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Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)

I've been flipping back and forth between this forum and the Carolinas Forum. I'm in Zone 7a (moving from Zone 5 last year, getting a little more growing season now. YEA!) but I tell you what, my area of Virginia has got some crazy quirks. Getting used to them of course. I guess they call this area the Central Rappahannock area and depending on your neigborhood (really, I'm serious) you have either sand or clay which is why I've been in the Carolina's forum a lot because we have similar issues.

Any more Virginia Gardeners (or Maryland?) hanging around this forum? We are kind of hanging between the Northeast and Carolinas (Civil War issues aside please...just talking about gardening, Ha Ha) so I feel a little like a lost child. Not as cold as you guys in the New England part of the North-East but not as warm as the south.

There are a ton of Gardening symposiums, lectures, tours and such coming up this year, can't wait! I'm right between the American Horticulture Society headquarters in Alexandria and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond so I can easily reach both if anyone is interested in going to anything they have going on. Would be fun to meet up at any of them in a DG group. I'm checking both calendars and making plans.


Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

Hey Garity - good to see you here! We a have a few Marylanders around...hopefully they will have some input for you!


cambridge md, MD(Zone 7a)

I am from Maryland close to wash D.C. and like you where I live it is pure clay . over the years 35 now I have pretty nice soil but only because i compost everything , leaves grass cuttings to amend the soil. And depending what I am growing I have to amend the soil, add lime and what have you. I dont use pesticides and very little fertilizers and I am doing fine plantwise.Sometimes they grow too well. I was wondering why we didnt have the mid atlantic as a region ... I guess we are off the map....

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Welcome to DG Orchidfancy! Maybe if we build up enough interest we will get a Mid-Atlantic section! Know what you mean about the soil. I cry as I drive down streets and see bags upon bags of grass or leaves. If only I had more time! I could have the most wicked compost filled yard! As it goes right now I've got four 4x4 compost bins and it doesn't even scratch the surface. I need a permanent cement mixer in the back yard just to throw materials in and mix them up. How cool would that be?


Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

Not that we would want to loose you from the Northeast, but if you go to the Dave's Garden forum and start a thread requesting a Mid-Atlantic Forum & get 10 interested people, they give you a forum. That's how we got here.

Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

awww - garity, I'd miss you!! Dave, tell her she's got to stay!!

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

There's just one think I feel compelled to say - DON'T TELL US HOW YOUR ROSES ARE BLOOMING IN LATE APRIL AND MAY AND HOW THE DAFFS AND TULIPS ARE ALL OUT IN MARCH!!! lol, it gets to this time of year, and my DH tells me not to even come to Dave's because someone always has to post how EARLY everything in their garden is blooming and I have almost 4 months of waiting yet to do! I don't deny you the pleasure of your garden and it's earlier seasons, but please, just let me hang around with some folks that know the last frost could very well happen sometime in June and that we will just have to wait out nasty chilly March and April and the real possibilitly of snow in May. ; )

Southern, CT(Zone 6a)

I think there is plenty of room for Garity & Kathleen here. This thread is the VA thread of our forum. So Garity, I say you have to stay (Better late than never, Anita? I've been sick!)

Lexington, VA(Zone 6a)

garityann, visited your thread requesting a Mid-Atlantic forum and cast my vote - now trying to encourage other members to show their support
In the meantime, I'll be checking out the Northeast and Carolinas forums to see what everyone's up to.

Reading your note about Lewis Ginter and Alexandria, wanted to give you a heads up for plant sales in the spring:

Green Spring Gardens Park, Alexandria - Market Days, Saturdays (April 8th through May 13th)
9:00-1:00 - a smaller farmer's market atmosphere with 10-15 vendors, compared to the "big" sale on May 20th with 50+ vendors! The "big" sale runs from 9:00-3:00 with large crowds, but well worth the effort to attend for the huge selection of plants available. Get there early!

AHS River Farm, Alexandria - Annual Plant Sale - Thurs (AHS members only), Fri and Sat - general public (April 20-April 22)

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond - Thurs thru Sat (May 4-6). This sale is being held a little later than usual this year because Easter weekend falls on their typical sale weekend - the third weekend in April. They're extending the hours on Thursday until 8:00 to enable customers who work until 5:00 to shop during the evening!

Blandy Experimental Station (State Arboretum of Virginia), Boyce - Mother's Day weekend, Sat-Sun, May 13 &14. (Members of the Arboretum are able to attend a preview sale on Friday evening from 5:00 to 7:30) This show has experienced some lousy weather in prior years, but last year's gorgeous weather prompted an estimated 16,000 visitors over the weekend!

Another show, only in its fourth year and gaining momentum - Edith J. Carrier Arboretum on the JMU campus in Harrisonburg - Sat, May 27th, 10-4

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Germantown, MD(Zone 7a)

I'm from Maryland. It would be nice to have a Mid-Atlantic forum.

Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Garityann - another Virginian checking in. I'm actually quite close to you (about 45 minutes north in Culpeper), & sometimes go down to Fredericksburg to shop.

I think we're a little warmer than the true Northeasters, which is why I'm also voting for a "MidAtlantic Forum", which would more closely represent those of us who are sort of caught between a rock & a hard place between the Northeast & the South/Southeast.

That said, my parents still live in Long Island, NY, & I find that our weather, tho it may occur hours or a day or so apart, is nearly identical most of the time. The main difference, I've found, is the soil. Here on the farm, except for the areas I've inundated with compost, it's nothing but that awful red clay.

Brockton, MA(Zone 6a)

I've gardened since I was a kid but I didn't get serious until I built this house in 1986.
Want to talk about rocks? This house was built on what used to be a Sand and Gravel yard. There are 2 boulders the size of Volkswagens buried out back. Any new bed is major surgery.
There is very good drainage, though, LOL.
Andy P

edited to say.
Oh no! I posted on the wrong thread. Sorry

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Bridgewater, VA(Zone 6b)

I'm out here in the Shenandoah Valley. I just wandered into the neighborhood.

Lexington, VA(Zone 6a)

Hey, hagenswoods, welcome to Dave's Garden! You need to get over to this thread ASAP and join us in to lend your support in getting our own Mid Atlantic forum!

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