brugs and bald eagles

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

A whole bunch of bald eagles live above my patio and deck on a huge Spruce tree and have been dropping eagle guano all over some of my brugs. Would you call that foliar feeding? LOL Anyway up here on the Pacific North West Coast on Vancouver Island, we have a mulch called fish compost, made from Salmon morts from the fish farms and mixed with bark mulch. I top dress all of my gardens with it in the spring and mix it with potting soil for the brugs. They seem to love it.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Just like fish fertilizer and no weeds that you get from cow etc. Does attract woodbugs sometimes but if you put cornmeal out in a jar lid they eat it and explode. How lovely. But the woodbugs were eating my strawberries and it worked like a charm.


Ahh, yes-fish. Grandfather and I use to put a small fish under each plant as fertilizer. Worked cow manure into the soil before hand though. Of course with this method one has to sit outside waiting with a rifle for the fox that is lurking in the woods. Given half a chance he sneaks up and ruins the plant and steals the fertilizer. Of course, now I just use fish emulsion. Wishing I had more time to fish to get some good fertilizer though.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

The fish compost I put on my brugs and gardens is at least 1 year old and has absolutely no smell at all. It looks like black fine bark mulch. Makes the gardens look superb. I also get lots of fish that the eagles drop during feeding time. I'll send those on to Brugmansia as he has no time to fish. LOL

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