Interested in Brug seeds

Ft Myer, VA

I don't have any brugmansia seeds. I thought I had them but found out they were datura. Anyone kind enough to share some seeds with me? I can send postage for them. Any variety would be fine since I have none. Thanks for your help. ~Wipa


Hmm, I have a few seedpods forming and Brugmansia seeds are best if they are planted fresh...why not hybridize a few of your own? If I can rememeber to remember I will let a few seeds out this fall to anyone with a heated greenhouse first and a few out to those without after that. Seeds are very easy and as it is, I just made about tried to start about 50 or so seedpods using my Isabella pink's as seed bearers and pollen donors. With the drought were getting I may just have a few take though as I have had to let up on the watering. I have a few seedpods almost to maturity on my own personal hybrids as it stands, none on my named hybrids develop that fast though.

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