Avian flu

South Elgin, IL

I'm not sure if anyone has posted on this yet but is anyone else concerned about this? I asked my mammal vet if he knew of injections for poultry , he didn't. If I recall correctly, it seems several countries were vaccinating their poultry. What are we supposed to do if/when it makes it's way here, lock them up? The media has me very concerned. Any thoughts??

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

the media! sometimes i just want to shoot them, don't they have anything better to scare people with???

well, without crossing any AU Policy lines here, let me just say, it has been confirmed by the "experts" over and over, repeatedly, that the first cases would appear in the NW states of Oregon and Washington.

That said, i want poultry so they can FREE range! And if we eat any of them, we will cook them thoroughly. And we certainly won't eat any that die of any cause other than butchering.

Always take precautions with new additions to your flock, to protect them from ANY disease, by keeping the new birds completely separate for at least two weeks, maybe longer?

There are vaccinations for poultry for different types of communicable and airborne diseases. But there are so many strains of Avian Flu, and only certain ones are the real "danger", so i just oculdn't tell you if there was one or not. I would certainly not rely on a mammal vet to know any more than you do.

My advice would be to find other things to worry about. And just take good care of your flock, and keep their pens clean, don't over crowd, feed them good, etc.

this was discussed for a time over in the Farm Life Forum, before this forum was created. Perhaps reading that will ease your mind.

tamara [please forgive me if i said anything inappropriate. i just don't like the media!]

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