looking for peony can trade perennial plants

Pittsburgh, PA

hi I am new to this site & this is my first post here,I am looking for a large trade of peony(preferably doubles or anemone) to fill in a large area in the back of my property-i thought that someone may be digging a patch to make room or something & thought id ask-i have thousands of perennial plants of all types(my list here is woefully incomplete,as i didnt have time yet to fill in all those boxes ) so if u have peony & want to trade for other perennials lmk...thanks jean-I would like to do a flat rate box trade for peony w more that two eyes...will take tree peony also if anyone is generous enough to have extra..do they start from cuttings like other trees...?

Hillsdale, MI(Zone 5b)

I have tons of peonies but they usually only like to be planted in the fall. I have many Dark pink, light pink, and white. Also be aware peonies like to pout and it usually takes 2-3 years to get them to flower after being disturbed. I'm in zone 5 here so couldn't even dig for at least a month or two. Most I have would be 5 eyes or better.

Pittsburgh, PA

Id gladly trade for some kim-if u dig lmk as i get peony to bloom right away here,no matter when i plant-spring or fall-even single eyed get a bloom-they must like it here,when u do want to trade some email me at [email protected] & Id trade a box of great perennials for a box of nice peony tubers..& thanks alot for the response-i just figured out how to find them as on gw they go to my mailbox in my emails...thanks again..& look on gw for me under the same name..i have an old list there too,& have aquired even more stuff since...jean

Alpharetta, GA(Zone 7b)

Jean I still have not received anything from the trade we have since Nov. 06. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Lanzhou, China(Zone 4b)

I have all kinds of peonies in my nursery. I will send email to you.

Kansas City, MO

You need to watch the date of the postings before you do any messaging especially selling. The date of the original post was 6 years ago in 2006

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