What do I do with the day lilies now?

Cordova, MD

Hi! I'm new to this web site and just LOVE it!
Also new to computer use and even gardening!
This is my question I hope someone can help me with.
I moved into our house last fall and this spring-
loads of beautiful orange day lilies bloomed! There must be at least 50-75 of them!
Gorgeous! ( I'm a big rose fan myself- already have gone bananas and have planted over 15 bushes!)
But, now that the lilies have bloomed- what do you do with the stems that are still there, and the plants themselves?
My husband wants to MOW them down until next year...but I said NO! Let me check with the experts on this website! they'll know!!! Can anyone tell me what to do to pretty them up or what? Thanks!

Powhatan, VA(Zone 6b)

Hi Jeannesuesmith,

The daylilies need their foliage to make food that is stored in the roots for next year. However if these are the common orange daylilies that grow on the side of the road it probably would not hurt to cut them back once. I wouldn't cut them back too far however. Maybe to about 6-8 inches. The foliage will grow back.


Anderson, SC(Zone 7a)

Hi jeannesuesmith. Welcome to you. I'm new here too but you'll love it as much as I do I'm sure. Everyone is so nice. I'm new on this site and new to gardening (never had the time before) I'm not new to computers however. And because I'm a newbie too, I cannot venture a guess as to which orange lily you have. I've got many throughout my front with name markers on them. When I planted them I had to put the markers in too otherwise I'd never remember so many. Anyway jeanne good of you to join. Kittie

Cordova, MD

Thanks so much for your advice! I will make sure they aren't mowed down this year. I believe, puttyrat, that they are the common lilies you see everywhere! I've not had much experience with them, but they are too pretty to lose! Especially in the large mass that they are in!
And yes, Kittie, this site is wonderful!! I've learned so much already!
Maybe gardners- especially the ones that subsrcibe to this site- are so nice and special because they work in a garden and it seems like when you work in the garden you draw closer to God, therefore, your spirit is much sweeter!

Burbank, OK(Zone 6b)

jeannesuesmith, Hi my husband DID mow down my daylilies a month ago, and they are already 12" high, I had heard the same thing with the leaves., but I won't know for sure until next years bloom.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

When the flower stems (called "scapes") have turned brown and look dry, you can just pull them out. They will come out easily. When the foliage gets ratty looking you can cut it back to several inches tall and the plant will grow new healthy foliage. If you have the old orange daylily, it will spread by underground roots. More modern dayliles only clump up and do not spread this way. That might help you to identify them.

Mount Prospect, IL(Zone 5a)

I planted named daylilies last fall, and a few in early spring. Needless to say, none of them bloomed. I must have done something wrong, or will it take awhile for them to get acclimated? Can I feed them bonemeal now? or is there something better? Or should I wait til spring to feed them? doris

Lake Forest, IL

I live in northern Illinois, can I transplant my daylillies now, in Oct.? Mary G.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

If they look like these , then they are the common Ditchlily/H. fulva. I keep mine in the front yard, well away from all my named ones.

Thumbnail by DitchLily206
Fleming, OH

merdle - if you are just moving them, you would probably be ok as long as you keep the dirt ball around the roots. The roots and foliage will continue to grow until the ground freezes, but with bare roots and cold weather - IMO it stresses the plants out too much. Here in zone 6 it seems like winter is coming early this yr and thankfully I've got mine as re-arranged as they're gonna get. lol I know they're lovin all this rain we're getting.

djm - I wouldn't worry about fertilizing now. It's just about time for everything to go to sleep for winter. If your new plants were just single or double fans this yr, they were probably just spending the summer getting settled in and next yr they should give you a good show.

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

djm posted in 2001.... hopefully they have already figured it out! LOL

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Oops, LOL, I never even checked the date!

Fleming, OH

Good eye Nanny!!! lol....and I just got new glasses too.
I kinda wondered about all the "new" unfamiliar names on this thread???
It's going to be a long winter isn't it? LOL

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