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If you have a Link that you would like added to the list, please DMail me at to have it posted here.

If any links are no longer valid, broken OR if you have additional links to add, please DMail them to me along with the category you think they should fall under.

Special Thanks to Keyring for much of this info and many of these links!

In this post, you will find links to Vendors, Outside sources of information and Plenty of AV tips and ‘How-To’s’

BUT remember, There is plenty of information right here on Dave’s Garden. You can find it by doing a Search. Click this link to begin your search

Gesneriad Culture, Care & Info (propagating Gesneriads) (How to grow Chiritas) (general reference info & gallery) (Streptocarpus Propagation Techniques) (Excellent photo How-to of Chirita Pollinating & propagation) (Chimera Violet Propagation) (More on Chimera Violet Propagation) (and yet more on Chimera Propagation) (Rhizomatous Gesneriad Propagation – A primer) (Rooting Episcia Stolons )

History and Taxonomy and Species information (Smithsonian's online World Checklist
of Gesneriaceae) (Taxonomy) (World Checklist of Gesneriand species)

Sinningias !!!! (Lots of info and links to more regarding Sinningias)


Species of the gesneriad genus Sinningia (More on Sinningia, gallery and info)


Vancouver African Violet & Gesneriad Society Growing Links (links open PDF files, VERY good Cultural Requirement info on specific Gesneriands)


Starting Gessies from Seed (Keyring’s tutorial for seed starting) (Starting gesneriad seeds) (Starting AV’s from seed, same principle is applied to all gessie seeds) (The Gesneriad Society propagation page) (Episcia care & Propagation) (How to hybridize Episcia)

Misc. Propagation and Culture Links (Rob’s Violets has several Illustrated ‘How To’ lessons) (Streptocarpus leaf propagation photo How-To’s) (Gessie propagation from our own Keyring) (Potting a Streptocarpus -Photos) (Gesneriad Society Registered Gesneriads) (Streptocarpus Care) (An Introduction to Streptocarpus Plants) (Dibley’s Streptocarpus FAQ) (Streptocarpus: Diseases and Pests) (Streptocarpus formosus) (How to take leaf cuttings from Streptocarpus plants) (Some basic Strep info) (Additional Gesneriad propagation and culture info) (The Gesneriad Reference Web) (Episcia Hybridization) (Propagating Strep leaves the Gloriag way) (Strep propagation step-by-step photos)

The Importance of Isolation

Lighting Tips and Tricks This is a PDF file and requires Adobe software.



Sources & Supplies –In no particular order;

Plants & or Supplies (Please Refer to Garden Watchdog for vendor information)

The Gesneriad Garage (Specializing in Kohleria, but also sell Streptocarpus, Chirita, columnea, and misc other gesneriads UPDATE 2007, Currently not selling gesneriads, until further notice)

Logan Nursery (Gloxinia, the LARGE kind)

Blue Fox Farm (Streptocarpus, Chirita)

Dave's Violets (Achimenes, Chirita, Columnea, Episcia, Gloxinia, Sinningia, Smithiantha, Streptocarpus)

Cedar Creek Violets (Episcias, Chiritas)

RainbowViolets Greenhouse (Streptocarpus)

Bluebird Greenhouse (Alsobia, Chirita, Codonanthe, Columnea, Episcia, Nemanthus)

Lyndon Lyon Grenhouses (Aeschynanthus, Codonanthe, Columneas, Chiritas, Episcias, Kohlerias, Nematanthus, Streptocarpus, Misc. Gesneriads, X-Codonantanthus

The Violet Barn (Alsobia, Chirita, Codonanthe, columnea, Episcia, Kohleria, Nenanthus, Petrocosmea, Streptocarpus)


YuccaDo Nursery (Sinningia)

Plant Delights Nursery (Sinningia, xAchimenantha, Achimenes, Titanotrichum oldhammii, Eucodonia, Gloxinia, Achimenes)

Gary’s Out of Africa (Streptocarpus, Episcia, Kohleria)

Belisle's Violet House) Violets, Sinningias, Episcias, Streptocarpus, Hoya, Aeschynanthus, Kohleria, Nauticalyx, Streptocarpella, Nematanthus, Chirita, Columnea, XCodanatanthus

Pat's Pets (Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Chirita, Codonanthe, Columnea, Episcia, Eucodonia, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Nautilocalyx, Nematanthus, Sinningia, Smithiantha, Streptocarpella,Streptocarpus, Misc, Gessies such as;Alsobia, Chrysothemis, Dryminia, Koellikeria, Lysionotus, Niphea, Paliavana, Paradrymonia, Pearcea, Petrocosmea, Phinea, Trichantha, xAchidonia, x Achimenantha, xCodonantanthus, x Glokohleria, xHeppimenes, xNautilothemis, xSmithicodonia)

Kartuz Greenhouses (Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Alsobia, Chirita, Codonanthe & xCodonanthe, Columnew, Episcia, Variegated Episcia, Gesneria, Kohleria, Lysionotus, Nemathanthus, Sinningia, Smithiana, Streptocarpella, Streptocarpus, Misc. Gesneriads)

** GONE OUT OF business but still have their web site up Good source for plant info.

Canada (Episcia, chirita, sinningia, Streptocarpus, African violets) (Sells Humidity domes and supplies)

Web Sites with list of supplier links

Seeds (Chiltern Seeds has many gesneriad seeds as well as other HTF seeds) (Mauro Peixoto’s web site - has many gesneriad species seeds avail. as well as many other plant seeds – Gallery as well)

EUROPE SHIPPING ONLY (good source of photos-info)

Growing supplies

Directories of links from other sites (List of links from AGGS) (A page of links to other galleries)

Plant Stand Gallery & Info (good step by step photos for a PVC type of light stand)

Trades - Packaging & Shipping Tips

Shipping tips

Here’s a packing primer
or look to Rachel’s Reflections site for more on shipping leaves or plants

Trade Etiquette

Clubs, Organizations and Forums (The Gesneriad Society’s New home page) (American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society) (Gesneriphiles Mailing List) (International Yahoo Gessie group) (British Streptocarpus Society)

Photos and Galleries (Photo albums of AV’s & gessies from numerous AVSA shows) (Gesneriad Photos) (The Gesneriad Society2006 Convention Flower Show Blue-Ribbon Entries) (The Vancouver African Violet and Gesneriad Society plant show photos) (Nice site with Gessie photos in Both English/Russian, includes Alsobia, Chirita, Aeschynanthus, Kohleria and Columnea) (Photos and ships seed worldwide) (Excellent Gessie Photos, and lots of them) (Gessie Photos) (Non-English site with exc. photos) (at times the link does not work) (a list of Gessie photos) (Strep Gallery - Nice!) (Excellent photo site of many Gessies including xAchicodonia,xAchimenantha, Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Alloplectus, Alsobia, Boea, Chiridopsis, Chirita, Cobananthus, Codonanthe, xCodonatanthus, xColtrichantha, Columnea, Dalbergaria, Diastema, Drymonia, Episcia, Eucodonia, Gesneria, Gloxinia, Koellikeria, xKoellikohleria, Kohleria, Lysionotus, Nautilocalyx, Nematanthus, Niphaea, Ornithoboea, Pearcea, Pentadenia, Petrocosmea, Phinaea, xPhinastema, Primulina, Sinningia, Smithiantha, xSmithicodonia, Streptocarpus, and Trichantha) (Swedish AV Society Gessie Photos) (an eBay vendors Episcia gallery) (Sinningia gallery) (various gessies)

Photo galleries for Episcia ID (Episcia Gallery)

Episcia A-M
Episcia M-Z (over 2000 Gessie photos) (Exc. gessie photos - Asian site) (Variegated Episcias) (More Episcias) (Photos from meetings of NYC chapter of the Gesneriad Society)

Misc. Gesneriad Links (Results of their ongoing gesneriad survey ~ Favorite Gesneriads) (A nice list of AV/Gessie related links)

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Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

Alan LaVergne's website Sinningia & friends:

Ron Myhr's Gesneriad Reference Web:

Mauro Peixoto's amazing photo site with lots of photos of Gesneriads in habitat

Anton Weber & Laurence E. Skog's: The Genera of Gesneriaceae

The website of The American Gesneriad Society (membership is $25/year):

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