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lip tips

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

for the "pouty look" [is that still in?], dab gloss over lipstick in center of top and bottom lip. it has a dramatic reflective effect.


Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I have thin lips (my sister has the big full lips!) and I always end up "eating" my lipstick off. lol I can't wear gloss because my hair is long and it always blows in it and sticks. blech! So I use a lip "gloss" stick by Cover Girl that has a reddish tint to it. I LOVE it! I think the shine of it (not gooey) makes them look much fuller than normal.

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

try using two different color lip liners lighter makes it look larger and darker smaller. You can have the pouty look without the gloss stick (I have the same problem with my hair)

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

That's a good idea! I've gotten so used to just my lip stuff that I feel like a clown with liner and lipstick on! I saw that Ulta now carries a lot of the lip plumping lipsticks that the "stars" use. I'm sure they aren't cheap, but I might try one when I go out sometime.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

Ladies, when I am making up a client with thin lips, I use a very neutral lip liner and gloss. I rarely use lipstick anymore.

Makeup Artist

Thornton, IL

My niece and my daughter (ages 17 and 19) used the lip plumper gloss, makes you look like you've got a fat lip IMHO. I like very neutral pencil if I'm dressing up, with chapstick on top, plain chapstick otherwise. Does anyone know of a gloss that doesn't dry the lips out too much, besides the goo factor?

West Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

Prairie, try Blistex lip infusion, cool stuff. I needed a little somethin for the chapped lip thing I had going on but I didn't want the wax feeling and I came across this stuff, been using it for a week, I really like it. It has a metal roll on ball thingy that feels cool, like chilly cool, it has alittle taste to it but nothing funk or fruity, its realllly hydrating and has an SPF 15. I think I was in Walgreens when I got it.

smile on!

Thornton, IL

Thanks dena, I'll look for it! ;-)

Peoria, IL

The clown look from lip liner is caused by lining too far out on the edges.

When applying liner, start in the middle and follow the lip line out, but don't go all the way to the corner. Don't apply liner to the outer quarter of the lip line.

I think lip liner is such a small item, but makes a big difference in how the lips look. Liner finishes the look and helps keep lipstick from migrating past that line. Matching liners for neutral looks. But adding a darker or lighter shade of liner can add texture and contrast to create a real nice lip and helps get the blahs out of an old color that you have become bored with...

Crossville, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks, everyone for the tips. i just found this forum.
Are the liners the pencils or the one that are in tubes.
araness, do you mean to buy 2 lip colors one dark and the other lighter. Or, buy 2 liners with one being a shade lighter.
i have thin lips. Linda

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

I buy two liners and one being a shade or two lighter..

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