Dahlia 'Kelvin Floodlight'

Denver, CO

Dahlia 'Kelvin Floodlight'

This plant was in my friend's garden, summer 2005. It looks like a gigantic bouquet. I do not know the weirdo behind it, but he is 6' tall for comparison.

Thumbnail by ineedacupoftea
Joseph, OR(Zone 5a)

Nice picture and good comparison, yes. "Weirdo" or not, good picture!

Denver, CO

(I don't think I can escape being a wierdo mad gardener.)
K. James

(Zone 8a)

Cute photo! The dahlia's nice too :)

Denver, CO

You hush, just 'cause I'm sendin' you a plant there's no need to butter me up, ya' hear? (Kidding)

Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC(Zone 7b)

Wow. .. is that just one Dahlia plant which made that whole bouquet ?

Denver, CO

Just one. Later, it was discovered that there was a small Irrigation pipe leak nearby, which kept a sontsant source of water for it, most of my friend's garden dries between waterings.

Marietta, GA(Zone 7b)

Wow! Great pic!! :) thanks for posting. I got this last night from wal-mart and it makes me so happy to see that I made a great choice. I really appreciate seeing the entire plant and not just the bloom before I put it in my garden.

Denver, CO

Glad it was useful to you, that is what I had in mind.

Columbus, OH(Zone 5b)

Are your Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia's staked? I can't tell by the pictures. And thank you for posting. I saw some in a bag on clearance at Walmart. I might nab them now that I see how beautiful they are. How long do they take fromt he time you put them in the ground til the time they bloom?

Denver, CO

Plant on tax day, have your first flowers sometime in July.
Staking is almost always necessary. It is best to plant a heavy stake next to the tubers when they are planted so as to avoid spearing into them as they are trying to grow.

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