Making a Hyperlink Test

Clyde/Fines Creek, NC(Zone 5b)

I followed Gardenwifes instructions. Easy. I know how to copy and paste from the address window. A [[email protected]} shows up but it only brings up a blank page. Is there some other formating or text that is supposed to be placed around the pasted address to get it directed to the desired web location?

So I am testing making hyperlinks. I know how to use the < A href = "" > format too. Is that how it is done here? Now off to find an innocuous web page.

Well this seems to work and I have not hit send yet. Is this a function of linking to Google Images, because that is what I think I have used the Hyperlink feature here for so far?

Seattle, WA(Zone 8a)

Test test test Sorry Ilima I meant to start a new test post!

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Clyde/Fines Creek, NC(Zone 5b)

No worries Sue.


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