I know this would probably be a lot of work....

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

But it would be SO GREAT to have a column in the journal that allowed one to put in a thumbnail of the first photo for that heading... Right now I have so many plants in my journal that I can hardly keep them all straight. If there was some way a photo of each could be put in one of the columns (for example in place of the number of that entry, which I personally don't really understand the importance of), it would be SO much easier to keep track of everything and have a quick reference to what every thing was/is. Anyway, just a thought, not really bold enough to be a request.

So when I go down my list of cacti and come up with Coleocephalocereus I can have this photo in the same page I will recall suddenly what it is, instead of having to jump around and go from page to page...

Thumbnail by palmbob

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