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Paducah, KY

I have a question about a problem that has plagued me since 13 or so...a looonnngggg time, anyway. I have deep set eyes. When I use mascara, my lashes lay against my skin, top and bottom. Within hours, I have a perfect circle around my eyes. I have tried smudge-water-any kind of proof you can think of. I watch the eye creams, and clear is out of the question, as my lashes are light. No mascara is out of the question, because it opens the eye area, and I really need that. Can any of you beauty mavens help? I appreciate your insight!

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Bless your little racoon heart! lol! Maybe kanita will pop in and help. She's a professional makeup artist. :) ... v

Paducah, KY

I hope so! Any advice is appreciated at this point.

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

I have had a little problem with that too. Especially with the top lashes. I have to make sure my eyelid and upper part has no cream/oil on it. My skin has become so dry that I don't have as much trouble with that now. But, I always had to use a dry/matte eye shadow so the mascara wouldn't get on my skin. You can lightly brush a neutral tone under the lower lashes too to see if that would work.


Paducah, KY

Thanks for the tip. Will certainly try the neutral shadow tip and see if it helps.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

That is good advice Lin.
I wonder if Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil would help too. It absorbs oils soooo good and last all day. My eyes are incredibly sensitive to natural face oil, most mascaras, eye creams, lotions and eye shadows but the mineral veil doesn't seem to bother them.
If Lin's suggestion doesn't work doghouse you might consider Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. It would probably be a little expensive to experiment with and it might fail ... but it might work. :) ... v

Paducah, KY

I have the Bare Escentuals line. And I love it. But eventually the "racoons" show up. Has any one ever tried a gel mascara? IS there such a thing?

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Did you try using the BE bisque concealer in your eye area too?
I use Loreal Full Definition Voluminous mascara and it stays on real good but my lashes don't lay on my skin like yours do so it probably won't work. hmmmm ... Gosh you must be so frustrated.
I'll do a search and see if there is such a thing as a gel mascara but it seems to me that it might be even worse. If waterproofs don't work then ... whew! You are a real problem! ... hahahee!
I wish kanita would visit. I just know she would be the one with the most knowledge ... v

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I hope this link works. I didn't know that most mascaras are oil based. Oil in the mascara added to natural face oils seems like the perfect combo for smearing in your case. I wonder if this is something that would help you?
If the link doesn't work you go to Sephora.com and search for Blinc mascara.


This is a gel and the price is much better than the Blinc.

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Paducah, KY

Thank you for the link. I went to the site and ordered a catalogue. I have high hopes for a solution now. We don't have a large makeup selection in the town where I live, (Estee Lauder, Clinique) and I have been reluctant to try anything that nobody knew anything about. I will get my catalogue and let you ladies know what happens. I appreciate all your help. I am thrilled about this forum. I hope it really takes off!

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I have the same problem - I have gone through so many mascara brands! I use waterproof ONLY, & have found that Avon's is one of the best. Don't believe the salesperson when they tell you that their "water resistant" or "smudge proof" mascara won't run - they do. Shu Uemura & Clinique are also supposed to be good. With the waterproof mascaras, you will have to use a makeup remover - one that is designed for mascara removal. They have an oily base to dissolve the mascara. Before you apply mascara, remember to wash off any traces of the remover with soap, so there is no oily residue on your lashes. It will mix with the mascara - making it RUN! I found that powder below my eyelashes just made me look tired & enhanced the crow's feet. (BOO HISS)
Hope this helps

Paducah, KY

Thanks Julie. I may pick up some Clinique today. I don't have an Avon lady, but I just bet I could find one. LOL!! I actually use Bi-Facil by Lancome to remove mascara. That stuff would take off road tar, and rinses easily from your lashes. I also blot my lashes after with a little witch hazel, which helps with the residue.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I picked up the mascara on eBay for about $2.75 including shipping & handling, which is cheaper than the Avon catalog. I bet you can find good deals there still -

Paducah, KY

I will have to browse E-bay to day JRush. It will be a good day, seeing as how we have 3 inches of snow, and 3-5 more before noon!

Thornton, IL

I'm no expert, but browsing through this it struck me as the problem was, that the lashes lay flat. So maybe you need to curl your eyelashes first, with an eyelash curler? You put the pads as close as possible to the base of your lashes and use pumping action, oh dear! kanita please help with directions!

Paducah, KY

Thanks Prairie Girl. The curler won't work for me. my eyes are sooo deep set that the curler only works for an hour or so. Then they are pushed flat again by my top lids. *sigh* I wonder how oriental ladies cope?

Thornton, IL

Your eyelashes are pushed flat by your eyelids?! You've got to mean the lower lashes. Maybe the secret to less smudging would be to apply a little rice powder with a fat blush brush and then apply 2-3 thin coats of brown mascara, waiting 1-2 minutes between each coat to dry. Try applying the mascara by holding the wand vertically rather than horizontally (straight up and down rather than sideways). Maybe if you went to your local mall, the larger chains have makeup counters where they do consultations, they can show you these techniques and more. Or try false eyelashes, they are better than ever and easy to apply once you get the hang of it, so I am told. Good luck!

Lawrenceville, GA

neutrogena has a gel mascara that is just great,its cheaper then the others and really works, i have used it before.

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Aurora, CO

My dear, i think your problem is simply oily residue. Make sure you cleanse thoroughly, eyes and all, to remove the Witchhazel and oily makeup remover after taking off eyemakeup. If you are applying mascara even the next morning after using the Witchazel, your lashes and surrounding skin will still have the oily residue that is making your mascara come off. Even if you are putting your foundation on first, that oil is going to come back to the surface of your makeup and give you racoon circles when mixing w/ your mascara.

Just cleanse with a foamy or frothy cleanser to remove oily buildup from eye makeup removers.

Good luck, hopefully this helps........

Danbury, CT(Zone 6a)

It may be that your eyelids are oily. My eyelids are very oily. By midday my eyeshadow looks terrible. Recently, I discovered a bare minerals product, bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer ($16). It works great! If I use that before applying make up, it stays dry (as opposed to oily) and intact, does not smudge all day long. Give it a try. I love this stuff.


Ambler, PA(Zone 6b)

You can try having your eyelashes dyed. A friend of mine has it done and it looks great.

Justin, TX

Hi, I stumbled across this post and I thought I would throw my two cents in. I am a cosmetologist and I specialize in skin and hair care. I am also an Avon Representative/beauty consultant. May I suggest applying the mascara in steps. Put a light coat on your lashes the first time and if you need to put a tissue between your lashes and skin after application as to blot the excess. Let that coat dry, then apply a second coat and do the same. If you like the Bare Essentials Mineral Makeup, try Avon's Mineral Makeup. It is less expensive and I love it. Avon has also the Magix Face Perfector. I have tried this product and I would suggest anyone who is in the weather to use it. Feel free to visit my site at www.youravon.com/lteague. I hope this will work for you. Also, if you have a problem with oily skin and are not a teenager, your skin may be dry. Alot of times when our skin lacks moisture, our subaceous glands try to make up for it by producing oil.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I came across this girl on youtube - She has some good tips for makeup, especially mascara application. Very simple to follow her steps.

New York, United States

You can follow makeuppro.co for the solution of your problem.

houston, United States

Quote from JRush :
I picked up the mascara on eBay for about $2.75 including shipping & handling, which is cheaper than the Avon catalog. I bet you can find good deals there still -

Thanks for help i am using mary kay beauty products which includes mascara also, and i think you should also try it. Cost was reasonable and product was of top quality

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