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Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

I live in apartments, and for now I have a few plants in the hallway. Well we really aren't allowed to have anything in the hallways, and someone ratted on me so I now have to remove the few I have out there. My decision now to make is whether to bring them inside or put them outside. They get fairly good light all day long and it gets pretty humid in the hallway. If I were to bring them in they would in no way get the light conditions they have now. My bedrooom gets excellent light (from the west) from about 12pm till the sun goes downI get a filtered direct light from the east from the time the sun comes up until about 11:30 am then the rest of the day it is indirect light. I can find any kind of spot for them outside, be it direct sunlight, partial sun partial shade, or full shade. Here is what I have out in the hallway, Large Schefflera and a small Schefflera, Croton, two yucca's, and my snake plant(he is in a shadey area of the porch). I know I can bring the snake plant in without much of a problem, but I need to move him slowly into a less light situation. I'm a bit worried on the others though. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.
I really dislike tattle tales and I know who told too, so I will not be speaking to this person anymore. She played a kid thing, thinking my husband told on her about some chairs she had outside (he is the super here) and he couldn't lie to his boss, and told her to guess who's they were. SO now I have to pay for her kiddiness. BLECH!!!
So please any help is appreciated
Thank you

I think all of them could go outside. Just put the Sansevieria in partial shade or no sunlight. Reflected light or indirect light is okay for many plants you would not expect it of.

They really should be fine, if you start them out in full shade then start moving out into the sun each day or every other. Straight sunlight will burn leaving patches that look odd. Bleached, burnt, thinned out. Go slowly. They might even surprise you and do most excellent.


New York, NY(Zone 6a)

If you move them outside now, you will have to move them back inside in a couple of months. Personally, I find it much easier to find an appropriate year-round location for indoor plants and leave them there. That allows them to adapt to that location and avoids the stress of changing light conditions. It also avoids the stress of your having to schlep them.

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

I agree with Cena. Gradually acclimate them to brighter light. I have done this with several sansevierias and agaves. They are now loving it on my deck and even the sans are putting out new growth. Just be very careful about acclimating and if the sans is a trifasciata variety, I would never give it direct sun. The others should be able to take early sun after a while. My sans that are getting direct outdoor light are the agave types--pinguicula, cylindrica, patens, hallii.

In the fall, just reverse the process and they will acclimate to lower indoor light and have new growth to boast about from their summer vacation.

Good luck and know that karma is on your side!

Saint Louis, MO


Well, I would think the plants would add to the ambience of a hall, but some people are just unkind.

I use a plant light in my track lighting, which works fine. My rubber tree and Yucca's like it and also my ferns. I could leave them all year like this but my Yucca and rubber tree seem to thrive outdoors, and enjoy the rain and humidity outside.

Petaluma, CA

Just remember, the croton HATES a chill...

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