonias)

Japanese site with lots of photos (and plant names in English):

Chinese photo site

VariegatedStreps Yahoo! Group – discussion of hybridizing for variegated streptocarpus


don’t know if you already have this?
AV Diseases from Penn State U – Cooperative Extension, Department of Plant Pathology

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

Excellent! I'll amend the thread tomorrow.

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Begonia your the Greatest ! Thanks for doing all this ! Question does a sticky stay on top of the threads ? Thanks, Allison

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

yes, it will eventually get pur there by Terry (admin) - she (or he?) was just waiting for me to make the thread. Should happen in a few days.

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Ok Wonderful ! Thanks !

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

I made some changes to the sticky.

* Added FAQ what is a sport
*Edited FAQ what is a Chimera
*Edited Sport Registration info and added link

and added an intro paragraph to the FAQ section.

requested that ADMIN add two of Critters' photos to the AV sticky.

Keyring, can you send me some cool Gessie photos for the Gessie sticky? got any cool petrocosmea shots? send anything!

DC metro, VA(Zone 7b)

Does anyone have a good photo or a streptocarpus? I can't find one and I don't have any in flower right now.

B - I just sent you a massive email with photos of:

Aeschynanthus longicaulis
Chirita Keiko
Columnea minus
Codonanthe carnosa
Codonanthe devosiana 'Paula'
Chirita sp. USBRG 098-083
Diastema vexans
Kohleria Laura and Flirt
Kohleria Manchu
Sinningia cardinalis
Episcia Silver Dust
Sinninga Purple Crest x self (miniature sinningia)
Sinningia Touch of Spice x self (this is a "Florist's Gloxinia" - a fragrant one)

Pick whichever you like most. I don't have a good one of a petrocosmea either....

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

I have pictures of Falling Star, Gloria, Cherry Pie, Daniel, Chritsmas Morning ...oh yes Albosia Cygnte, Blue Heaven, Tri-color, Teddy Bear, Grey Lady, Chocolate Soldier, Aussie's Alice, and my so far favorite Chirita C Sinensis Hisako . I'm not sure how good they are ? Should I email some to Begonia ??

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

yes, email them to me, when Admin makes our sticky, I'll have them post a photo.
you have my email so anytime you want to send them along is great. I'll fwd to Terry.

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

I emailed a few Streps and Chirtias, and epsicas if more needed or you don't want to use them thats fine too.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9a)

Does anyone have a list of links or the DG threads where we talked about wicking? I want to make a section in the FAQ/LINK sticky

Vero Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

On the pink Panther.
I have a very nicely growing plantlet.
Are you interested in it Allison?
Or anyone else for that matter :)

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Lali I did not find it though I know it's there. Lost of the other links do have sections on wicking.
Sure Lorry that will be nice.

Vero Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Ok I will pop him in the box for you :)
he is only one of two episcia I have had any luck with! LOL though they are the two I got recently and I learned alot since then!
I do LOVE the pink panther and hope you do too.
Do you have tiger stripe? if not I can put a lil plantlet of that in also.

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