New Hardy Hibiscus

Raleigh, NC(Zone 8b)

Greetings and Salutations!

Spring is arriving here in NC. In just a few months it will be the time for my hardy Hibs to start blooming. This year will be exciting because I have some new varieties that will bloom for the first time. I grow hardy Hibs and for the past few years I've tried my hand at doing some crosses. Here is a photo of one the new crosses I came up with. It bloomed for the first time last summer. I have a limited supply of blooming size plants for those who would like to give them a try. The parentage comes from H. californicus which is a rare native plant in CA. If you want some more info about the plant or how to obtain one, please let me know.


Thumbnail by NCplantsman
Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b)

very beautiful cultivar.Nice clear pink. Great job!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

How much variation do you see with seedlings? I have tons of seeds that I am planning to start from a variety of plants that were naturally pollenated. I have several varieties and have never really taken any special care with the flowers. That's a pretty pink!

Chickamauga, GA(Zone 7a)

I love it!!!! Hibiscus are some of my favorites. I just got into gardening last summer and my favorites were my blush hibiscus and a deep red hardy. I lost the red hardy (think I watered too much) but I cant wait for my blush to bloom again.

I have a few that I have started from seed this year they are still tiny just poking out the dirt I hope they do well.

Are you selling those few you have or what?? I would love to try it out I think it is beautiful!
Think it would be hardy here in North Georgia?

bronson, IA(Zone 4a)

If you have one left I would like to try one--I have about 15 hardy hibiscus in my yard--they are one of my favorites--would you like something in trade--or are you selling them? I just bought a hibiscus militaris that is white--arent those suppose to be native ones? Is this similiar to yours? Thanks Cheryl

(Linda) Winfield, KS(Zone 6a)

Ray if you have any left I would love to give it a go in Ks. I could do a sase don't think I have to much to trade.


Raleigh, NC(Zone 8b)

Gardening_in_GA, Cheryl, and Linda y'all have mail!

Raleigh, NC(Zone 8b)

Hi Badseed,
To answer your question: How much variation do you see with seedlings?

There can be considerable variation in Hibiscus flower colours, size and form. That's the reason why it’s fun to do crosses to see what you can come up with. In my case I've seen some seedlings from say a cross between a deep red with a hot pink flower from rosy pink to almost crimson red. The Dunmoyer variety I posted here can vary in the shade of pink, but still have the red eye in the center and overall growth size of about 4 ft. To have a true to form plant you need cuttings. I find growing the plants from seeds like Christmas in July... you never know what you will get until it opens!

Northern Piedmont, NC(Zone 7b)

Ray, congratulations on such a beauty!! I can understand how the excitement builds while waiting for one of your own creations to bloom. Please let me know how I might obtain one, and what might you be looking for in trade?


Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

That's a pretty pink. Can't wait till mine get bigger and start blooming.

Lavina another Raleigh person who loves flowers.

(Linda) Winfield, KS(Zone 6a)

Ray the two plants I got from you last year is going crazy this year. For the last month they have been having any where from 15 to 22 blooms a day. With all the rain we had in the spring they loved it. The flowers are at lease 10 to 12 inches wide. I really love them they were the first to bloom.

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

I have one that looks real close to yours. This picture doesn't have the flower completely open but it's pretty close to yours.

Thumbnail by CoreHHI
San Bernardino, CA(Zone 8b)

Ray, that pink color is lovely :-)

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