Fine hair, help please!

Waaaay Down South, GA

I've got *real* baby fine hair that is also thin. I need a good root lift and hair spray that won't make it feel like card board but will give it lift and keep it in place. Any suggestions?
Thanks ... Elaine

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Bleach. I have fine, straight blonde hair. Always have and have just learned to live with it. I just got my highlights touched up at the roots and a trim. I thought about cutting it to "do" something but then decided not to try to fool myself into thinking that it would "do" what I see in pictures. Oh yeah, back to bleach makes mine a lot thicker on top. I don't use any products on mine tho. When I used to, I would get them from the salon because they actually worked. I remember Bracato (sp?) being a brand that I used when I had the "Rachel" shag.

Waaaay Down South, GA

konkreteblond ... I just had to laugh at you cause you sound just like me. LOL Mine sure won't "do" anything either. Know just what you mean. The highlights do change the texture, though, so that helps a bit. But ... like you say ... grin and bare it. :) I've even had a shag cut. Most hair products weigh fine hair down. :-( though.

Sultan, WA(Zone 8a)

I've had good results with Herbal Essences ( I love their new Citrus series). They are not too expensive. Honestly, I rarely DO my hair. I find its best to rarely condition and have it layered every so often. It keeps it in fine shape and looking alive. Rinsing in cool water, fluffing it as it dries. These things help.

I think in the end, we're lucky. My sister has such thick heavy long hair, that she only washes it once a week and it take a whole day to dry (an hour with the dryer).

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I spent too many years when I was younger fussing over my hair and making it perfect. I've learned to just deal with my hair and love it. I've tried perms, and they fall out. I've curled it, but it falls out. So I just wear it straight. It's easy and it takes little maintenance. I always think I'll attempt some "style" but my sister talks me out of it by telling me that I have hair that everyone wants to have. She has just a little bit of wave and it drives her insane.

However, I did call my hairstylist and asked her if she saw Meg Ryan on Oprah because that's how I wanted my hair! (except I'll wash mine!) Her hair was layered but straight and wispy. I can do that without using any extra utensils. I am skilled at those tho. Both my parents, and uncle, were beauticians when I was growing up and I used the curling irons that had no springs. You had to open and shut them with one hand. They didn't rip your hair out tho.

Mc Call Creek, MS

I got tired of thin, fine hair that won't "do" anything. My sister-in-law recently had chemo treatments and had to wear a wig. The first time I saw her in the wig (and I KNEW she had a wig), I didn't even notice it it looked so natural!

I've got one ordered! We'll see how that goes.

Ya know, I don't really have the time to spend so much time trying to make my hair look decent, when in the long run it still won't look decent.

About time I get the heat curler out of it and start to style, along comes hubby and jumps in the shower making all that steam! LOL!

Bloop! There goes my hair AGAIN!


Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

lol, Kay, know just what you mean, don't you hate the ads about shampoos etc. showing some ones hair thick and shiny? as if the stuff was a mirracle and I could have hair like that too if I used that product. What a bunch of liars they are. There should be a law to prohibit this, lol

Waaaay Down South, GA

Amen!! LOL I get mine half decent and walk outside ... then poof! Nothin's gonna help me! LOL LOL
... Elaine

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I have fine, thin, straight hair which is difficult to "do" anything to unless it's really cut right. Then it still requires products on it and I am so over doing that to my hair. I hate hairspray and base makeup. lol I still wear my base tho unless it's summer, but I've learned to manage the hair. I'm actually fortunate to have all 3 things together because they make wearing it straight easier. I started growing my bangs out a couple of years ago and parting it back in the center, like when I was little. Jennifer Aniston copied me! ;)

The wig thing I could not do. I would be so annoyed at it on my head and I would tell everyone it wasn't my hair. LOL

Mc Call Creek, MS

Yeah, I'll probably either not wear it or can't stand not to tell everybody.

I'm still going to try it, though as a last resort.

I still use the makeup base, too. I HAVE to. God gave me naturally blond, straight, fine, thin hair. When I was about 15, the blond went away and I discovered "Sun In". 'Been coloring it one way or another ever since.

The problem was that my eyelashes and eyebrows remained white, so I had to paint them darker. Being beautiful for me is a long lost dream. If I could just be PRESENTABLE now it would be okay!


PS. And your are not supposed to have pimples and wrinkles at the same time, but guess what!

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I share your pain in having blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. I am never out without my eyes but can go without the actual base makeup. Years ago I saw something on Sesame Street that was SO funny!! It was this girl puppet that went over to a table with a mirror and sat down. When they showed her face, it was blank! LOL! She put on some eyes, a nose, lips etc. just like we put on makeup. I've said I "put on my face" ever since.

I used that Sun In when I was a kid, but I didn't really lose my blond until my 30's. After my first son it got darker but then it lightened up again. After my 2nd son (13 yrs later) it finally went more to dark blonde. I think it's mousy brown but my mother swears it's just dark blonde. I get highlights put in mine too.

And yeah, what's up with the breaking out still happening? Each decade is different. My teens and 20's had the T-zone, 30's around my cheek area, and then around 40 it moved down around my jaw. Luckily I only have a few, and that's getting much better.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i know it sounds wierd, but saltwater sprayed on your hair really works. after i shampoo and towel dry, i spritz on some saltwater. i have short, baby fine hair, except where it's grey, that has body! it makes your hair feel like you've been to the beach.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Eeeewww!! You are WAY too used to that sand! (see your name!) I wasn't so sure about the idea but that last comment just grossed me out. LOL! I love going to the beach but the feeling I get from the humidity and the sand is disgusting. Maybe my "beach", which is the Gulf, feels different than your nice ocean beach. Can I come visit? ;) lol

Mc Call Creek, MS


I'm game for new ideas! What proportion of salt do you use to water?

And does it dry your hair out?


Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

We had a house on the beach, the Atlanic Ocean, my hair was always in that water never did hurt it except being a natural blond it was very, very blond at the end of summer

upper hicksville zon, Canada

A good cut, blow dry upside down, never bleach (it made my hair seem even finer). Try various products til you find something you like - gels sometimes help, a light hair spray, and learn to live with it (sorry to say!). Salt water is not in the long run good for your hair - it will dry it.

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

salt water never gave me dry hair, but for some it might just do that

San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)

I have fine hair and I just used the new dove shampoo..... I love love it ...
as for root lift they make my scalp itch so I olnly put that in my hair on special occasions. Joico has a good one only salon bought though ohh redkin too.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i swam in the ocean every day for 10 yrs. and saltwater never dried my hair out. it actually made my skin much softer and pliable. i have a little spray bottle, 8 oz. i think and i put about a teaspoon of salt in it. Bumble and Bumble makes a spray called Beach, same idea. try the salt and see what happens. when you wash your hair, use a clear shampoo and don't use conditioner in the shower. those kind are usually too heavy for fine hair and weigh it down. use a light spray in leave in conditioner just a couple times a week, like Aussie Hair Insurance. i think you shouldn't have any trouble with drying. good luck! let us know how it works for you.

LOL, when i first started swimming in the ocean i would shower instantly when i got home. then, you know how it is, over the years i would walk home and start doing other things. that's when i noticed how much better my skin and hair were. tablesalt certainly can't take the place of the real thing, but it does give you some body!

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

Just buy some sea salt most any good super market has it, I always use it as table salt, much better on food too

Savannah, GA(Zone 8b)

I have very fine, thin hair. It has been thin for many years, but the last three or four years, extremely thin on top. Seemed to be always falling out. I tried ROGAIN for women ,generic brand, Wagreeens had bogof, so I thought I would try it. I am very thankful that it has worked. I started using it in Oct. and by January, I could tell that I was getting new hair and it doesn't seem to be falling out as much. When I got a perm recently, the hairdresser, said it was definately thicker.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

I love "Stiff Stuff" hair spray. Keeps it up and holds nicely. I bought it at Walmart

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Vidal Sassoon's volumizing hair wash, in the black bottle, makes my hair lighter, and it's long and fairly thick.

Waaaay Down South, GA

Well, billyporter I'm gonna try that. Anybody that eats peanut butter and miracle whip can't be wrong! LOL
Waving hi ... ~Elaine~

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Laugh. Hope it works for you! I sure like it.

Troy, IL(Zone 6a)

Here is my advice. I have blonde, fine, thin hair. My old profession was a hair stylist. Here is what I learned to do.

Shampoo and condition-- Make sure to rinse out all conditioner. It will make you hair weigh down if you dont.

Blow it dry until almost dry.

Use a moose root lifter.

Finish blowing it dry. I use a small round brush to get my roots some body.

I have learned to just get a fairly straight style. I will never hold a curl unless I have a perm in it and then my fine hair has a lot of breakage.

Here is the trick the hair stylists use that helps. When blow drying your hair, you use your wrist in a C motion. That give you the lift at the roots. It may take some practice but it really helps.

Just my 2 cents worth


Waaaay Down South, GA

Yep Deb ... that's the only thing that works for me. I absolutely can not get perms. I used to do that and almost ruined my hair. Now I wear it straight and short in layers to make it look thicker. I too use a round brush with root lift. It's a curse I've had to learn to live with. :-(

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

yes Deb, my hair is very fine and thin, it was blond now it is silvery grey, my stylist said my hair is too fragile for any permanent or color. It is long because I wear it in a french twist, if it were short I would look bald since I lost more than half of it going through a most stressfull situation for several years because my DH was terribly ill and needed care for 7/24. I have been given a treatment that has nearly stopped losing more. hope it will stop all together

Waaaay Down South, GA

Maria ... what sort of treatment did you have? I have a horrid receding hairline. It's disgusting ... Whatever!! Still disgusting! The doctors say it's hormonal.

Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

Wish I could tell you the name of it Elaine, but it is something he puts into my hair after washing it then have to sit under the dryer for 15 minutes( I think) then it get washed again. Am going to ask when I go again, have to do this once a month.. Perhaps some one who does this will know

Waaaay Down South, GA

Thanks bunches. Would be very interested in knowing. :-)

Tippecanoe, IN

My hair is so thin and fine that my doctor used to tease me about never losing my baby down. I like John Freida Products. I use Satin Shine Finishing Cream (I don't use it to finish) I use it first on wet hair to make it soft and then I spray Wave enhancing spray and lightly scrunch(also while wet).

John Freida has these products specifically for your hair color. They do not dry out your hair like so many "plump"up products do. This wave enhancing will give you body and enhance the color of your hair which refelcts the light thereby helping the appearance. Its wavy and shiny. For hair spray I use Design Line Volumizing which is also not drying. Hope this helps.

Thornton, IL

I use Sebastian Shaper hairspray, they have a root lifting spray too, these products are sold only in salons. My hair is very fine but only looks thin, it is actually a "normal" thickness according to most (surprised, by the look of it) hairstylists I've been to. It was blonde when I was younger, but now I pay dearly for that privelege LOL. I think the highlights help give it texture. I would like to try the salt spray but common sense says one or the other, not both.

San Jacinto County, TX(Zone 8a)


San Jacinto County, TX(Zone 8a)

Well Howdy ladies;

Thanks fer tha BD wish!
Now I'm going on my 73 lol next Feb.

At this age, one might think someone has done lots of things.
Back in 59-1968 I owned a couple of beauty shops.
I worked as edward charles aka Mr Charles lol; I was a hair bender.

We resorted to several things for your type of hair.
There was a conditioner from Jerry Redding that helped somewhat.
Gel-set for the set, even used powered milk to build body for the comb out.

Semi permanent color rinses Clairol etc helped with body also, for a short time.
Most people don't rinse their hair long enough after a shampoo.
Do it long enough and tha hair takes on a glow of its own.
Lets tha hair follicles expand & breath.

I tried spraying different hair-sprays in the wet hair before the set.
Always hated that stuff even if I made lots of money with it.
Stretching the wet hair with tha back of the comb prior to setting it makes for a tighter set and comb-out

Agree, the cut is tha style and adds body.
What worked best over all was the one's I used a temporary rinse on eg Roux.
For light, blonde, or yellow in grey 'White Minx' worked wonders.
Added body that out lasted all the others
Shampoo, rinse well, comb it through and air dry when possible.

All comments heah are subject to delusion as any acquired talents are at least 39 years past history.

edit to say
Flat beer works to add body also

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Waaaay Down South, GA

Hi Charlie!
Thanks for these tips. I'll see if the DH will leave a beer around long enough for it to go flat for me to try. :-) Glad you had a nice Bday!

Mahwah, NJ

I NEED HELP! my hair is a mess .. it's not only fine, thin hair it has flyaways like no other. I contemplate just shaving it all off ... are there any miracle shampoo's or remedies out there !?

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

If it's very flyaway you need either a better conditioner or a leave-in light-weight conditioner. I get one from my salon to use during the winter when it's dry. My sister used to swear by Infusium 23.

San Jacinto County, TX(Zone 8a)

My DW use to get a perm once in a while haha like every 10 years of so.
After a first set she simply washed and applied Infusium 23.
Love tha wet look

Frankfort, KY

Have you ever considered a weave?

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