How to Prepare for a Spring Swap

Sanford, NC

With the garden in a deep sleep now under tonight's blustery wind, it's hard to imagine items for a spring swap. Is there any sort of bride-to-be type calendar to get to when to start cuttings, plant seeds or make divisions? What was the date of last year's swap du printemps?

Selma, NC(Zone 7b)

Last year the swap was the first Saturady in May I believe or the last in April? It was still cool then with that long spring we had. I had plenty of perennials coming up to divide. Dug up some self sown seedlings and took some WS stuff.


Chapel Hill, NC(Zone 7a)

i was a lot more prepared for the fall swap than i will be for the spring event - i took far more cuttings last spring than i could use and they were ready to go by september. i imagine that once my gardens mature, i'll have a lot more perennial divisions to share in the spring. until then, my offerings will be limited to liriope & the prolific begonia grandis - and whatever successes i have started early from seed.

Cary, NC(Zone 7b)

Hey Guys,

What swap? Since I am new to the forum, did that mean there was a local NC swap in the area? How did it go and where was it done at?


Cary, NC(Zone 7b)

Chamthy - thanks for the DG email info. If anyone would like to swap or trade locally, I'm all for it. Please note, I usually can only do my gardening stuff on Sundays. Anyone interested in one on one swap, that would be fine to. I am updating my trade lists as time goes on. Thanks.


Monroe, NC(Zone 7b)

What swap? I want to go to a swap!?

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