Anyone interested in Egg Trade ?

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

I noticed on Ebay, you can bid on eggs. From what I've read, they ship well enough if packed properly and sent priority mail.
Maybe we should start an egg trade like what is done here at DG with the plants and seeds.

It might be worth a try. What do you all think ?

Ozark, AL(Zone 8b)

I've bought eggs through ebay a few times, and when wrapped and packed well, as all have been to date, they arrived without a crack. I've not had good luck with them hatching yet, but that could be me not really used to my incubator. Much better if a broody hen were around I'm sure! I hear the jarring they get cuts down on the hatch rate too.
If someone wants to try it, but isn't sure how to pack, I'll tell how the best were done;
Choose the freshest cleanest eggs possible, and Never wash them first.
Each was separately wrapped with ppr towel, then bubble wrap, and was set big end up, into a shoe box of shredded paper, an inch or two apart. More bubble wrap pressed them into place, and the shoe box lid was taped on. That was set into a larger box, padded all around, marked Fragile, and This Side Up. All of that made the box very well insulated against cold heat and anything but the worst abuse.
I've got a batch of Palm Turkey eggs on the way here soon, or I'd gladly take someone up on the offer of egg trade :)

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

lagata, did you incubate them and they just never hatched, or were they not fertile, or did they hatch and not live ? I'm curious, since I'm now learning about hatching eggs in the incubator. I have 2 in now that are 18 days into incubation and are starting to rock and wiggle the eggs. They are from my little white Old English bantam rooster and a little fuzzy black hen with a black tuft around her face. (don't know her breed, as she was given to me)
They'll be a mutt mix, but that's ok since this is my first experience incubating eggs in my homemade incubator. PeggieK

Ozark, AL(Zone 8b)

My incubater is the big foam kind, with auto turner, fan and heat. I had 8 eggs in the incubator; 4 infertile, the others at various stages of early development when they gave up. They were from an off season turkey lay, (november) so it may have been mother nature trying to do them a favor. The breeder thought it might be the case when she sold them, and included plans to send 6 more in march, so I get a second chance then :)
I bought Blue Splash show silky eggs too, (darned expensive at that!) and out of six that I put under a broody silky, only 1 hatched, but Mama was also setting an araucana egg that hatched, so at least she has two babies to lead around and teach things to.
Baby things are adorable, no matter if they are pure blooded or not. I have several babies that are silver laced cochin/silky/ or SL cochin/mille fleurs that are turning into lovely feather footed mutts. I don't do shows, so they are fine with me! Hope you get a good batch hatch!

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

an egg trade? well, once i start getting some laid, that sounds pretty cool. currently i might have some by fall...


Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

I won an ebay bid on 12 buff brahama bantam eggs yesterday. Got them for $ 4.99 plus $10.00 shipping. I'm curious enough to see how this goes.
I think the little buff brahamas are pretty.
It might be kinda fun to do an egg trade. Right now the only thing I've got is the cross between my Old English rooster and the little fuzzy black hen with the tufts around her face. If anyone is interested in them, I'll send them some, but I'm getting only one per day, so if I send 3, that means that one has to be 3 days old by the time I gather the 3rd one, and then ship time, so I don't know if it would be worth it to anyone. But I'll be glad to give it a try.

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