Growing Cannas in Containers

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

I am new to growing cannas from the rhizomes. This year I am planning to grow in containers:

- 3 'Firebird'
- 1 Madame Paul Caseneuve

My questions:
Since I am zone 5, my last frost date is usually late May. So if I get my canna rhizomes in late April/early May can I pot them in smaller pots and get them going inside earlier? Then later in May put them out into their final larger container? I guess I am asking if they mind having their roots disturbed or not.

Also since these are considered dwarf cannas, does anyone have a suggestion of ultimate pot size? Is 18" too small? Can I plant other things in the larger pot?

Anyone have the Canna book by Timber Press? Is it worth getting?


Louisville, KY

I would suggest growing them out in 1 gallon size pots first this will give them a head start. When removing them if grown well the roots will stay together and should not cause much stress if any to the plants. As for container size the larger the better and the more you can put in it. I keep tons of cannas in 1 gallon pots all summer with no problem provided I water them regularly. 10 gallons do well and larger. I would suggest coleus and sweet potatoe vine for adding to the pot but other annuals do great to.

The book is well worth it.

Westford, MA(Zone 5b)

Thanks for the fast response -- and from an expert I see. Great I have some of those 1 gallon nursery pots left over I can get them started inside and then later transfer them to larger pots. Good to know that I could grow them in smaller pot sizes (1 Gallon) with frequent watering if necessary. I did read that they require heavy watering and feeding. I have a B&N gift card I may go get that book today...

Brian -- Beautiful cannas on your web site and the ones you post on this forum!


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