Guineas moved into new home

somewhere, PA

Wait 'til summer. They won't be eating anything much that you provide. They'll be out all day
eating bugs. When I mow the fields, the guinea hens follow me to get all the bugs the mower
kicks up. It makes me nervous when the get too close but never had an accident!

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

yes! i can't wait for them to eat grasshoppers especially! and crickets and katydids too! these have been penned up so long, free ranging is going to be a fun adjustment, esp the "coming in to roost at night" part. that will be a whole new thread LOL

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

well, Eenie and Moe are lonely. The day i was terribly ill and waiting for medication, the nieghbor [not near] dog came over and i didn't even hear it. when i went out it was too late. i have asked that they pay for the birds and mend their fence. i also took pictures. and i have the papers from the ocunty office i need. they have been told if they don't agree, they will be taken to civil court, then they can also pay the court costs.

it will be quite some time before guinea keets are available again. if anyone knows of someone nearby with lavendar guineas at least half grown, please let me know.

still ill, but on medicines now...

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Oh my goodness, tf.......I'm so sorry. It's bad enough being sick without having your heart broken too. I have followed this thread and enjoyed it so much. I really hope those people not only pay up, but realize how terrible the destruction that their dog caused.

Hope your medicines are working and you will be will soon.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

yeah, talk about "heartsick"! hey, how'd you know i was ill... anyhow, small world at DG. i have many lovely and fun pictures i had not loaded yet. so when i feel up to it, i will have another thread with a tribute to Meanie and Bloomer.

oh, yeah, they are gonna pay. i was nice. i said, i wouldn't shoot your dog because he is your pet. but now your pet has eaten two of our pets, and that is HALF our flock! sometimes lazy people have to pay a price to wake up. you won't believe the pictures i took of his fence which he "says" he keeps fixing!

gott go

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

So sorry, TF.

I wish people would be responsible for their dogs.

Maybe a sign at the local farm bureau or feed store could link you up with some young keets.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i'll ask aorund. but generally they aren't available till late may. and we have chicks on the way. what is really sad, they are accustomed to visiting with their friends in the mirror, so there aren't two missing now, but four ;-(

i am so glad i got one of the bodies before the dog came back to eat it. the one the owner retrieved fromt he yard for me was pretty much just the head...

i'm too sick too worry too much...

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

TF, I am so sorry you are sick and do pray that you will be well soon. I know exactly how you feel about the loss of your guineas.

Three years ago the neighbors dog came up to my place through my open gate and killed one of my hens and a half grown baby. I saw the dog as it was killing the young one. Called the sheriff. Officer came and talked to me and looked at the evidence then went to the neighbors and told them they would have to keep the dog in a pen and post $75,000.00 bail or get rid of the dog. Told me i could shoot it if it came on my property again. They soon got rid of the dog, but I sure felt bad that it had killed almost half of my little flock of banties.

I still wish I could get some lavender guineas, but only 2 or 3 not 25. Not many people that I know have guineas.

Wishing you good luck and better health.


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

thanks. the sheriff said i could have shot it if i was out there witha gun if when he did it, but that for retribution i would have a civil case. sick as i was, i went with my camera and took lots of photos, some pretty gorry, some hilarious [his "fixed" fence]. the guy said "we have your phone number", as i had left in on the door the third time we went to their house. i htink i explianed their options pretty well. it is up to them. i hope they just pay, court is time consuming, and you only get a "judgement".

p.s. i know of a good place to order them, but not till May.

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

Oh TF, I'm so sorry to hear of what has happened. I know how fond of your pets you are.
Even if they do pay, there's no amount ($$) that takes away the sadness we feel when we experience this. And even in court, who (except us poultry enthusiasts) would understand being so attached to our dear little birds.
I'm so sorry.

I noticed at Atwoods here that they have guineas. They aren't the lavender though. Just plain brown, but cute. They just came in last week. They will carry them until after Easter.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

what is atwoods?

the point of hte money and court if necessary is to paint a picture for a lazy irresponsible dog owner who has NEVER kept his fence fixed. after all, gotta protect the future poultry!

thanks for everyone's condolences. Eenie and Moe are still quite lonely and not eating/drinking much. they are not injured physically thank goodness, but are quite fearful!


Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

I agree, going to court will at least make them realize, It would have been better to fix the fence !! We HOPE.

Atwoods is a type of "Wal-mart of farm stores". They sell everything from feeds and hardware, to fencing & posts and Carhart clothings etc. It's a chain
store in Okla. I think there is another similar chain in other parts of the U.S.
called Tractor Supply.

Give Eenie & Moe an extra little treat-treat for us. :-(

Oakland, OR(Zone 8a)

I am very thankful that Oregon is like Washington in that a dog who even chases livestock(any sort) without hurting it is eligible to be put to sleep by the county. There have been some cases that really hit the headline and where the dog has been spared but only on the proviso that it be moved to a shelter outside of our area, and can never be returned. There is no excuse for letting a dog roam free!!! Dotti

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

thanks. last night i dreamed the other two came back, and brought more birds with them LOL. then this AM i saw the wheat coming up in the window planter, that i planted for their treat. maybe those are good signs. meanwhile, i regularly drive by the neighbor's house to see if the dog has torn down the "repairs", always have my camera with me!


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

another good ol guinea thread, back in the days when we were still in the farm life forum...

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

I agree with Dotti's Mar. 12, 2006 post. I have only one guinea fowl left now. Neighbors dog got into yard and killed my Lav. female guinea, and black arucana hen. Sheriff came and talked to them, they live quite a distance, maybe 1/8 mile away, but let dogs run free as do several other neighbors. They are keeping the dog tied up now but I don't trust how securely, so am having to keep my gate closed which is a bother. That happened after she had laid 30 eggs in a hidden nest and was setting on them. I found the nest but was too late.

My Pied guinea guy was very lonely and still is. i bought two young guineas , the owner didn't know their sex and neither did I. that didn't work out as one of the new ones flew over my fence and never saw it again. A great horned owl got the other.

Have had to keep the guinea guy and my 5 bantys shut up in chicken house since first of Dec. Cold and too much snow on the ground.


Central, VA(Zone 7b)

We had ducks back in FL (Pekins?), and kept them in our pool enclosure in a big box. We would take them out each day to swim in the lake and one day they simply would not return to shore. They made friends with some wild Muscovies and went back and forth between a couple of houses on the lake. One by one over the course of a year, they disappeared. The last one was named Eddy, and he was around for a couple of years. He hung out with the ugliest, meanest Muscovie. I think Eddy was the Muscovie's love interest.

Moxee, WA(Zone 4a)

Donna, Happy Valentines Day! I hope your kids and grandkids are keeping you warm and fuzzy this cold February day. The snow is 99% disappeared from the hills here. We've had a wetter than normal winter but nothing cold to compare with 2005 when there were -20f degree mornings. Our paperwhites are protruding from the ground. The rabbits must be enjoying eating them as they seem to disappear every few days. Our poultry flock is reasonably insulated from marauding dogs. They have to walk down our 1/4 mile driveway and then come through a small opening. Even then they still must jump into or dig under the chicken enclosure. If they make the mistake of coming onto the property ..... they seldom find their way home. We haven't had a loose dog on the property in more than a year. The neighbors with dogs have figured out that they must be confined or they have to keep replacing their dogs. I'm like most everyone else out here ..... loose dogs are a threat to livestock and are simply not tolerated. We have 2 neighbors with thoroughbred horses. You can imagine how much he appreciates dogs bothering his property.

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

Hi Photographer, Dogs are certainly a pest when owners don't take proper care of them. Cats are even worse. There is a dangerous dog law here but nothing about cats. I am going to try live trapping. It is really odd this year more snow here than up by Palmer Lake and Nighthawk. There is practically no snow up there on south sides of mountains and not much on north side, and here there is still at least 6-8 inches of snow in undisturbed areas. lots of snow around my house where cleaned off of roof.

And Happy valentines day to you too. None of my grandkids live near me and I don't have any great grands. My youngest son and wife live 6 hours away, Lake Tapps, and are empty nesters now.

This is how it looked last week west of my house toward the chicken house.

Thumbnail by rutholive
Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

How pretty.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

Pam that is funny, but sad too. We have muscovies, i kno what you mean abou tthe ugly part LOL I can just imagine a cross with a pekin...

Donna, my toes get cold just looking at your picture!

Photographer [don?], glad to hear your flocks are still well.

We had to start over completely. The last two guineas decided to live with the nieghbor's flock. She had always wanted lavendars. But by the end of 2006 i had ordered a new batch of keets. I was pregnant and INSISTED to new DH that we were gonna be tick free!!! So far so good. But our male lavendar was missing for two weeks, suddenly showed up with a broken leg. No other injuries, didn't lose any weight.... So he just stays in the hen house...


Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

Well, we got another six inches of snow last night. That was on top of the foot we already had on the ground. Right now the sun is shining, but not doing any melting as the temps are dropping. It is expected to go below zero again tonite. So TF, I guess your toes would be cold here, too. :o))

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

socks aren't enough, no wthat i have to make a trip to town [100miles round trip] to pick up some 3 day ol dchicks... i am beside myself with excitmetn, poking holes in the box now!

Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

Yep, I can tell you are eggsited. Have fun with the chicks. I am envious because I can't get mine yet due to the weather.

Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

Rutholive, that is beautiful snow. Don't see much around here.

Burlington, Canada

Hello to guinea fans, I just read through this thread, going back to 2006.
I'm in process of getting guineas, keets from a local fancier, for bug control in my new gardens, (this is a start up homestead, near Hamilton ON, Canada). A bit worried about the noise these birds will make, bothering neighbours. Have 6 chickens now. have read that guineas are aggressive towards chickens, so should not roost together, but I read some of you put them in the same pen.
I'll pen them for 6 weeks, no outside time, till they get habituated to home, so they are less likely to fly off and not return.
they are great bug eaters, but gardeners need beneficials too, don't they get the same treatment from guineas as the bad guys? and what about gypsy moth caterpillars? I would LOVE it if they will eat them, since we are bracing for a big infestation here this year.

Ian in dundas 5b.

Thumbnail by grahamia
Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

Ian, I now after neighbors dog killed my pretty Lavender Guinea fowl hen, have only the 1Pied Guinea male. He sleeps in the chicken house with my old Bantam rooster and old Auracana hen, and 2 younger black banty hens. No problem. Now I am keeping them all enclosed in either ,their choice, the wire enclosed chicken yard or attached chicken house. Letting them out late afternoon. They were doing too much scratching.

The two young black banties lay eggs, actually more than I eat so give some to my sister. The Guinea Guy, eats lots of grass seed and is looking for bugs all the time.


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

the only agression we have, or have ever had, is a male that injured his leg. it is breeding season and he can't keep up with the guinea gals, so he keeps chasing the young Plymouth Barred Rocks, i guess they look like guineas to him LOL

ihello, Ian, nice looking farm! it doesn't look to me like your neighbors are close enough for you to be concerned. just be sure you dont' end up with more guineas than what your acreage can support, or they will go eat at the neighbors... about 1-3 per acre...

they make lots of sounds. we dont' find it annoying, and our neighbors don't complain. but if our guineas were hunting around in their garden, or sitting on their patio looking at their "friends" reflection and pooping everywhere, that could be a problem.

so i make sure they have access to the same food all the poultry does. and they roost in there because they were raised in there, and i think the chickens accept them for the same reason. if we were to get another batch of guineas, we might set them up in another palce, like the old horse barn. that way they would be a separate flock, and would likely feed out on the other side of the porperty.

can't say for caterpillars. we usually catch and keep them till they become butterflies, then trun them loose. i don't think they eat beneficials but can't say for sure.

a great place for more answers is:


somewhere, PA

I mixed my chickens & guineas when I had both. And my guineas toured the
neighborhood & the neighbors kept telling me how much they enjoyed the visit.
The only one annoyed by their noise was DH (and sometimes me).

And that is one fine looking property!


(Zone 6b)

Tamara I really like those cinder block walls. Did your husband build that for you? I was just wondering how difficult it might be. I sure want my baby chicks to have a safe place to live.


Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

it was built back when i was a kid... was a tack room on one side and storage on the other. then the tack room became junky storage, and then all of it did. after i moved back here, i cleaned it all out so i could have chickens, and it worked perfectly! see the poopy drawers thread to see what DH is building.

he gets lots of credit for stuff i had done before he came, i am getting used to it LOL...

the building has a cement floor. the blocks are 8" and not filled in. then just a basic roof. i will update hi sbuilding thread soon. he finished the wiring today and will get back on the other pens tomorrow. makes a world of difference to actually have light fixtures and switches and outlets!!!

Karen, google self sufficent life chicken coops. they have a good plan, we paid seven dollars for it and used the ideas to build ours...

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

this is now our henhouse. we have nesting boxes where the mirror is, and a wire brooder cage where those LONG wooden roosts are. in the corner where the guineas are eating is the hen haven. and there will be a door there soon for easier access from the shed-side.

those four guineas are no longer. we are down to seven guineas now, some seem to be turning up in the neighbors pen..... they have to sleep outside on the roof of the coop until the chicks are older, the mamahens RULE THE ROOST!

my favorite color has to be slate blue. i need more guineas. don't tell DH...


Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

Hi, TF. Just moved our guineas from the brooder (rabbit cage) to the pen in the garage. We had moved the teenagers to the temporary henhouse outside last week. DH made a divider panel so we could make the pen into two pens for the chicks to see each other but not get mixed up with them. I noticed I have two larger brown guineas, six what looks like lavenders, and one who looks like a pied. But, the pied is a very light color with white sides and white wings. I got them from Ideal, and lost one.

The roosters they sent with them look like they are Buff Orpingtons. LOL. And what was that I was saying about not wanting any more Buff roosters? I guess God decided I needed some more. Hopefully these will grow up to be gentle giants like so many people say they are. I am thinking of keeping two for breeding so I can get larger dual purpose birds without having to buy chicks or eggs to incubate.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

yes, ahtching out your own eggs has a higher rate of reward!

so, the pied it sound slike is not a pearl pied? pied can be any color, they just cross that color with white, and you get pied+that color. the lavedars are the slowest growing, they will always seem small till they reach their full size at three years of age.

do you really have a bronw one? or is it a dark pearl?

chocolate is my favorite new color!

LOL on your new Buff's!

Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

The dark ones might be a dark pearl, they are also quite a bit larger than the others. In fact, they are larger than the chicks. The pied one might be a lavender pied. Don't know until they get larger. Will try to get pics and post them.

One thing about the Buffs, they won't be around long enough to get very mean if they do get mean. Since I found out that roosters are only viable through their first year and a half, they will be going into the pot sooner than Tawny did. These will be culled next fall (not this year). That should eliminate the problem we had with him. At least I hope so.

Now if we could only get rid of the problem we are having with the teenagers, life would be all the better. They stay in their house all day and then when it starts getting dark, they all come out and huddle in a corner of the coop. Crazy kids.


Foley, MO

I know this is off topic, but still about guineas...... Saturday I was driving to my mother's, and passed a pearl guinea on the other side of the highway going the opposite way. So, I said look kids, a guinea!!!! (They had not seen one yet) Then I turned my car around much to my ""other halfs" dismay, and drove behind the guinea. Then I proceeded to get out of the car and chase it down the highway. Needless to say the guinea ran away from me in a hurry and I returned empty handed. My DB was sooooo relieved! My kids were laughing so I think I might have looked a bit silly.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

oh, you looked silly allright, LMBO! guineas love running with cars and bicycles, they like shiny things and their refletions..

GG, thos ebigger ones are French Guineas. they will make great eating!

Foley, MO

Aha, I should've pulled out my compact and lured it with its reflection, lol : )

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

ex-actly! funny you thought you could catch it by chasing it, those things are FAST!

Foley, MO

Well, I though maybe I could talk everyone into cornering it, but no one was interested in running down the highway with me. I have never had guineas, I figured they were quick. I was supposed to get them this year, but since I got the duck and ordered more, they will have to wait another year (sigh).

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