Grape Vines

Grovetown, GA

I planted some black & gold muscadines (sp) a few years ago and they have grown well but I can't even give them away, Thought I might replace them with grapes. Anyone have any recommendations on a variety that would do well for Augusta Ga? Full sun, sandy, well drained soil with irrigation.

Thanks in advance

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm not from the Carolinas but I have muscadine grapes, too (inherited them with the house and yard.)

Just in case you don't find any suitable substitutes, I thought I'd share my sympathies....boy, do fresh muscadines make you pucker up! The upside is they make awesome grape jelly (which I can't hardly make enough of, because my kids (and nephews) think that's the only thing in the world to put on your sausage biscuits and peanutbutter sandwiches ;o)

Garner, NC

i'm not partial to them, but most people around here squeeze the sour skin, popping the sweet innards directly into their mouths, avoiding the pucker power. 'course you still have to spit out the seeds.... tammy

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

they have a winery right around the corner that grows them to make wine with. they used to buy them from others dont know if they still do.

grapes are hard to do here unless you live in the north georgia area. i have tried several times and just failed. my local nursery wont even sell them.lowes and places like that sell things they shouldnt sell in areas.

the only other grape i know of that does good here in the mountain areas are whats called bunch grapes. heres a site if you are really dedicated to them

it also list a few others to try also. Marie

(Zone 9a)

You can send all those Muscadines to me, I love them, even the puckery skins. LOL

Ronan, MT(Zone 5b)

Being from Tenn. originally I have very fond memories of eating them in the wild. Wish I were in your delimma.

Lucama, NC(Zone 7b)

I love the muscadines and the scuppernongs, I also have the bunch grapes and they do well for me in North Carolina! If you are going to have any cuttings from your muscadines, do post it please!!!

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

I grow those and can actually sell them around if I wanted. I give away bags of them.

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