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Osborne, KS

I have a whirlpool front loading dryer. I pushed the button to dry a load of clothes before i went to bed last night. When i got up the next morning i tried another load and couldn't get the dryer to start. I tried fluff cycle andf all the other cycles and couldn't get it to turn. The timer goes but the barrel doesn't turn. So i took the back off and vacumed everything out and put the back back on and tried it again. Still no results. I also tried unplugging and then replugging in the switch that clicks when you close the dryer door and still nothing. Could the timer mechanism work but the switch in the timer that turns on the dryer not work? I can hang my clothes out on the line for the time being. Just with the hard water it makes my clothes all crispy feeling when i take them back in the house after they are dry. I sure could use some help in this manner. Ty... Kris Engleman...

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

The timer is probably mechanical. Did you check the fuse box/breaker panel?

Osborne, KS

I turned off the electricity and still nothing...Don't see any burnt wiring. Guess I am going to take the timer to the local appliance store and see if they can test it. If that is it then i will get another timer...

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Anybody ever have to have the 1/8" plexiglas cover on the front of a BIG SCREEN TV repaired cause someone threw a glass and put a baseball size hole in it? Let me know ASAP!

P.S. The TV still works fine. Just has the hole and the spider cracks in the cover. HELPPPPPPPP!

Beaufort, SC

I have a ge front load washer. 3 yr,old. from day one it viberates so bad it will walk across the floor. If it was on a platfprm it would jump off it. I have had repair people out and they can'y fix or know what the trouble is. about to throw it in the yard..

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Ligg, the more expensive the washer, the greater the stabilization. (I think it is sold by the pound.) If you look inside a quality washer when the top is off, you will see 2 to 3 large hunks of cement around the outer tub. The thicker the cement, the quieter the washer and less vibration. Unless there is a broken shock absorber, there really is nothing a servicer can do.

If it is an issue, look at the specs when buying a machine. Shipping or empty weight should be listed.

Gwynn's Island, VA(Zone 7b)

I am in a quandary: to buy a new washing machine or repair the one I have. My 12 year old Kenmore produced a funny clicking noise when it should have started spinning the other day. The repair charge starts at $129 and I'm sure there will be parts involved, so I questioned the wisdom of investing a few hundred dollars in a 12 year old machine. Then I started looking at new machines. I hate my sons' front loaders. They love them but we have different needs. I am a quilter and often use my machine for soaking, treating fabrics, or dying & such... I assumed all top loaders would do these things but I am learning that the new top loaders are also computerized and, if I understand correctly, there is no access to the load once it is underway, so I could not let a load soak for an hour or overnight if I wanted to? Then the agitatorless motion & self-sensing water level offer issues that seem at odds with my uses. Are there still good 'old fashioned' machines out there? I'd love to hear what you think!

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Subyz. D-mail me. I can probably help you.


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