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I'm Kitchen Range shopping

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Well, Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm thinking about this one,
Extra large 5.4 cu. ft. oven with hidden bake element on bottom. Ceramic glass cooktop with one 6"/9" dual, one 9" and two 6" radiant elements plus a Warm & Serve zone. Easy Set 335 electronic oven controls with Hold Warm, Delay Start, 3 select clean cycles and oven lockout option. Kenmore made by Fridgedare for Sears.

Denver, CO

I didn't like the ceramic top I had, and although I did like that 6"/9" dual, I found I used it almost all the time on the 9" setting. The ceramic top made every pan I had wobble and vibrate as it heated. I very much prefer the Jenn-aire I have now, with hob burners, (which is NOT in the same price range) but I will not ever again do without a convection oven. I would highly recommend checking into something with a convection option, (which IS in the same price range) it shortens cooking time, uses less heat, therefore less energy, puts less heat into the room in summer, and the airflow seals the flavor on Thanksgiving turkeys, roasts, and crisps things like frozen french frys wonderfully.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks, I was wondering about convection. I have very sturdy 50 year old stainless that Daddy sold when I was 6. I wonder if it will rattle? Did you evercook with glass flat bottomed pans any and did they rattle too? I just hadn't heard of that drawback.
I would love to have a Jenn-aire, but it is gas, yes?
I appreciate your time to answer my questions.

Denver, CO

No, my Jennaire is electric. Would have preferred gas, but gas wasn't plumbed to the kitchen and DH gave me that look, so I went with electric.

I almost never use my corning on the stove top, so I can't tell you. I have a mixmash of pots and pans, from one All-clad to a bunch of 50 year old Revere ware, and to the last one, if you tried to boil water, they "danced". All-clad only a bit, Revere ware nearly spilled the water, and my old heavy Mirro even danced some. I also didn't like the flat surface because any flat surface in my house is subject to having something piled on it. I used it for countertop, and then had to clear it whenever I needed to cook. :-(

I hated cleaning it, but that was just lazy on my part. It came with the house when I bought it, and had a build up of something around the burners that I never got totally clean. I soaked, softscrubbed, scrapped with plastic scrubbers and everything I could think of to clean and not scratch and the blasted rings were there til the day I sold it.

Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but I found very little to like about it.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Your not a wet blanket, I appreciate your frankness. I agree about the bare flat spaces, and will keep that in mind.
The other source of info on this said she scrapes hers with a razor blade, then uses the special polish. If I get one it will be the smoothest I can find. She said she still wouldn't go back to drip pans. What is a hob burner?

Denver, CO

Hob is a solid burner, but metal. Very even heat. Scrubable. And no drip pans either. I would have thought a razor blade would scratch. Never tried it.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

I'll be looking into that Jennaire. Been looking for a solid eye burner.
I have heard several complain about cleaning the solid tops, Bunny is the only one that ever said I just scrape it and then polish it with that special stuff. She's real practicle and good housekeeper so I figured she had figured it out. I really do appreciate your input and will post when I buy.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Just noticed you are a new member and would like to say here at DG we have many more forums that are available to suscribers. The $15. yearly subscription fee is best money I've ever spent.
We mail plants to each other and really have a great time.
I keep a daily weather forum running where we talk about our daily weather.
It's here
We'd love to have you join us.

Denver, CO

Than you for the welcome, and am considering joining, although I don't really have a garden, since I live at my job site and don't intend to keep more here than I can pack and move in a day when the boss makes me mad enough to quit! Right now it looks like I can access most of the areas of interest to me, though.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Glad to have you just where you are and I like your attitude.

Frankfort, KY

I have a Maytag Gemini w/double ovens that I love. It also has a ceramic top and built-in toaster.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Oh, I'll have to google that one.

Angleton, TX(Zone 9a)

I have just purchased my 2nd ceramic smooth top stove. I have used one for years and would never use anything else again.

Cleaning maintenance is the lowest level of all the stoves I have used including electric coil and gas stoves. I bought a new one because we purchased a new home and after using the stove here for just a short while, I realized how time consuming it was to keep the burners and pans clean and shining.

I agree with the person above who said that all you have to do is scrape any burnt spot that one may have from an overflow and then just use the cleaner/polisher to wipe the top and then rub off with a clean cloth and it always looks brand new. It takes a minute or two at the most for me.

As far as pots and pans, I use 18/10 stainless steel with flat bottoms. I have never had one wobble except a old hand-me-down that was out of round and did not sit flat and I threw it out.

I know everyone has their preferences and for different reasons but I prefer the ceramic because it is so easy to keep spotless.

LOL......I will never again clean the goo (from overflows that go beyond the burner and settle in the bottom) that you find when you lift the top of a regular electric or gas range to clean that area.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Sidney, although I prefer gas, I put in an elec. cooktop at my house in Atlanta, with sealed hobs. Very even heat, no place for spills to collect.

Our new house has a glasstop, or maybe ceramic... we didn't look closely. It could be a bear for canning.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Darius, where should I mail those bibs to?
I purchased a glass top Maytag with 2 ovens. It has a 1 rack oven right below the top and a regular oven below that. No storage drawer.
I am in love with it. It is almost as good as gas as I can slide pan to cool area to stop heat immediately. The top oven toast, broils, bakes and is a heating oven.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Sidney, mail them to my sister as she will have to hem them. I'll dmail the addy. THANKS!

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

The slide in model gives it more of a "built in" look.

Ridgewood, NY

I own a stove that is very hard to keep the burners and range top clean the burners are also chipping. What gas stanless steal stove can any one recommend? Help

delhi, India

find online from google. it's batter !

Lakeville, MN

I know some of you like gas and some like electric. But the cooktops are so difficult to clean. May I suggest an induction range? Or an induction cooktoop with an oven under it (you have to get the right oven) or a wall oven?

I love induction. You can cook on high heat, which is more sensitive than gas, on top of a paper towel so you can shake your saute pan a bit. The towel won't burn. If you are cooking bacon, which spatters, you can cover a larger area with paper towels and easy clean up is yours. The rest of the hob doesn't get hot, and it is very safe.

Unfortunately, induction is more expensive than electric or gas. But if you save up for it, it is sooooo worth it. The more affordable ones range from $1600 to $3100 or thereabouts.

It is difficult finding an induction range that is reliable. Samsung, Frigidaire and to some extent the Kenmore have bad reviews. The electrolux is the maker of the Kenmore so it is the recipient of
not so good reviews as well. Mostly it's a refusal to recognize any pan size that differs from their size "burners". That is a deal breaker for me. It does have roll out racks (fantastic!) and a small second oven which is great for holidays like Thanksgiving.

The GE seems to only come as a range with the tall back, not a slide in that has all the controls on the front or on the side and on top of the cooktop. It has racks you can leave in for self clean and a huge oven.

GE's reputation has gone the way of Maytag. But I think they might be getting better. Appliances
simply are not built as they used to be.

There are some very high end induction ranges, but they are terribly expensive and Viking, in my opinion, has reliability issues as well as hideously expensive repair costs.

People always natter on about buying new pans, as induction requires pans that are magnetic.
You can use any of your cast iron pans, any enameled cast iron pans (like Le Creuset or a knockoff)
And probably any of your stainless pans. Aluminum is a no go. Just test them in the store or your kitchen with a magnet. If it sticks they are good to go. Or buy a new set of stainless steel pans at Costco or go to TJ Max (Home Goods) or Marshall's. They have lots of pans that are magnetic. I bought the pans I wanted at Marshall's for a total of $75 that have been great. But I also had lots of All-Clad which is magnetic.

Google The Induction Site and it will tell you all you need to know about induction.

It is so superior to electric and gas. Most people in Europe prefer induction.

Jersey City, NJ

I would recommend ceramic top, never had a problem with it

Sydney, Australia

I have recently renovated my kitchen and I have bought all of my appliance from
that was very good exprience for me because I paied reasonable price for everything.

Beverly Hills, CA

I think it is an oven of dream) I have huge oven and adore cooking in it. Ceramic cook top looks very good but it is difficult to take care about and everything else is good as for me. Also you should read reviews about this item In this case you will find out what problems you may have

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Love the name of that site, but will check it out later.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Sugar: have you purchased a range? If so, what did you decide on?

Hampton: Which brand and model of induction did you buy? The induction sounds interesting and useful.

Each company makes several cooktops/ranges etc. It would be great if there were more specifics on which model people have.

I have had a ceramic cooktop for 20 years. It has been easy to clean. I use a little Comet or whatever. I clean the top as soon as it has cooled and keep up with the cleaning on a daily basis. Most days, I don't have to do anything but wipe the surface. I think the element is going out on my cooktop as the heat is difficult to control. The problem I have had with this cooktop is the knob's shank is made of plastic and the shank has broken off. So, I am down to one control for a four burner! :( I tell my husb. we may end up eating out any day now. I have been unable to purchase a new knob as the cooktop is discontinued.

It would be nice to know which brands are reputable these days. So many brands are made by someone else. A good example of this is Kenmore. You never know who makes which Kenmore.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

I purchased a great Maytag with a ceramic top. It came with a razor blade scrapper and I get most stuff off with that.
I also had to use my P-touch to make front and back labels for the controls.
It has a 12" tall oven on top of a 22" tall oven.
I love it.
Only drawback is I burned up a purse on my "glowing" counter top! LOL

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Kenmores are manufactured to Sears' specs by different companies. As a servicer, we can always tell who makes that model, and we can always get parts for it.

While a manufacturer is not required by law to maintain parts for more than 7 years, many parts are still available, such as knobs. Companies that manufacture built-in refrigerators, for example, usually have parts for much older appliances, in excess of 20 years.

The only problem we experienced with induction is that if the pans warp, they need to be replaced. The surface must be flat, and that is why cast iron is so good.

Sidney, most people with glass tops love them because they clean up so nice. Keep the coleus plans off the ceramic top!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

My cooktop is a Creda made in England. It's a discontinued product and dealling with England's pounds etc. is a hurdle we haven't jumped.

Lakeville, MN

I ended up with a Kenmore induction cooktop and a DCS wall oven. Kenmore induction is made by Electroluxe. I didn't have any problems with it but some people do.

We sold the house it was in, now I am saving to buy a induction range which only became available in the last few years. I am probably going to get a GE but don't know. I go back and forth between GE and Electroluxe. I will probably go with GE as it is almost a $1000 less.

When I get it I will do a spin off thread and let people know what I decided and how it is working out.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Please keep us posted. I have been considering the Electroluxe. Have you read the Consumer Reports on Cooktops? I haven't yet, but I intend to. I will go to our local library. However, I am not sure how reliable they are. They seem to always give Whirlpool high marks.

Lakeville, MN

I have found Consumer Reports great for cars but not so good for kitchen appliances. They tend to pick appliances that are less expensive and do not seem to value the ones that are more for serious cooks. I also found some major errors in their reviews. In one case they failed to turn a feature on and then complained that the appliance didn't have such a feature. This sort of thing happens when it is not your standard run of the mill item. They did do a good review of Viking but didn't consider the problems Viking has with burner failure and how expensive parts and labor are. Six hundred dolllars is the cheapest repair call I heard about.

A good site for appliances is ThatHome in the appliances forum.
I decided to go with GE but have not bought one yet. $2600 is a lot of money.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

CU did not give Viking a good rating because the first one they got had a problem, and it was replaced by another with a worse problem. We service tht brand, and it is expensive. The parts are proprietary and can only be purchased from special distributors. Among these types of ranges, repairs are usually costly. If the range must be moved, it requires 2 people and protection for your floor.

The latest CU issue has a report on ranges, not cooktops, in all price ranges, including dual fuel. It is pretty informative. Price may have something to do with features, warranty or designer status.

There are some that I would never buy because I know about their repair, but in general if cost is not an issue. I would only buy what is convenient for me with the features I like.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

So, what is "CU"? I am not recognizing it. I know Consumer Reports. Cathy: "There are some that I would never buy because I know about their repair". I wish I knew what you are thinking.

hamptonmeadow: Thank you for the resource. I will be checking it out.

I have not decided on which brand I am going to get, but know I am going to get an induction cooktop or maybe an induction drop in range. I have a wall convection oven and really hate it. It's small and does not self clean. I spent a long time cleaning the !@#%^ thing after we roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving. It does a really nice job of roasting, but I hate cleaning it. The convection works well with meats and roasting veggies. I use the regular oven for baking. It also has a very accurate, versatile temperature probe.

I am glad this thread has stayed going--slowly. I wish more would comment on their induction cooktop and which brand they have. I think this forum just doesn't get much traffic.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Consumer's Union publishes Consumer Reports.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Oh. :<

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