Going to Hawaii in May, 2006

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

I am going to Hawaii in May 2006.
Taking my two boys, 22 & 18 years old.
Am staying in Oahu for 5 days and then Maui for 5 days. Renting a car on Maui only. Staying in Waikiki at the Miramar at Waikiki and in Maui, staying at the Kaanapali (sp?) Villas.
I am wondering if anyone out there has some tips on what to do/not to do there. Like luaus, certain things that just can't be missed, Pearl Harbor, transfers, airport, food, restaurants, souviners, etc.
Would really like some ideas/tips on how to make this trip memorable tho cost effective.
Thanks, Carol

Braselton, GA(Zone 8a)

CONGRATS!! Hope you have a marvelous trip[said while typing thru a very green haze!]

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Oahu- If you like plants, be sure to visit Lyons arboretum, Foster's Garden, Ho
Omaluhia and the Audobon centers while on Oahu. See Haunama Bay (for snorkling)... rent motorscooters. Polynesian center has a good show, but sort of commercial. Huge shopping mall.

Maui- more touristy stuff there. Great snorkling everywhere. If you want to throw up, be sure to drive to Hana (very long and endlessly winding road). Have a botanical garden but small and I haven't been to it.

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Well, palmbob,
Thanks for your tips.
I didn't know that there that many places in Oahu for plant stuff. Great. Will do some googling to see what they are about.
I do know there is supposed to be a botanical gardens on Maui but need to find out more about it.
Just keep the ideas coming, guys!

Olympia, WA(Zone 7b)

I went to Hawaii in sixth grade, quite awhile ago now. The thing I'll NEVER forget: snorkeling in Hanauma Bay on Oahu. I'd say you really can't miss that! You can take frozen peas to feed to the fish (or at least you used to be able to). That was my first time snorkeling, and now it's my very favorite "sport"!

When I went we didn't go hiking, but my aunt and uncle said they did a lot of hiking in Oahu. Is that something your boys would enjoy? I'm not much older than them, and that would be my destination. And a great way to see some gorgeous scenery, I'm sure!

For some reason I also vividly remember going to the Dole Pineapple factory. :)

Have a great time! I've been thinking of going back, so I'd love to hear how it went!

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Frozen peas? To cool of the fish, lol??? That sounds interesting.
Thanks for your ideas. The kids want to snorkel and I may try too. The hiking will be a go too I think. I may hike more on Maui tho like to some waterfalls.
So hope you get to go soon then. I will be posting pictures when we do get back.

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

daisyruffles - we went to both Oahu and Maui in 1999. I wrote about some things we did. You can read my travel log here:


Also for gardens you may want to check out this web site that you can look up gardens to visit:


On Maui, we really like the snorkeling tour we took with Trilogy Snorkeling tours:


On the Discover Molokini tour, we took we got to snorkel with large sea turtles which was cool!

On Oahu, they have a good public bus system that you can use to get around if you don't have a car. Or you can take a private bus tour. Since we were on Oahu for a short time, we took a bus tour that took us to Pearl Harbor and then the other sites on the island in one day. It was well worth it -- definitely visit Pearl Harbor as it is so moving and would be good for your boys to learn about an important event in US history. We used the Polynesian Adventure Tours on Oahu:


Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Hey, sedum, thanks so much for telling me all what you guys did. I will spend some time tonight going over it. Thanks!
Yes, Yes, Yes, I want to see some gardens so thanks so much.

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

daisyruffles - I am glad the info was helpful. If you have any other questions about what we did in Hawaii please ask! I'd be happy to help you (of course it allows me to relive my trip and to live vicariously through your trip!)....

I thought of one thing you could do for cost effective snacks while in Hawaii. While there we went to some of the local grocery stores -- wow what a treat the Hawaiian fruits were! It was the first time I had mango or papaya. Now I get these back in my home grocery store. The fruits are so fresh and relatively cheap there so enjoy! Definitely also get some fresh pineapple. Also there are a lot of road side stands selling fruits in Maui so you could give these a try as well. If you go to the Dole Pineapple Plantation on Oahu, try the pineapple ice cream. I remember it was heavenly. Also for cost effective souveniers, we got T shirts at a Wal-Mart. This could be an option for you. We tend to not buy too many souveniers so I am not the best source -- we usually just get a T shirt or a Christmas ornament to remember our trip by.

Grabill, IN(Zone 5b)

The "ABC" stores are reasonable for souveniers. Be sure to have some of their Guava jam. I have been to Oahu 3 times. Love that place more than any of the other islands. It is faster pace. The "Polynesian Culture Center " is definitely worth a day. You can go to the luau they have at night there also. Transportation is easy-bus. Pack a light suitcase because you will probably bring a few things back. Also there are books you can get at the bookstore or AAA that tells of events/places in Hawaii. You will have a blast. Enjoy the ocean......................................LOL

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

I don't know if you noticed the year I had asked but it was for last May.
We did go and we did find the ABC stores everywhere there. We liked the dried mango from that store.
Everybody has different ideas on Hawaii. We hated Oahu. Too many people and no good food plus the beaches weren't that great. We did go to Pearl Harbor and I went on a botanical garden tour. Didn't get up to the Poly. Cult. Center but wanted to. We liked Maui. Good food, beaches, and less people. Tho the traffic was awful on Maui.

Grabill, IN(Zone 5b)

I did notice the date after I had posted it. Sorry. Thanks for writing back, though. Was it anything like you expected? You mentioned you took your 2 boys. How was that? The traffic was awful in Maui? Things change. Maui has become one of the hot tourist places now. It use to be quieter. Hope you enjoyed it.

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