Welcome to Genealogy!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Here's a free, new forum for asking questions about your ancestors, or helping others seeking information!

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Good job...have added this one to my list...will be checking in frequently.

Blyth, ON(Zone 5b)

Ohhhhhhh, I'm in heaven! The new and improved DGs is like one-stop shopping on the net. This forum is sure to become one of my favourites ('scuse the Canuck spelling please).

West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

oh oh, I have so many questions!

West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

<---knows not where to begin...

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West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

ok starting with what the heck is going on w/ this stupid computer? I married the "PC Doctor" you would think his "PC" would work! Thats it, he is so fired!

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Blyth, ON(Zone 5b)

It's like being married to a mechanic grenthumbs (which I am). Yours is the only car in the neighbourhood that shakes, rattles, and rolls :-)

West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

Its taking this thing forever to THINK or what ever it does while the hour glass spins around...& around... & around...
maybe it has computer cooties

West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

this stinks

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Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

There's a few buglets in the system because of the changes...keep hanging in there...

As someone who has just celebrated their 5th anniversary here...I've seen this site evolve from only 4 or 5 forums and about 350 members.

Each time dave makes a change, there's a few things like 'cyber cobwebs' that have to be found and fixed...this multiple post problem is something that he's working on and hopefully, things will straighten out shortly.

Now, to the fun stuff!!

See new thread!!

Starkville, MS

I'm not sure yet how much I will feel free to post to this forum since its "open to the public", but I really do enjoy genealogy, so I'll probably hang around.

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

Open to the public is a good thing. More people to reach . If I want everyone to know my maiden name is Krischan, I want to have a huge audience.

Anyone out there named Krischan? Rossdeutscher?

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Oh boy oh boy am I glad to see this forum. I have been genealogy for about 5 years now and love it. My surnames are Moore which is my maiden name, Zook, Roach, Yates. I have a lot of info on the Zooks and have the Zook book if anyone needs any thing from it.
Dont have a lot of info on the other names of yet. I will be keeping a close eye on this forum for sure.


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

One question I have is - I'm not sure how most genealogy forums are laid out? Should people start new threads for each request, and title them clearly...maybe something like:

"Looking for William Henry Clark from Smith County, TN, 1700s" (or something similar).... And then their first post can provide details on any other known or assumed information they have about the person - his/her relatives, occupation, etc.

That would seem (to my untrained eye) to be the best way to keep everyone's requests organized, and to allow the best searching if each thread pertains to a specific request and/or family.

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

You're right Terry. I agree that is the best way. This forum will fill up fast.

Folks should post their first few names in the title.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

That is the way most genealogy sites are laid out...but it's like the proverbial needle in a haystack...the world from written history's time is our haystack.

If someone is searching for certian names, or surnames, this is the way to go for sure, and there's going to be bunches of this type of post before long. It's going to take a bit of time to get actual searches going. The thing is, you post a request for a name say this week....and the person who can answer the question is not even a subscriber till next year sometime...and has no clue that they have the answer to your question. They are posting their own search and request for a totally different surname. It can literally be two ships who pass in the dark.

The original poster can bump their request every now and then, but it's not really easy to connect.

On actual genealogy sites, you have a search function for names...the search then pulls up the threads that have the names that pertain to your search. Will the search function do this?

The thing is, so many folks have no clue as to where to start, or how to go about a search, we're going to have these type of threads too....I've not used a genealogy site that is helpful in this way ..*ever*...

I think it will be a good thing to have a communication of ideas and suggestions of what was successful and what bombed misrably. After our introductions, I think we should all start threads about specifically what we are working on....obviously, some things have been put on the back burner and you all have projects that you are persuing. Seperate threads like Terry said can be valuable to us all.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

The search function can be narrowed down to a particular forum, so yes, a name search (assuming the name is repeated in the text of the post as well as the title) will find all threads.

Helpful how-to threads can be "stickied" at the top of the forum. That might help newcomers and new info seekers figure out how to best navigate this site.

One other idea - this forum might be a good candidate for the "closed" option. If someone gets the information they're seeking, they could mark the thread as closed so others don't waste time trying to help answer their question again.

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

Probably a 'sticky' at the top with some general suggestions would be a good idea.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Yep, closed , would be helpful.

McKinney, TX(Zone 7b)

Another thing that might be helpful - I've got some of the FTM cd's (most purchased for my family research). I wouldn't mind posting on a thread which ones I have & can do searches on them for folks.

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

What a great forum to have here!! Thank you! It's always cool to see other people connect.

Terry, I'm a paid member of a couple of genealogy sites. I have access to a large group of documents, including all of the Federal census documents, Passenger ship lists, State tax lists, land patents, etc. All of these sites have bulletin boards established and they're organized alphabetically by surname. That way, a viewer can go right to the alpha-letter for the family surname they're researching. When a surname gets alot of entries (ie Smith, Jones, White), they get their own subcategory under the "S" Forum section. There is also a search engine so that people can use their surname to search ALL forums to locate posts that may be pertinent.

Terry, it might be a good thing to have a 'sticky' at the top where people can list themselves as "lookup volunteers". Doing so, they can list what they have access to, paid website databases, publications, historical society connections, etc. It also might be a good idea to request that members start a surname thread using a conventional form where the surname is in all caps -- makes it easier to read. Something in the subject line: SMITH family in Macon, Georgia 1800s is better than a subject line like: Looking for family connections. For alot of researchers, when those posts are made, the thread is overlooked or ignored.

Just some ideas....

Linthicum Heights, MD(Zone 7a)

A few thoughts for beginners .... from experience !!!

I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel. By that I mean, it is very possible that someone has already performed much of the available research. Check with relatives before you start. Most people will also have a genealogy library within reasonable distance to the area that they grew up in. Churches are also one of the best sources for records.

Take the time, NOW, and sit down with your elderly parents, relatives, etc. and get as much ancestral information that you can. Much information is in a person's head. Once they're gone, the information is lost, also. I made this mistake and it is a big mistake !!!

Don't be concerned initially about the years 1600 and 1700. Start with the present and gradually work backwards. Most people should be able to comfortably get back to 1930. 1930 is the last federal census that has been released to the public. 1940 won't be released until 2010 (70 years). The 1850 federal census was the first census that listed all the first names residing within a residence. Between 1790 and 1840, the census only listed the name of the head of household. Most of the census records for 1890 were lost in a huge fire in Kansas City.

Purchase a software program like Family Tree Maker to document all of your findings. It's a never ending project (or hobby). Make sure that you back-up your files. Give copies to your immediate family even if it is a printed copy. They may not have any interest now but as they grow older, they may develop an interest.

As has already been mentioned there is a tremendous amount of information available for free on the internet. One just needs to be resourceful. And, one needs to be careful. I only add a name if I can validate that name through association with another name. If you are not careful you will go down the wrong branch. Misspelled names is a big problem. Often the record taker wrote down the name the way it sounded to him rather than ask how it was spelled. This is true with a lot of the ship or passenger records.

I work on my family tree for a while then put it aside for a spell so that it doesn't become an obsession. I currently have about 2,100 individuals listed within my family tree (Surname - Lentz).

Hope this helps, or at a minimum, further stimulates the thought process. Good Luck !!!

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

What linthicum said....plus this....

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but this is a good time to repeat it. If you have a portable tape recorder, take it with you when you interview elderly (and not elderly) relatives.

I am so glad I did this. At first some of them were a little shy about recording themselves, but with a little encouragemenat and asking the right questions, every person opened up and had a marvelous time talking with me.

I got them "warmed up" by asking questions like "What kind of games and toys did you play with when you were a child?"....and...."Tell me about your first job/car/house, etc"....and...."How did you celebrate Christmas when you were young?"

Their answers got friendlier, happier, and we shared lots of laughs. And of course the pertinent questions about names, dates, marriages, deaths, etc were all recorded too.

The really special part is that now most of those people I have on tape are dead, and I have shared the tapes with their descendents. A rich treasure to cherish.

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Wilson's Mills, NC

HELLO!! I am interested in one particular family, the descendants of a Dr. Bodo Otto, chief surgeon in the American Revolution. Lived in Reading, PA. ANY information will be greatly appreciated!!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

wtlifter, why don't you start a new thread with the family name in the title? That will help others see your request more easily ;o)

Montgomery, AL

I am looking for my twins grandmother whoo was adopetd, I know her name and that is all. Can anyone help?

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