Starkville, MS

I have a family Bible with information on this family. This is not my family line and I would really like to get this Bible to someone in this famliy line. I have looked online and found several sites. I contacted one person who forwarded my message to someone else, but I never heard from them. From the info I did find online, I believe the researcher has missed some valuable information. I hope to get the Bible to the right people, so they can get their files up to date.

South Bend, IN

Good luck. The name Lawrence Willoughby was the name of a Doctor in South Bend, IN who worked for charter in the mid-nineties. The hospital and all reference to it and many of it's employess are gone. With the testing that they did while I was there on other people and me not remembering 6 weeks of my 8 week stay would tend to tell you he probably doesn't want to be found or he'd have found you.

If you do hear where they may be I've been looking as well for this man who used to be the #1 drug counselor in the State of Indiana. Odd how he could fall off the face of the earth eh.

Welcome to my life.

Andrew Floyd Strasser

Starkville, MS

Andrew- That "black hole" does seem a bit odd!

The L W Cox in this Bible was born in 1868, in Attapulgus, AL. I have about exhausted my research on this family. I really would like to get the Bible to some interested family member, but it is beginning to seem a bit hopeless.

Thanks for your input - I'll certainly see if I can find any sort of connection, and let you know anything that comes up.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

You've probably moved on from this, but I have 2 suggestions.
First, you can go to
and look at the work these folks are doing to reunite people with their lost Bibles.
Or you could contact Thelma M. Dunn, 18 Bomar Lake Cove, Atoka, TN, 38004. She's done a lot of research on Willoughbys.

Starkville, MS

You are a *sweetheart*! Thanks so much for the info. I am fixing to start tracking again! Oddly enough, I just met someone from Atoka this weekend at the Midsouth roundup in Tupelo. I'm willing to bet she can help me find Thelma!
Thanks again - ginni

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Good luck, Ginni!

Jacksonville, NC(Zone 8b)

My line on my grandmothers side is [ Cox,Cocke,Cocks } This is tricky. They interchanged the spelling,even in the same family.Brothers used different spellings.There is a book out called "Gockes and Cousins" most libraries either have it or can get in on loan. It starts with most all the Cox immigrants and tracks them. My family was mostly Tn., Msp. and Va. Sometimes the census taker just spelled it however it sounded.So be eure and check all the conceivable spellings when you are searching.If I can help anyone, I'll be glad too.I've been doing this over 20 years and it never ends.

Tallahassee, FL

Lawrence Willoughby Cox and Willie Leona Lee are my great-grandparents, so I would love to track down this family bible. But unfortunately, TGIF (Ginni) is no longer a member of Dave's Garden and I cannot reach her through D-Mail. If anyoe knows how to reach her, I would really appreciate your passing along my email address to her: kwcox(at) Thanks so much for your help!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Unfortunately you won't be able to get in touch with her--the blue forget me not icon is used for DG members who have passed away.

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Maybe someone on the Mid-South forum knew her and would have contact info for her family - just a thought.

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