Memorable kitchen mishaps

Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)

I was inspired by a post in the "compliments" thread on this forum " [ I don't get compliments, but I do get comments of marvel like, "Oh my gorsh, it bounced 4' off the floor!"
It was supposed to be a recipe for Chilis Relenos. Waddaya think I did wrong?]"

I can remember a couple of kitchen catastrophes that are worth mentioning and I'm sure I'm not the only one. When I was in my early teens I came across a recipe in the local newspaper for "Sqaw Bread". I think somebody was trying to duplicate the reservation favorite "Fry Bread" and got it wrong. Anyhow, I followed the recipe and put these little balls of dough into hot oil. I wasn't aware of any problem even though I could hear a couple of my brothers yellling in the background. Finally I heard something whiz by my ear and realized that these little balls were exploding out of the pan and flying through the kitchen. My brothers re-named them "Cannonballs".

We had one of those hoods over the stove and it tended to be kind of dark over the burners because of that. Once I was cooking something and thought to myself "Gee, it seems kind of lighter here than usual" ---- totally oblivious to the fact that I was holding a flaming pot holder in one hand.

The absolute prize for kitchen mishaps in my family is held by my mother. I was probably about twelve years old at the time. My mother had thrown a dish towel over her shoulder and walked by the stove where a burner was lit. The dish towel caught on fire, but she didn't know it. I can't remember whether it was me or one of my brothers who sounded the alarm. I really can't remember where this quote came from, though I remember my father quoting it from time to time "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" That's exactly what my mother did when alerted by one of us. Unfortunately, as she ran in the required circles, she passed by one of my brothers and the flaming dish towel singed all the hair on the top of his head as he was exactly the right height for it.

C'mon, I'm sure I'm not the only one with stories like these to share.

Lyndonville, NY

I have several that come to mind, unfortunately!

My first incident was when I was about 10 and decided to surprise Mom with homemade biscuits. I "faked" it with the recipe cause I had watched Mom so many times I knew what to do. Since I couldn't reach the baking pan, I put them in a cast iron skillet and put them in the oven. When they were done, I couldn't lift the skillet out of the oven it was so heavy. Mom put them on the table for dinner, and no one could even make a dent in them with their teeth they were so hard! My Uncle, who saved me, said "Debbie, these are the most awesome paperweights I have ever seen, taking one home for my desk!" And he did! I don't think it ever decayed!

My second comes from my first attempt making a birthday cake totally by myself. I was 19 and it was my ex DH's 21st birthday. He was in the service and I wanted to surprise him. Well I sure did! Don't know what I did wrong, but there was cake on the ceiling, walls, and exploded! It was a simple chocolate cake! I gave up baking for several years after that!

And now, the most humiliating and the one the family loves to tell the most. My family likes tuna cassarole, so I was making it for them. I "inadvertantly" forgot the tuna. So, we were eating and all the sudden my son, who was about 8...said Mom, there is no tuna in this? So to hide my embarrasment, I said "its tuna surprise, surprise, no tuna!" Well DH knew I had forgot it, the can was out on the counter! So, next time I had it on the dinner menu, DH got really smart and made up about 50 post it notes, put them in the fridge, cabinets, medicine cabinet, front of the name it DON'T FORGET THE TUNA! Well, I said haha, funny funny! He put two cans of tuna on the counter with big signs on them and all fun! Well, the day was hectic, I was running and getting salads and all ready, put the meal on the table......and guess what? Yep, I forgot the tuna AGAIN! I thought I would fall off the chair, and to this day, about 5 years later, have not lived it down. My daughter has taken over making the tuna cassarole!

THere are many more, but this should give you a few chuckles for now.

Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)


Thanks for sharing! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who'd had this kind of experience (or at least the only one who would admit it).

Hope you don't mind that I did get "a few chuckles" out of it --- and showed it to my Mom for good measure. I've got to say that I can't imagine how you did it either, but I loved the exploding cake! What a secret weapon! I can just imagine that on an episode of "Get Smart" or even James Bond.

Lyndonville, NY

Believe me after the divorce I would like to have had it explode a bit different! LOL

That is still a joke in his famiy also cause he walked in the middle of me trying to clean it off the ceiling and I was covered.

I have lots more! I will have to share with you soon. And I think humor is a good medicine, laugh away!


Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

Okay, my day to day life lately seems like a comic strip but since I don't do the cooking much anymore I am having to pull from the memory banks. My biggest mishap was when I was 8 and it was my best friends mom's birthday. She was like a second mom to me and we wanted it to be extra special. I walked to the store and bought the supplies at 8 in the morning, went to house and started cooking. I followed the recipe to the letter except for the size of pan to put it in. The box said sheet pan, so the only thing I could find at the store that said sheet on it was a cookie sheet. Yup, I made a cake on a cookie sheet, within 15 of placing it in the oven the whole house was full of smoke and smoke alarms blaring. My friends mom WAS asleep, and we all made it out to the yard in time for the fire department to pull up. It was a running joke that I am not allowed near the stove in her house for many years.

The one other one that comes to mind was only a few years ago. I was making Rice a Roni and trying to get dinner together quickly. I really wasnt looking at what I was grabbing from the frig when reaching for the butter to brown the rice. I thought it melted funny but really wasn't paying to close attention. I served the kids and DH and finished up what I was doing and sat down. The kids just stared at me as I took my first bite. I spit it out all over the place. DH said Thank God and the kids just screamed. I had grabbed the new squeeze mustard instead of the butter.

Oh and DD gave me the permission to tell you about her mishap. She wanted to surprise my mother and make spagetti. She did an awesome job on the sauce after follow my directions step by step, but unfortunately she didn't ask how to make the pasta. She filled up the pot with cold water, added a pinch of salt and a drop of butter to the water and then added the spagetti. By the time the mixture reached a boil she had a pot full of doughy mush. Laughing at her for this one is my revenge for the giggles about the rice a roni.

Thanks for the giggles

Waaaay Down South, GA

Okay McCool ... you asked for it. LOL I couldn't cook a lick when I got married and I was 19. Had to learn all on my own. I lived out of town from my Mother and that was before cell phones so I couldn't afford to call every time I had a question. wouldn't call my DMIL either. that would have been too embarrissing. ;)

Anyway, one of the worse things I've ever done was the time I wanted to make salmon patties. Now I had a recipe from the back of the Crisco can. All the ingredients were listed ... and the last one was *naturally* Crisco. So, I measured each ingredient very carefully ... adding the Crisco last just like it said. Needless to say they were a *bit* greasy. hehehe That was what you were to cook them in. LOL LOL

The next *really* horrid thing I did was the ham casserole. Now this was Mama's wonderful casserole for using left over ham. The first ingredient on this was 1 sqant cup uncooked macarroni. She listed all the ingredients like any recipe. then underneath had ... Directions. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, she *never* told me to cook the macarroni. Hmmm, have you ever tried eating a casserole with macarroni that has been baked in it raw? I don't advise it. :) I'm like Debbie ... there's plenty more, but I really think we should laugh at someone else now. LOL
... elaine

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

It was the first summer of our marriage, I was 18 years old my husband 23. His mother had given me a beautiful large, antique crystal pitcher that she wanted to have for ice tea. She told me how to make it, first boil water to make tea, then make a syrup with water and sugar. As I poured the syrup in the pitcher about to add the tea when the pitcher cracked and broke into many pieces, flying all over the kitchen floor, as I turned in dismay I slipped on the syrupy kitchen floor, fell flat on my stomach and could not get up for I kept on slipping and ended up cutting myself, fortuntely not badly.
What a mess I had to clean up, not just the floor but myself too. There was no ice tea with mint that hot summer day for my husband thar evening!
His mother said to me later, I should have told you to put a silver spoon into the pitcher before you pour boiling any thing in it.
I can think of more funny happenings in my kitchenI. Will tell another time.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Our memorable disaster was part kitchen and part other. I have a vague recollection of having told it here somewhere else, but can't find it and the search engine isn't working. So, if you've already heard this story, just scroll on.

It was summer of 1970. We'd had a heat wave which had just broken and we invited friends over to dinner.

Those of you who were around in those days may remember wine bottles which had an ice cavity in them. You could buy just the bottles, or you could buy a wine which was packaged that way. We did the latter. It was also a time in which pump wine openers were very popular - you inserted a needle through the cork and then pumped in air until the cork came out.

Well, with a relatively cooler day, I spent much of the day making enchiladas including tortillas from scratch. Somewhere close to dinner, I ran out to the grocery store for something, leaving DH to watch dinner. (Closest grocery store in those days was about 6 or 7 km away). While there, my old Studebaker decided not to start for the trip home. I called DH to rescue me with his pride and joy - a 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet (which we still have in original condition).

Disaster #1 - he didn't turn the stove off under the dinner.

We got home.
Disaster #2: In those days we had just a carport, rather than a garage. He let me off to discover the burnt dinner and then proceeded to roll the car back in the carport. This he did with the driver's door open. When he got back as far as he wanted to go, he reached for the brake but got the clutch instead. He ended up hitting the carport pillar with the car door, knocking it off it's base. He got out, assessed the damage and closed the car door (which looked OK) only to find it had been sprung just enough that it wouldn't open again. And he also had to deal with jacking up the pillar to get it back on its base.

Well he did that and the friends came - I have no idea what we fed them but we found something. Then,

Disaster #3 - when we tried to open that bottle of wine. You've probably already pieced together what happened. Bottles like that have areas of thinner glass unlike regular bottles, and long before the cork came out, the bottle exploded all over the dining room. We found bits of glass and remnants of that wine when we took out the wall between the dining room and kitchen 21 years later.

Somehow, we all survived it. The local Porsche shop was able to get the door open and put a shim in which made it work. And as I mentioned, we still have the car. Don't remember what we ate, but we are still friends with those people tho they now winter in Mexico and summer at their cottage, having sold their house which was a couple of blocks away.


Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

How awful, Ann, "it is like when it rains it pours"

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

This one goes back 25 years... when I was first married, and living in an apartment, we had over the now ex's Dad and step - Mom for dinner. First time I was going to cook for them. My mother makes really great pies, and I learned how to make a good pie from her - so I thought making a good old fashioned apple pie would really impress them. The rest of the dinner prep went well. I took the pie out of the oven shortly after they arrived. His step-mom was not a very good cook, and they were really looking forward to the pie after they smelled it baking. I knew when I took it out of the oven something did not look right.

After dinner, I cut the pie - and it seemed harder to cut than normal. I went to lift the piece out of the pan, and could not get the spatula between the pie crust and the pan. I tried and tried.

It finally struck me that I was so nervous about them coming to dinner - before putting the apples etc. in the pieshell.... I had pricked the crust all over with a fork, as if I was going to bake it empty !! So all the sugar and good stuff had run out of the pie through all those holes, and down between the crust and the pieplate, cementing the crust to the pieplate. We ended up scooping out the apples and top crust, and joking about it being apple cobbler instead. They never let me live that one down in all the 14 years we were married.


Bloomingdale, OH(Zone 6a)

I forgot to put the sugar in a Rhubarb pie once. Ever see 5 adults trying to suck their eyeballs down their throats?

It was a tad sour.


Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)

Thanks every one of you who admitted to their kitchen mishaps! For the most part, they seem pretty funny viewed from a few(?) years down the road. I have to say though, Maria, I really couldn't laugh that much about yours because you actually were hurt and even now that's not funny. I'm sorry that happened.

I've got a couple more to share -- one of mine and one that one of my customers shared with me a couple of years ago that's just too good not to repeat.

Mine happened not in the kitchen, but while camping at a folk festival that I used to attend every year. I had brought my then boyfriend who was a Hindu (and therefore vegetarian) and we were joined for supper at our campsite by two of my brothers who had also come for the festival. I had packed a couple of jars of vegetable soup in the cooler and we planned on that for supper. I decided that it looked a bit thick and grabbed the container we'd been using to ferrry water from the pump down to our campsite, totally forgetting that we'd used said container to mix orange juice that morning. As I started pouring the "water" into the soup, my eyes just about bugged out of my head --- it was orange! I just stopped at that point and grabbed an empty container and headed for the pump. I met my boyfriend there and told him what had happened. He responded "You did WHAT?" and we both exploded into giggles. Everytime we caught each other's eye we both started laughing again. One of my brothers remarked that he was glad we were having such a good time. Luckily, the tomato base of the soup was strong enough to mask the orange juice and they never knew the difference.

There's one more story that I'd like to share even though it isn't "mine" and it's more of a dining room mishap than a kitchen one. A customer at my store related this one to me and she was a good enough story-teller that I could just see it happening in my mind's eye. There is a historical recreation village not that far from here and, among other things, it contains a turn of the century blacksmith's shop. This woman purchased a lovely and pricey candle chandelier from said shop and installed it in her dining room. She decided to have a dinner party, put tapers in the chandelier and lit them. About a third of the way through the meal, little wrought iron "missiles" started to descend from the chandelier right into the diners' plates. Of course, to make matters worse, she was serving marinara sauce, so you can imagine what the guests looked like at that point! When she went back to the blacksmith to complain, she was greeted with "You weren't actually supposed to light the candles!" Apparently he had used an extremely low-melt solder to attach the candle holders to the body of the chandelier, and the rest, as they say, was "history".

Central, WI(Zone 4a)

I wouldn't know which one to start with first,,,LOL


Bloomingdale, OH(Zone 6a)

Start with the one that embarrases you most, or caused the most property damage.

(not that I have heard many stories about your cooking or anything)



Central, WI(Zone 4a)

LOL,,,well, lets see,,,,this isn't a long one but kind of embarassing. I was making something that needed to be put in a glass 11x13 cake pan. The directions said to heat water to boiling and pour it into the glass pan. I thought I would save myself a step and heat the water in the glass pan on top of the stove. I did that and put the next ingredient in the pan and put it on the oven,,,the darn glass cake pan Exploded. I had glass All over the place. What a mess to clean up.

Never heat water in a glass baking pan on the stove and then put it in the oven.


Bloomingdale, OH(Zone 6a)


Central, WI(Zone 4a)

Yep,,,lol Still haven't replaced that pan.

Another time, I was going to make some nice ribs for dinner, so, I put them in my small roasting pan, put some water in and popped them in the oven, after an hour I added the BBQ sauce and was going to leave them for another hour. Well, I sat down on the couch,,,pretty soon I started getting sleepy so I thought, I'll just lay down for a few minutes,,,,,,I woke up when Bill came home and asked what I was burning for dinner,,,LOL That whole mess went in the garbage,,,roasting pan and all. Come to think of it, I haven't replaced that pan either,,,LOL

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

My stepdaughter decided to bake a cake one day while her dad and I were at work. She preheated the oven, as directed, then put together the ingredients and mixed them. She then poured the batter into a floured pan and set it in the oven. Next she knelt down to light the oven through the broiler door. Needless to say, the built up gas that had been 'preheating' for about 20 minutes exploded and her hair caught on fire. Her brother stopped the blaze by smacking her repeatedly with a damp dish towel.

When her dad and I got home, the house smelled of burnt hair, the kitchen looked like a hurricane hit it, and Becky had no eyebrows. One side of her lovely, long brunette hair looked like a matted charcoal bricket. Thank goodness, she was OK, but we took her to the emergency room and hairdresser! Every time she looked in the mirror and saw her reflection without eyebrows, it reminded her that you don't 'preheat' a gas stove without lighting it first!

Central, WI(Zone 4a)


Oh my gosh,,,what a mess for her,,,hair, eyebrows ,,,,poor thing. Thank God that's all that happened!


Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Though it pales in comparison to the other posts, LOL,
I have to apologize to my eighth grade Home Economics
teacher; Mrs. Grigsby.

She was so set in her ways, such a nag. Her way was THE way.
No compliments, no support or encouragement, just well beyond retirement time.

So, when we removed our class instructed orange muffins from
the oven, they fell to the floor. They were quickly scooped up and
set on the entry plate.

Mrs. Grigsby raved about those muffins. Fine texture, wonderful
taste, all the big hoopla to follow.

Even though she was a hag, we did feel bad for feeding her dirty
floor-dropped muffins, even if she did eat them with praise.

(hangs head in shame while laughing)

Toledo, OH(Zone 5b)

I was about 15, making brownies, I had over cooked them a tad, and had read that dipping a pan in cold water can help keep the bottoms from being so burnt. I don't think they meant for this to be done with a glasss pan. oops!

Denver, CO


As a newlywed, I was quite confident about my skills, since I'd been cooking for years. Biscuits were a breeze. However I wasn't smart enough to know not to use old baking powder. You can imagine what the result was. Of course, my also newly wed husband tried to be helpful and clean the kitchen, and for some reason, he flushed the rock hard buscuits. It took Roto rooter 2 days to unclog the plumbing for the entire trailer park. we at least had sense enough to keep our mouth shut about the cause.

Last Christmas, I started a batch of candy. Bring sugar, karo and water to 300 degrees. Take my advise, don't let someone at the door distract you from this task. I went back to the kitchen to find the syrup had boiled over and caught fire. Fortunately, other than the loss of the pan, no major damage was done, but it took days to rid the house of the smoke and burned smell.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

One of my friends and I decided to make up a casserole for lunch one summer when we were about 15. She got out the blue box mac and cheese, a can of tuna, a small can of tomato sauce, shredded cheese and nacho cheese Doritos. We ended up making a "run for the border" it was so digusting.

My mom and I came home one morning after going out to the farmers market and the house was "cloudy" and smelled like my dad and brother after eating beans! Mom had put a dozen eggs on to hardboil and forgot about them. After the water boiled away the eggs burned and exploded up onto the ceiling and then continued to burn. Thank goodness the house was OK, although the smell lingered for a few days.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

What fun reading all of the stories.

This is my favorite. It was my Aunt's story, I am sure she won't mind that I share.

She was a newly wed and decided to bake a birthday cake for new Hubby.

She started mixing the cake batter and discovered she was out of plain flour, so she substituted self rising flour. She was measuring the salt over the bowl and when she tipped the box the top was loose and almost half the salt in the box fell into the flour. She scooped out what she could and went ahead with her mixing. The recipe called for buttermilk, she didn't have that either so she put in regular milk and some butter. The cake batter looked just fine so she poured it into the pan and started to cook. She looked into the oven while it was cooking and it was beautiful, puffy layers. When she took them out of the oven they at once fell to about 1/2" thick. LOL

Not to be out done she decided to go ahead and just make extra frosting. She couldn't get the fallen cakes out of the pans except in pieces. She finally got most of the cake pieces out and arranged the bottom layer on her serving dish.

New hubby loved chocolate so she melted the choc. bars. When she poured the hot chocolate mix into the glass mixing bowl it broke. Chocolate was running all over her counter and dripping on the floor. Still determined to present him with a cake she scrapped all of the chocolate and the glass off the counter and continued mixing. She knew at this time they couldn't eat it anyway.

She spread a generous amount of frosting across the bottom layer and then reached for the second layer, forgetting the chocolate that had dripped onto the floor. She next found herself sitting on the floor with both the layer spread with chocolate and the unfrosted layer on the floor beside her. Still not to be out done, crying and laughing at the same time she cleaned up the cake and the chocolate, rearranged the cake and put on the top layer and finished frosting the cake.

After dinner she dimmed the lights and came in with her beautiful birthday cake covered with candles for her "True Love". We sang to him, he blew out the candles and she threw her cake in the trash. Then she shared her story. It has been many years and this is still our families favorite birthday story. LOL

She is now a wonderful cook and baker.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Mine was recently which makes it the most embarrassing part of it, I should know better by now (!) but the mistake wasn't catastrophic.

I greased and "floured" a pan for brownies but thought it would be much sweeter to sprinkle the pan with powdered sugar instead of icky flour. Who'da thought the sugar would melt down and help the brownies become one with the pan instead. Hehe.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

That sound like something I'd do:) Just something I have tried...mix some cocoa powder in with the flour, like 1/2 and 1/2 and that will work = ) I read that somewhere when someone didn't want any white flour residue on her chocolate cake. I used a blend but you could probably do all cocoa powder too.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Funny, I have always greased my cake pans and sprinkled with granulated sugar instead of flour. Not been a problem so far, maybe the next one will stick. LOL

Lyndonville, NY

Picabo, she said she used powdered sugar, wonder if that made the difference? I didn't think that stuff melted like that....but I have burned plenty of regular sugar! smelly!


Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

I have a new one to add. Sigh. Shoulda known better I suppose!

Did you know if you bake in a glass casserole dish and it's hot from the oven you DON'T put water in it to soak in the sink! BOOM! I've often done this with no problems but recently took the pans contents out and put the pan in the sink with HOT water almost immediately. BOOM!

DH came in the room to ask what had happened when he saw the shards. Luckily it all stayed IN the sink and broke into many easily removed chunks.

Who knew? Hehe.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

I wouldn't have thought it would break if added to hot water, but I guess the water was as hot as the pan, so it's all relative.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

YES! I've been vindicated! At least SOMEONE else agrees with me?! Who knew! I've done it before with no problems. To bad because it was a glass casserole dish which had a plastic lid with steam release hole for microwaving....sigh.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Maybe it was a case of dish suicide. Maybe it was depressed and didn't want to go on any longer, traveling round and round in the microwave, sweating in the oven....

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Hehe...never did actually use it in the micro but nice that it had a lid to!

Carson City, NV(Zone 6b)

This one is recent and not exactly mine. On Sunday my boyfriend decided to bake a cake for his fathers birthday. While he is good at cooking many things, cakes just aren't his strong point. He grabbed a new cookbook that I just bought and found a recipe that looked good. He's not very good about reading the whole recipe before the first attemp, he just sort of skims through as a goes. Well he got to the part that says 'add the remaining sugar' and let out an exasperated groan. What remaining sugar? We'll I took that batch away from him and put it in the toaster oven ( It turned into a slightly odd gooey fudge that tasted pretty good). After reading the recipe again (all the way through) he made a second attempt but failed to make an important connection. He grabbed the next pan that was about the right size, an old 9 springform, and worked through the recipe again. The last step of the recipe is to pour 1 cups of boiling water on top of the batter and this makes a fudge sauce in the BOTTOM of the pan. Well the batter held the hot water away from the seam on the pan just long enough to get the cake into the oven and walk away. I smelled burning and opened the oven to find chocolate water running out the bottom of the pan. At that point DB was furious and I told him if he had a tantrum and broke anything I would give him a swift kick in the shin. I sent him to the garage long enough for the oven to cool so we could clean it. Then I made a regular chocolate cake with no drama (and DB went back to the garage where he belongs :)

Headland, AL(Zone 8a)

My most memorable kitchen mishap was when I was a teenager in the 70s. I had been lying out in the sun and came in to get something to eat. I had a hankering for fried eggs, so I set about frying up a couple. Being from the south, frying means using lots of this case, bacone grease. As I went to turn the eggs, they slipped off the spatula and splattered grease all over my nekked tummy. I had second degree burns with blisters...on top of a sunburn. That night my boyfriend came over to see me and when he went to hug me ferom behind and put his arms around my belly, I went through the ceiling. I explained about my mishap.

The weird thing is the very same day his mother was making tea and hadn't let the tea cool down prior to pouring it in the glass spitcher. Because the AC was turned really low, the temperature cahnge caused the pitcher to shatter....spilling scalding tea all over HER stomach. For years after that, long after we broke up, he swore we were fated for each other because hs mother and I had both burned our stomachs in the kitchen on the same day!

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

My story goes back to the early 50's. I had an aunt who lived in Augusta, GA. She was very rich and had servants. For some reason, she liked to spend a wk. with us in our 3 bedroom, 1 bath house (my grandmother, mother, 2 brothers and yours truly). One summer while she was visiting, she took it upon herself to cook supper. While my grandmother and mother were sitting out on the front porch, she went into the kitchen, turned on the gas in the oven and THEN started looking for matches. (This was before elec. ignitions). Our kitchen opened onto the backporch. I had just stepped into the kitchen from the porch when BOOM. The blast blew me back into the screen of the porch, blew out the windows in the kitchen and dining room, destroyed the stove and partially the wall in back of it. Blew my aunt across the kitchen table and into a cupboard. She paid for all the repairs and a new stove.

I have a gas stove now, but am still leery of it. Liz

Philadelphia, MS(Zone 7b)

My children could (and would) give ya'll Lots of stories....but there is one they will never let me forget.
The children were all quite young and we were having a backyard picnic. They were all allowed to invite friends. I was cooking on the grill, etc. Everything was going along just fine until it was time for the ice cream.. I thought it would be fun for all of the kids to see how the old crank churns worked (still like those best) and was going to give each one of them a chance to turn the crank. I bet we cranked on that thing for HOURS. I knew something was wrong but just kept getting the kids to take turns assured that EVENTUALLY, the stuff would begin to harden. Finally, my oldest son had enough. He said, "Mom, there's got to be something wrong...we give up and are going to play". Being defeated, I took the freezer back into the kitchen and started taking it apart. I HAD FORGOTTEN THE PADDLE. The cream itself had never been turning! I never told the visiting children a thing. I simply inserted the paddle and cranked away in the kitchen The neighborhood children thought I had worked miracles. My own children knew what had happened and always make sure that I put the thing together right. Of course, each time they come for a visit now, they insist on home-made ice cream just so they can tell that story!
I also have the rock-hard biscuit story. My young DH swore we could pave a sidewalk with them. The dog used them as chew toys for ages!
My children have all given me kitchen timers as gifts because I am the Burn Queen!

Piqua, OH(Zone 6a)

First let me say, "What a fun thread". Now the mishaps.
When I was engaged to my DH, about 36 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to bake homemade pies. My DD could put pie dough together without even measuring and it always turned out great. Well, after watching him I thought I could do that. I made the apple pie put it in the oven to bake and was so proud of myself until it was time to take it out of the oven. The top crust had ballooned up about 9 inches! It seemed I had forgotten to put vent holes in the top crust. ROTFL

Then a couple of years ago. After pretty much mastering pie baking I was asked by my DD to bake the pies for Thanksgiving dinner. I made a pecan pie, an apple pie and pumpkin pies. Well, I got a piece of pumpkin pie and wondered why everyone was watching me take a bite. I put it in my mouth and swallowed and said "I forgot the sugar!" Yuck. How embarassing.

Then one time I made lasagna in a pyrex 9x13 pan. Smelled great looked great and then when I was taking it out of the oven and it hit the (I guess) cooler air of the kitchen it exploded. Hot and I mean hot lasagna fell on the floor and my foot. Luckily no serious damage but I can't remember what we ate instead.

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Missouri City, TX

Just a quick couple:
DW once made a beautiful chocolate cake, but used the seasoned flour instead of the plain - lots of garlic in that cake. Tasted good, just had a heavy odor.

When we got our first microwave oven - cooked a 4# chicken hen whole. Followed the instructions from the oven manufacturer, but it did not look done. Gave it another 20 minutes. Looked better - maybe another 20 minutes. Looked like a picture from a cooking magazine. Opened the door and removed the bird - smelled good - went to cut some breast meat - hollow bird - tried the thigh - same hollow bird. We went out to eat - and have laughed about the microwave chicken for years. The desiccated carcass weighed about 6 ounces.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Sounds like a mummy chicken!

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