Too early to start making beds?

Billerica, MA(Zone 6a)

Hi all,
I'm still so new at this New England gardening thing, I always have questions. I was born and raised on a farm in South Louisiana, so I have a difficult time judging when to do things here in MA.

Is it too early to start making new beds? My DH and I want to plant a small garden and I want to go ahead and start working the soil. What do you think? I was going to till up the lawn and leave it where it falls, then add more dirt and manure on top of that (to raise it a bit).

Any advice is always appreciated.


Brockton, MA(Zone 6a)

Lore, As long as the soil is not muddy you can get the beds ready.
Tilling and amending now will make the job easier later.
If you are going to leave the churned-up lawn under the bed, it will break down a bit too.
Wear gloves, I find the early Spring soil to be very hard on the hands.
Andy P

California, MD(Zone 7a)

like you I have lived in the south (SC) for a few years and now that I live in MD (zone 7a) I had to reconsider my gardening habits. If I may, I would also add compost to your beds. I have raised beds and "ground" beds and in the fall i top coat them with either mushroom compost or horse manure or something along that line. I don't work it in the ground, I just top coat the soil and the rain or snow will make the compost or manure go through the dirt. In the spring I till the ground and add compost that I make. I have learned the top coating trick by working and maintaining the colonial-revival gardens at Sotterley Plantation not far from where I live. I volunteer with their Garden Guil and I have seen a lot of their master gardeners top coating in the fall. I have also learned that the best time of the year to emend and improve the soil is in the fall, this way when spring comes, the compounds will have broken down into the ground. In the spring all you really need to do is loosen the soil allowing oxigen to go through, weed, and edging.
I have rambled too long, sorry. I hope I was of some help.

Springville, NY

I am planning to make a raised bed to grow the 20 asparagus plants that I ordered , and I was wondering how big to make it. Can anyone help?

California, MD(Zone 7a)

a "seasoned" gardener friend of mine (she is 78) last year planted 10 asparagus in a 2 x 5 bed. In the summer they grew into nice and fluffy kind of bushes, about 3' high and through the winter completely died back. I'm anxious to see what will come up this year.


I live in albany ny. I have to plan a lawn around a newly constructed house. I have never had to do a lawn from scratch and I was wondering where I should start. I was considering tilling the entire area and add some compost for planting a lawn later on.

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