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Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans' Invasive.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

My candidate for a very troublesome vine in zone 5a recently offered at garden centers:

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans'
Common Name: Porcelain Berry

It seeds prolifically. I failed to do my homework when purchasing this plant. I recognized my mistake in the second spring ('05) and have eradicated the vine using VineX. I tried the method recommended by the manufacturer to a trimmed vine first. It had no effect. Then I cut the vine off six inches above the ground, and within seconds applied the produt to the fresh cut surface. Then I coated all the remaining stems and covered with a clear plastic bag. I waited one month. It did not resprout. Then I dug up the roots. You would not believe how much this plant put out in roots in one year: over 4ft away from the main trunk(s)! I had to ask permission of my neighbors to enter their property so that I could remove it there as well. Luckily they were obliging. I pulled seedlings the entire season last year and will have to be vigilant this year as well. My neighbors are on the lookout too. This was sandy loam, full sun ph6.5 fairly moist. Please dont plant this vine. It has the potential to cause great harm. It grew about 15 feet in its first year! The kudzu of the north.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

The link to the Nature Conservancy which lists this plant as invasive in Ohio with its ranges.

The straight species of Porcelain Berry Vine was here by me too but I didn't plant it. I was given VineX and it worked for me too. I can't even remember what the active ingredient in that was. I saved the bottle because I thought the applicator tip was unique and I wanted to reuse it but couldn't get it apart to refill it.

Clinton, IN(Zone 5b)

I have a huge problem with trumpet vine. It was already here when I moved into the house and was planted all down the south side of my house. I didn't realize it until I had put in a flower bed down the whole side of the house and it kept coming up in my bed. I can't get rid of it. If it would just stay up against the house it wouldn't be so bad because it is very pretty in bloom, but it keeps sending up shoots all through the middle of the beds. Will VineX kill this too?

I don't know enough about VineX. I can't even remember what the active ingredient was. Maybe snapple still has the bottle and can tell you what it is. If not, try BurshBGone which you can probably get at WalMart or HomeDepot and that should do it.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

VineX - manufacturer UPM Corporation
Active Ingrediant: Triclopyr: 3,5,6-trichloro-2-prridinyloxyacetic acid, butoxyethyl ester......... 13.6%

This was the "Light Duty" formulation

None of the roots I probably missed have sent up any new new shoots, but I will be watching very carefully the next couple of years. Seedlings were in patches of hundreds. I hand pulled each and every one, all the while repeating "I will research before I buy". "I will research before I buy." "I will research before I buy..........

OK thanks, Triclopyr is the active ingredient in Garlon 3 and Garlon 4.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

I had one of those, it barely hung on in our climate for a couple of years. I put it out of its misery last month.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

You might start by sending these vendors letters about what they have and what it does.
Glad I haven't fallen prey to that one.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

sugarweed, excellent suggestion! Consider it done.

Do ya really wanna do that? These people help keep us ad free here. There are hundreds of other vendors selling these things that one could contact and voice concerns to. I buy from ForestFarm and they're pretty darn honorable and you could probably share with them how you feel without hurting their feelings but please know that ForestFarm propagates a lot of really hard to get natives and I doubt those currently sell as well as some of the other plants but they still make them available. The other venders I am not too familiar with but Big Dipper Farms did have some Serviceberry I wanted to order from them as well as Wood Lily and some ferns and I found them because of the search engine here. Just a suggestion but if you contact Big Dipper would you consider complimenting them on how they set aside an entire portion of their site to Native American Plants complete with a US flag? Maybe it is best to let our dollar speak for us by not purchasing plants that are inapporporiate in favor of purchasing those that are. It's going to come down to the bottom line. If people don't buy the native plants, they won't continue to be offered.

Currently, some companies are offering native plants at a loss. Demand is still heavily weighted to the most popular plants of which some are highly invasive. Please consider letting your dollar do your talking.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Well, I think some of these places just aren't aware. Maybe the TV thing is too far, but a polite note letting folks know it's a real threat is all they would need.
I don't really need to be comenting here anymore as this Forum is a powder keg.
I do wish someone had warned mother about Vinca Major. It was a backbreaking PIA for sure.
PIA= Pain in the Arrdvark!

Oh Sidney, I disagree. In my humble opinion, the vast majority of nurseries are very well aware and particularly those that are established. I have no doubt there are a few Cottage Industry/Ma and Pa nurseries out there that don't know but not the larger wholesalers and retailers. I contacted The National Arbor Day Foundation about Bradford Pear they were offering for sale because I believed there could be no way an organization with such a high profile could have offered those if they had been aware... they were aware but they evidently had no intentions of taking a loss and the continued sale of Bradford Pears must have met with the approval of their Board so they sold Bradford Pears from sea to shining sea until their inventory was depleted last year. They're not offering Bradford Pears any longer but they've got some other special offerings that will curl the hair on your chinny chin chin. It's supply and demand with plants just like anything else.

There were a lot of plants I wish I had been warned about and the English Ivy is a constant sore spot with me given I bought a lot of it (still popping up here and there) and entire flats of it are sold everywhere from supermarkets to discount stores to home improvement centers to "reputable" nurseries. I even see those being sold at roadside stands and then there are those cute little kids selling them in ribboned baskets of 4 little pots for Church fund raisers before and after masses...

One of the ways we can let our opinions be known is by contacting our local governments and asking them to please share lists of species they intend to plant with our tax dollars. Study the list and politely bombard them with facts. If a plant is truly invasive, there will be citaions all over the Internet. Print them off and attach them to your correspondence. I am not saying it will always help, but you might just get somebody who cares enough to read what you are sharing. I'm not saying that Ash is an invasive species but it is not the most responsible plant to choose to be purchasing right about now given the presence of the EAB. I caught a couple hundred of those about to be ordered by asking for the list of species my Village planned on ordering. I simply asked them to consider selecting another species and added printed materials from the Internet for each one of the VillageTrustees to read. That was the end of the order for Ash Trees and the President of the Village actually called me at home to read off a few alternatives that were within the Village's price range to ask me what I thought about each one. I could tell she was taking notes. One more thing, the Burning Bushes are gone from either side of the front doors to the Village Hall too ;) Think globally while acting locally, baby steps.

I have another comment, back when I bought my English Ivy, I doubt seriously if I would have listened to anyone who tried to warn me. I wanted the plant, it was touted as growing in hard to grow areas, and well... I wanted the plant. Simply stated. People have to sometimes walk in front of the Mack truck a few times to get hit by a few plants before they are receptive to warnings. Such was the case with me. With all the mistakes I have made, somebody should be scraping my body parts of the road with a shovel.

I think this forum may provide those interested with a means by which to share ideas. Sidney, I certainly hope you stick around and keep posting here. Sounds to me as if you, like me, have been flattened a few times by plants and who better than "road pancakes" to discuss personal experiences with invasive plants.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Lauren, I have spent the better part of this evening going over the plants on Florida's Non native invasive plant list. I've forund one so far that wasn't in the plant files although it is very popular here in Florida. I added it. I have also been adding comments as I go, very simple comments about how they are Invasive and about my solution of boiling invasives as here all vegetation is ground and doled out as free "Mulch". No thanks. Anyhow I'll go over the whole list which isn't easy because when you put in the latin name they toss every entry with those 2 words in it.
I put in Solanum seaforthianum, while ago and got 5 pages back. this was on page 3. I don't understand why we can't just get what we are asking for without the fluffy cushion. That's not on our list, I just wanted to read about it.

Gee, and I thought I was the only one who spent hours reading up on invasive species. I know what you mean wading through websites of fluff. Seems like there are countless nurseries out there that end up toward the top of the searches. What I do when searching for information is type in the Latin name of the plant then I type in the word invasive. Next search I type in the Latin name of the plant and the word noxious. Next searches I go for are the Latin name of the plant and the word naturalized and then aggressive. This helps reduce the clutter in searches as you won't see eBay or many nurseries associating either the word noxious or invasive with a plant being offered for sale. You may see something to the effect of "can not ship to" followed by a list of states where a plant has been deemed invasive or noxious and is therefore prohibited though.

Try this method of searching and see if it works for you.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Actually in the case of Solanum seaforthianum, I was referring to our own Plantfiles. I don't want to add a plant that is already there. I will note your sugestions.

Galien, MI

I was just doing some searching on the Porcelain berry, as I had recently fallen completely in love with the variegated form at the local botanical garden. It is one of the most beautiful plants I have seen in a while. I was getting ready to plant the berries I got, but now I'm reconsidering. Maybe if I kept it in a pot and mowed the surrounding area? Sigh. It really is stunning.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd probably pass on it completely if I were you--even if you are able to control seedlings that pop up in the immediate vicinity of the pot, you have no control over the birds who eat them and poop the seeds out somewhere else. And that's where invasive plants are really a problem anyway--there are plenty of invasive things that won't cause much trouble in your garden, it's when the seeds get out into uncultivated areas where there's nobody to mow them or pull them that they cause problems.

Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

Keeping it in a pot will not contol the seedlings, and they are many. Seedlings were popping up two years after the plant itself had been eradicated, plus I had to go to the two adjoining neighbors and pull up the seedlings from their side too. This plant is a real menace.

Coushatta, LA

Were I live at we have a native porcelain berry called pepper vine it is very,very invasive and spreads by seeds and root suckers.

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