Society Silk Embroidery repair.

Goleta, CA

I have some VERY minor repair work that needs to be done on an antique table runner. I am not capable of doing it myself. Can anyone recommend someone who does this kind of work?



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Mansfield, TX(Zone 8a)

You could check with local specialty shops (that carry heirloom sewing supplies, embroidery, etc). A lot of them give classes and might know of someone. Beautiful table runner.

Goleta, CA

Oh good idea! Hadn't thought of that!

Thanks Stownes.


Fort Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10b)

Charming as well as beautiful table runner.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I am new here and have been a student of traditional Japanese silk embroidery for over five years. The most "simple" repair requires hand dyed silk (imported from China or, as I prefer, from Japan) and framing the piece for correct tension. This may be simple in your estimation... but not. The creation of many of these old embroideries requires/ed specialized skills, but even more, specialized tools and equipment. I'd be glad to send you pics of my work and if I can help please DMail. Regardless of what you do with your runner, the piece is a treasure and should be stored or repaired accordingly.

West Islip, NY

While I cannot repair your pc. I did want to say it is beautiful and I wish you luck. A few years back I joined an on line sild embroidery forum. It has gone out of business. They would have a new project each month and you would join the project. I really enjoyed it. I no sooner bought some new ribbon and that was the end of them. Anyone know of another forum such as that one? I'd certainly like to know.

Thank you for your response.

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